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  1. drive up to mineral wells, I can put it back together for you, if you can't-
  2. you would be better off with a well maintained entertainer.
  3. Richard- with that better picture, you are right. Ignore my suggestion
  4. Richard, since I add flooring to a ton of coaches with your accelerator pedal, I have removed that as there are 3 screws holding it down to the plywood floor. The TPS is under the pedal connected by a cable, which should have adequate length to move. Also, that cable may have a little clamp on it to keep it in place. Easy fix. Now- if you were wanting to remove brake pedal- don't even think about it as that is connected to a valve with a rod below the floor.
  5. I have an Endeavor here for wood floors and the owner had same issue. So he opted to get rid of the nasty carpet
  6. Close your slide. Go outside and observe how the graphic line up with the main body on the slide. If there is a deviation, the slide needs to be adjusted. If not, the indentations in carpet are normal.
  7. where did you get your 315s, Carl?
  8. I'm the one that had the idea to put wood flooring on the slides.
  9. with 275s, not a coach as heavy as ours
  10. If I didn't have to make a sever tight turn, I never use the lifting feature.
  11. how old are your batteries? these things take a lot of "juice"
  12. Carl, I saw this coach driving in the country the other day. If it was in my yard, this would not happen.
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