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  1. Carl. this is in our Liberty Completion
  2. Thanks Bill. All coaches have some of these angles. I often wonder if the designers have ever stayed in one overnight?
  3. The manufacturers paint or decal the coaches with the slide in. Close your slide and see if the lines meet. If not a trip to a service center is in your future
  4. So far, so good up high here in Mineral Wells. I'm working on some acacia in a Discovery and then our coach is going to get some hickory. Keep on plugging
  5. I haven't cancelled any of my flooring business. In fact, my son moved here from Montana and we will start adding residential refrigerators plus flooring.
  6. Brenda and I finally have a month off and are going to riverview campground in Vidallia, La
  7. Best upgrade you have done, Herman
  8. I put the coach on hold. I discussed this with the client. We would love to make the rally, wouldn't even get to operating temps, but we have plans to be a Riverview Campground on the Mississippi River for a rally in Feb. 2020, after June, we will be able to travel more as Brenda retired July 31 this year but I had clients booked for flooring till then. Merry Christmas
  9. Happy Thanksgiving from up high on the hill in Mineral Wells
  10. we will be in Buckhorn for a rally we are hosting Dec 13-15. I believe they have detail crews there. They will do my coach, hopefully
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