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  1. Hope it works out for you... We are in Abilene, TX...96 degrees.
  2. Rayin, please do mail add and phone # on a PM in the future...
  3. BFG is made by Michelin at 2/3 the price....I prefer TOYO, Kelly or Yokohama at 1/2 the cost and you can get them at most Truck Stops, like Love's, TA and Petro! I run (8) 280/70/22.5
  4. hunt, I have not had a need to reboot the 725 system, you can get all that info from on line or iRV2 Forum. I think HWH will be at FMCA Tucson Rally....I'm there now.
  5. We are hooked up in AIM parking area, for Tucson FMCA Rally! 😍
  6. db, enjoy the trip! Start at 9 or 10 am, stop for lunch, be hooked up by 3 pm & have Happy Hour, don't worry be happy!
  7. Hire a tech to check it out...I've never in 54 years owned a class C or B. Have not heard any thing bad about Dynamax, before or after REV.
  8. Rayin, we are in Tucson area. Rain, snow, cold...normal for March here. From home to Dallas-Ft. Worth is 183 miles! Joe, get used to it. When the winter birds leave, you'll be left with the Hattians and they can use their country DL, $10 no experience needed.
  9. huntwt. Welcome to the Forum! Key must be in ACC position, push Auto/On one time, it may take a couple of minutes before system starts the level process. Goggle HWH 725 Operating System for in-depth information.
  10. manholt

    Screw In Tire

    FIVE, you knew the answer before asking...LOL. I would have done the same! As Herman said.
  11. Bill, saw the pictures, sorry we missed it. Looked cold. What was for supper? We'll be in holding area at Pima Fairgrounds tomorrow & going in with AIM.
  12. We are in Ft. Stockton and heading for Deming, NM today. 33 degrees this morning, it was 81 yesterday and gale force wind. Hope for dry, warm weather in Tucson, AZ.
  13. manholt


    Would be nice to meet you! We head out in the morning, from TX.
  14. As Bill said. My Cummins is a 600, before I got the coach I called Cummins with the Engine ID# !
  15. Welcome! Now that interest rates are going up....put the $10k in a CD for a year. Also, $100 deductible raised your rate a lot....did you ask what a $1 or 2k deductible would cause the policy to cost?
  16. Fuel in Canada is per litter, not gallons. We are on a Alaska tour stating June 5, 2022...60 days. Our dog comes with us, with up to date papers!
  17. M&G. Had/have Jeeps and Chevy 2500, no problem!
  18. Joe, that was a POS from day one!
  19. manholt


    Who is going to FMCA Tucson Rally this month?
  20. I stand corrected...had no idea they changed to ACC, all my chevy trucks (4x4 Auto) was straight forward & no ACC needed. I gave up with chevy trucks in 2017 it was a 2500 from 2013, also a Colorado 2012. Kept my Jeep JK's!
  21. Yup, gauge in dash! Don, you should have it on your dash also....Never had a DP that didn't.
  22. DD69, Bill and I will both be in Tucson, going in with AIM. I will look you up, been a long time! Mike. Retirement. I joked about it when I was 14, because 65 was "really old age", so I told my friends and family that I would retire by 40....I missed by 2 years, 42! You can't second guess the price of oil and since I was a drilling consultant, when oil went down my day rate went down! I had no plans to retire in Feb of 1985, oil was $42 and dropped to $16 almost overnight. I had just got home from a 18 month contract with Exxon at $1745 per day, a month later, I was offered a contract at $125 per day....That's retirement. Lots of friends, gave me ideas on what to do...Join the local Lions, I did that. Wife said we could travel more in coach and by ship, we did that and I also took up golf.....everything we had was paid for, including a house in Grand Cayman! Looking back, I have no regrets. Never have I been bored in all these years! 😍
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