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  1. Call them and ask. 888 806 5862 Then let us know.
  2. X2 on the advice you have gotten in previous posts. The AGM batteries have many advantages over flooded cells. Other than zero maintenance, the fact that they do not outgas toxic fumes in the batter compartment, and thus eliminate the corrosion you often see on cables, connections and the metal walls and floors of the compartment, is a great feature. Yeah, you're gonna hear from the cheapskates on this issue as well. A lot of us believe that "you get what you pay" for in the long run......
  3. With two claims for broken windshields, and a major claim from hitting a deer, I can advise anyone that Nationwide is on my side! No hassles, no problems, my claims were handled flawlessly. I doubt you can do better with any other insurance company.
  4. I have an 08 Damon Tuscany. Bought new, now have 85,000 miles on it over eight years. It has been great in every aspect. I've had little issues that I hear everyone has with quality control from the factory. Everything has been handled professionally, and I would certainly purchase another. From my perspective, it is all about the floor plan, how it looks and how you like it. I think all coaches that come off an assembly line have the same QC issues, proof of this is noted in all the forums I have seen, and from chatting with owners of every major brand.
  5. Some really bad info in this thread. You should fill the filter with oil and then install it. The last thing you want is to start the engine with no oil in a filter that holds 3-4 quarts of oil. And, Cummins specifically says to check the oil level in the ISC series after one hour of shutdown.
  6. You can not use M&G or Airforce One since they require air brakes on the coach. The easiest, simplest option is SMI Stay in Play Duo. Mine has been working perfectly for 7 years over 80,000 miles. Once installed the hook up is just a flip of the switch.
  7. Sometimes a rotten egg smell from the hot water is an indication that your sacrificial anode in the water heater has dissolved away.
  8. Grizzly RV Park in the town of West Yellowstone, MT is my recommendation. We went above Yellowstone and dropped down to the town of West Yellowstone. Traffic in/thru the park is very heavy, especially on weekends in the summertime.
  9. I tow an 09 Explorer. Ii is FWD, neutral tow kit, SMI stay in play braking system. 56,000 miles over 4 years, zero problems.
  10. Be sure to check out SMI Air Force One or SMI Stay In Play Duo. Excellent systems, simple to use. Once installed, zero set up, just flip a switch. Have had mine for 4 years and 50 K works great.
  11. Why are you changing the tires ?
  12. The color is expressed as Kelvin, and the "temperature" of 2700 to 3000 is what you are used to with incandescent lights. Most folks will find higher color temperatures to be unpleasant, especially above 4000 K. There are many resources on this, check out Wikipedia for good info on the topic.
  13. I'm with "wolfe10" on this issue. I always back the toad up and get at least one arm locked, half the time I get both. With one locked, you can pull away and have your helper let you know when the other locks. Do not try to hook up when heading down hill. I have talked with the Blue Ox factory reps and they have told me that backing up the toad is no more stressful than pulling the coach forward. The systems are designed for the stress of pulling up hills, and slamming on the brakes.
  14. You might also consider AGM batteries, they do not self discharge as rapidly as flooded cell batteries. You'd still need to remove any parasitic loads, either be locating your battery disconnect switch(if you have one), or by removing one cable as you suggested.
  15. I have one of the grand kids hang out the window and shoot the temps. And I don't think Bendix is market to the RV industry, by my tire guy says he can purchase and install them for me. I'm waiting till new tire time, cause I'm going to need 4 on the rear, which is soon. Hope all my information is accurate, sure seems like the way to go.
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