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  1. I have used the Wash Wax All for a couple of years and love it. Heavy road grime still requires old fashioned soap and water first but lite soil is easy clean. The wax is slick and the applicator makes it easy to do. I just did my 34 ft A last week at camp in in Washington and it took about two hours moving slow including touch up, breaks to chat, etc. Although pricy, get the kit with the applicator pole and head and leave the ladder in the basement!
  2. I am currently looking into http://simplisafe.com/ and adding temp and C/O for pets.. You can start and stop service as desired. It is cellphone based easy self set up. My only gripe is it is ugly.
  3. I have a Telescoping Ladder In the bay which I have never used. I keep it on board just in case I need to fix an awning or something. For windows and even washing I use a Swiffer Mop handle in microfiber towels and terry cloth towels. I also have a telescoping windshield brush handle which can be use to scrub if needed.Using a collapsible bucket and a couple of drops of Dawn, I can make short work of the bugs on the windshield. After scrubbing them I use a clean microfiber on the Swiffer handle and regular glass cleaner to finish the job. I have found that windshield washer refill fluid branded to remove bugs, usually green in color is the best window cleaning solution there is. I put that in a spray bottle and use it like Windex You can use it in full sun without any streaking. The Swiffer Mop handle Discovery has kept my feet firmly planted on the ground for the last 6 years.
  4. I have a Telescoping Ladder In the bay Which I have never used. I keep it on board Just in case I need to fix an awning or something. For Windows And even washing I use A Swiffer Mop handle and micro fiber towels And terry cloth towels. I also Have a telescoping Windshield brush handle I can use to scrub if needed.Using a collapsible bucket and a couple of drops of Dawn, I can make short work of the bugs on the windshield. After scrubbing them I use a clean microfiber on the Swiffer handle Regular glass cleaner to finish the job. I have found That Windshield washer Refill fluid Branded to remove bugs, usually green in color, is the best window cleaning solution there is. I put that in A spray bottle and use it like Windex It can be used in full sun without any streaking. The Swiffer Mop handle Discovery has kept my feet firmly planted on the ground for the last 6 years. Forgive all the errant capital letters And blame it on my tablet dictation software.
  5. Such a place would not deserve my business, anyway. Its a form of vehicular racism.
  6. I don't have a residential fridge, but I agree things don't shift all that much. A little trick I have used for the few times that I need to secure food inside Is to blow up balloons. I use those office clips, the black ones that you have to pinch which are designed to hold large amounts of paper. I just use the smallest ones, blow up the balloon pinch it with the clip, put it in the void inside the refrigerator to keep things stable. Once we arrive simply remove the clip and the balloon deflates. I have never had one pop, but I use the thickest I can find (but not specialty balloons).
  7. My solution is I avoid driving at night. Short runs, more lounging. THAT is the RV lifestyle.
  8. Following. I have used and loved Good Sams Trailer Life Directory Campground Navigator by Undertow Software, now discontinued by Good Sam in favor of their web based trip planner which I cant stand. The last release was 2011 so the data base is very outdated. Itried Streets and Trips but found it complicated by comparison. I have been begging for them to bring it back, but alas, no hope. Looking for something as user friendly.
  9. Not too many ways to get Here from there. Us 95 Through Fallon to Hawthorne To Vegas. Overnight in Hawthorne At Whiskey flats. When going through Fallon, Stick to the truck route To bypass Downtown, if you like. Two lanes all the way But no Real issues, save weather. Scenery Is meh and even Bizarre in some of the small towns Like Goldfield but I have driven this route many times in my car and in my 34 ft Class A twice.
  10. Some clarification. The double tire failure was not my coach But belong to another client of the body shop. My speed was 60 miles an hour. Inflation was check before departing .I watch my tires closely. But still feces occurs. Just a reminder to stay vigilant In maybe replace tires a bit earlier.
  11. After a recent bout with a blown tire and the $9,000 in damage it caused, I have learned some disturbing news. The old 7-year-and-out rule is old news for tires. 5 years and out for RVs is probably inadequate, also. My body shop told me they accept 7-10 new cases each week where tire failure has caused significant body damage to RV's. He said this has increased sharply in the last 3 years. He currently has a brand new Monaco purchased in LA which suffered a tire failure on the way back to Vegas from the dealer. 20 minutes after that tire was changed, a second tire failed. Over $20k in damage. He tells me he sees no trends in brand though trailers and fifth wheels more than Motorhomes. The tire dealer where I dropped the tire for the damage claim with the manufacturer told me that new formulas created to reduce dry rot have caused much of the problem. The bonding agents aren't holding up. He cited government "encouragement" to change designs but who knows. Increasing shelf life would also increase profit.... My tires were 4 years old, 36k miles and inspected before leaving for trip They roll frequently and had 70% tread left. The failure occurred 35 miles into the trip and is an obvious manufacturer failure. It just came apart from the center inside out. I realize this is anecdotal evidence, but beware. Report your failures to NHTSA. Perhaps the trend is real. In the meantime, thanks FMCA for the 6 new tires through the Michelin Advantage Program. Every $ counts!
  12. http://www.amazon.com/PORTER-CABLE-CMB15-Oil-Free-Shrouded-Compressor/dp/B006CVXGR0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1439356311&sr=8-3&keywords=150+psi+compressor I carry a 150 psi with a 1 gallon tank. I wish it were bigger but size on a gasser is an issue. Sears Craftsman was the best profile I could find to fit in basement on my 2011 Itasca Sunova 33c. 90 psi will make you sad trying to top off tires. Some brand tires call for 95 up to 110. At least 150, more is better. I have been pleased with mine. I couldnt find it at sears any more but this us the same compressor.
  13. I had the same on my 2011 Itasca. Tire dealer told me that no manufacturer aligns the front end because of weight variances. He has had brand new Peterbuilts in with worn out fronts in 8000 miles. I saw here many months ago that a member posted the first thing one should do after loading the coach is have the front end aligned. I will always do that from now on. BTW. Mine was so far off, I could feel the difference in handling when corrected.
  14. http://www.coastlinervandoffroad.com/Tow_Car_Shield.php I have used this for 5 years and 35, 000 miles. Love it!
  15. Sam's club is offering a 5% on fuel, 3% everywhere else, 1% at Sam's. Mastercard. Im going to trade my Cap1 visa for it. Sad when we get better returns on our credit cards than our savings accounts.
  16. Itasca (Winnebago) mostly all have Motoraide water heating. Convenient for folks in a hurry. Just turn on the water heater when set up for camp!
  17. Thanks all. It does seem a bit gadgety to me. It would explain the lack of reviews for motor homes on the product pages. Still, the eye candy keeps drawing me in. I don't find the coach lacking power (for a gasser) except for the steepest of grades and I am still passing big rigs while pulling 4300 pounds. My trans and engine temps never waiver. My chasis is 2011 and I think it is true I would get only small gains.
  18. Anyone with experience on using performance chips with the F53 Chassis such as Banks IQ or the Bully Dog? All the reviews I find never mention Motorhomes. Fancy guage or do they work?
  19. I may be wrong but believe that if it doesn't swing off, it isn't an emergency exit. My emergency window slides open for daily use as a window but has red levers at the bottom that release the whole window to swing out and off for emergency. Now, the hight and small size are an entirely different story. Pretty sure this old codger ain't fitting and if I do, will break my neck on the way down because the only way I'm getiing out that little hole is head first and 7 feet down.
  20. I have used the Ultra Guard and was very disappointed by the road damage caused to my car. There is a lot of debris that is sucked onto your tow vehicle by the vortex of the motorhome and right lane travel. A hard barrier sheild can still allow rocks to bounce over it or gravel to be sucked in behind it onto your tow. I went to a full front cover manufactured by Coastline Covers, the Tow Car Shield. I have been using it for 5 years now and could not be happier. After 5 years of use, nearly 45,000 miles, there was wear and tear which is to be expected. I shipped it back to them where they repaired the worn out portions of the cover and shipped it back to me all in about 2 weeks -no charge! Great customer service, great product. Www.coastlinervandoffroad.com/tow_car_shield.php
  21. I don't know about a 2006. I do know I have towed a 2001 MDX about 40K miles without any trouble. Ask the dealer what is the difference between the 2006 and 2001 transmission. I suspect not much and they just got tired of folks not following instructions which is critical. I had heard the MDX drivetrain changed in 2007 and the RDL platform was incorporated and that is not flat towable.
  22. There is a section north of Ft Bragg that should be avoided. California 1. It is about 40 miles of very narrow and constant switchbacks. If you take only the 101 everything should be fine. California one was pretty hairy all the way north of Fort Bragg. The 101 in Oregon and Washington can be a little bumpy and rolly but really isn't a big deal. 101 is a two lane highway. Go slow enjoy the scenery it is quite beautiful. I have driven it in my 30 foot class C and my 34 foot Class A towing both times.
  23. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Camp-Chef-Professional-Flat-Top-Griddle-x/1441229.uts A Quick intetnet search found this. It is a little smaller but?......
  24. I thought Winnebago included a rear heater for driving down the road. My 2011 Sunova has one. Check your manual. If your water heater has MotorAide (hot water when you arrive at camp), you may have rear heat, too.
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