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  1. Don, If it is, it still only leaves you 2 amp as a margin. Remember, we can only use 90% of the 30 or 50 amp CB. That's why, when your on 50 amp, it shows L1 at 45 and L2 at 45. On a 30 it will show 27 amp! Carl
  2. That begs the question, why pay for Soft/easy start? Don, we got a 30A Autoformer, we found that most 30 amp connections in US and Canada is iffy at best.
  3. Herman, not yet. Since the Rally is over the 7th and that's 11 days before, we need to be a Start point, we decided to go! I also want to see your "New" Blue shirt. 😂
  4. Thank you Herman & Larry Pennington! My DW is back on the Forum with her original Avatar! Happy wife, etc, etc.
  5. We signed up today for 30A & will be parking with AIM. NIRVC Tent.
  6. If your rental does not have a inverter/charger, find a rental firm that does! You can rent a RV, mostly class C or B anywhere in the world and I have never heard of one that can't boondock!
  7. Ray, if you run the tires at listed SW pressure, how then can you add 10%-15% more air? Per our weight & 10%, I run 120 on front and 110 on the other 6. That's cold psi.
  8. We self insure, no extended warranty in 54 years and 18 coaches! Goes for all vehicles we own. EW wants $4-6k, I put it into a brokerage account...
  9. Don, As Wayne said...we keep about $1k in it. Card can now be used at Strip's also! Love that, as one is in Burnet & one in Lampasas, both on Hwy 281.
  10. Ray, ask Joe, his company run Hankook on all of their OTR's and he has the same on his coach! If my current (not my choice) Michelin's last another 2 years or not, I'm going with Hankook also.
  11. Problem on secondary Hwy's is if the lay on a new surface, without taking the old off....you'll loose up to 6" in clearance!
  12. China, I don't want to help support them! There is nothing wrong with their OTR tires, they depend on moving goods also! Viet Nam? No thanks!
  13. "Straight line wind is constant. Micro burst of 80, would put any of us on another site or our side! Also depends on where the SL wind is getting you, front, back or broad side! 80+ mph is a CAT one Hurricane, almost CAT 2.....Not buying into that math, after spending 27 years on Galveston Isl, TX.
  14. A long time ago, you had to list the Make, model, year and length....same when you got another coach! Not perfect, but better than what we have had in the past 30 years! IMHO. For the past 6 years, my DW had her own F# under her previous name and she was also on this Forum! We got married last May & this year, saw no reason to pay 2x for membership, so she retired her #, got on mine, with the help of FMCA. Now, she cannot get on Forum! WTF? That makes no sense and feels like pure greed on FMCA's part...we only have one coach now.
  15. Ray, I think that's the same RR we found with Fantasy Tours in 2019! With the AC Tradition at 12' 3", no problem....our friend in front of us at 13' 4" + antenna, heard it. LOL Now we have a King Aire at 13' 4".
  16. We use TSD. Got 138 gal (200 tank) at Petro in OKC, OK and saved $51+ at pump!
  17. They have the battery at Amazon!
  18. Chris. How is the clearance between drive tires, no rubbing? It will effect your speed reading/odometer, less RPM. Do tires in front scuff on wheel wells when you make a tight turn. I just looked them up, from Thailand and you'll find the inflation chart under PRIMX Truck/Bus! They come in 16 sizes!
  19. I do 90% of my filet in a cast iron pan now and same with Veg.
  20. A house awning is not a RV awning! Are you a Troll?
  21. Very windy? If it gets over 40 mph (Tropical Storm Winds), I'll move and try to get coach nose into it. Otherwise I do as Wayne! Takes a lot to move a 61,000 pound coach.
  22. Nothing wrong with any DP or Super C diesel, Newmar! DS is top off entry level DP, we know a lot of people with the DP & Mountain Air (Low end Luxury level). Since you both are in agreement, pull the trigger and buy it.
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