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  1. Kay, my bad. 🍷🍷 Just looked up mine, dump air from tag & disconnect U joint. I can dump air by a rocker switch, helps in tight corners or campgrounds.
  2. If your 2004 has a tag axle, then the U-Joint needs to be disconnected, before towing.
  3. I stick mine in a piece of 30" water hose. Seems the longer the blade, the more it cost and the shorter the life span! My motors are above the windshield.
  4. Tag axle. All are 315/80/22.5 !
  5. What rd before Ashville? Cherokee is 62 miles from Ashville, towards Atlanta, GA on the Interstate....I'm very confused. I have very good friends, that live of off 151, 9 miles North of the BRP by Elk Pasture turn off, no rv's off any length allowed. That's like taking a coach on the "Tail of the Dragon!"
  6. I just had 8 put on mine. BFG is by Michelin, cost less because your not paying for advertising, but just as good.
  7. Re-read my last line! How you interpreted that, as a "put down", is insane!
  8. I suspect the battery, inverter, control bay (one compartment), is heated. Mine is & so is Linda's! All Snow Birds, don't leave home when it's warm!
  9. "Spend the $$$ to get a toad". You do have a car or truck already? Unless it's an exotic sports car, Bentley or RR, it can be a tow. Not saying, "you have to have a toad, or scooter, MC, Ebike". Just that it makes camping easier...like a RV, instead of tent.
  10. We like going into the country, be it desert or mountains, paved, sand, gravel, mud, etc. Jeep fits the life style! Can't imagine doing that in a rental car..the only time I was toad less, was back in 1967 to 1977. In 1978, I found out that I could tow a 4 x 4, behind a 26 foot Landau, class A... The only other time I went toad less, was in Malibu, Calif., it was easier to rent. 1985! My Mom wanted to see the coach..
  11. Yep and it works! We still sprinkle some seven dust, inside and out.
  12. Rich, I did not say I was doing Lithium, any time soon! By the time I need new batteries, Linda and I will probably cruise the world instead of RV'g!!
  13. Try Volta! Lots of info. Also, future EPA regulations for RV ind.
  14. Boston Whaler, great blue water boat..very stable! IMHO the other is a McKee. If you get the Jon boat, you could build a cushioned box for motor, so it rides up right in bottom of boat, when traveling...a lockable lid, would keep it in place & out of sight. I have seen pictures of your DW and she is no "Gilligan"! She ever finds out, your dead meat...
  15. My Power Gear, for Air & Jack, has "Lower", "Raise". No brainier!
  16. Rich. We know there is a new mandate for 2020 & 2024. As far as Lithium is concerned, just what Liberty advertised. I have not looked further into it. I will now! As for 900 CCA from 100 Amp...my gut thought is that the battery pack does chassis & house...no need for starter batteries. From what I have read, 10+ years! Volta has partnership with Thor and the 2019 Tuscany 45 foot, has no generator! DD 69. If I keep this coach, until my AGM's give up...I'll be 84 years old and EPA can stuff it.. Linda & I are talking seriously about selling my coach and keeping hers, a 2006 Phaeton 40' with a 2005, 350 CAT..Total remodel & fitted with a bigger fuel tank, by you!
  17. RV's & boats = expensive! In the long run, cheaper than Hotels & going out for all meals and HH. Make sure you keep an eye on your sidewalls for cracking and spiderwebs...change tires around 5 to 7 years! Mine lasted 56,000+ miles and almost 5 years. Got 8 new tires, last Tuesday (4 days ago) in NJ..no tax! Now, I feel good about spending 2 month's in Maritime Provinces, CA.
  18. Know nothing about your wind up toy, it never was built for America to begin with! Maybe MB will fix it, for a lot less, since they have all the diagnostic computers!
  19. I don't think Liberty Coach Owners boondock either. Like Particulate Fillers & DEF, it would probably only effect new coaches, built after a certain year! EPA don't care about season's... or inconvenience, cost, etc. Just "Be Green'!
  20. OK..got it, so why did the brakes lock up? Is it a gas or diesel & make, year, model? Would be nice to know. Sorry, you fell between the cracks! It happens, 10% of the time...on anybody's plan, Good Sam, AAA, Coach Net, etc! You got an OJT that hopefully learned from her mistake and it will help another! Don't know about you, but I started at the bottom and learned as time & circumstances came along! I made mistakes, we all do, but nobody got hurt or killed.
  21. Also year. Mine went out (Girrard elect.) My year was discontinued, $1,400 for a new one, 3 years ago. Hope it don't go bad, been discontinued...
  22. None of us "Stroke" it anymore, H we're lucky if we can take care of DW ! The Aire 14' raft, takes a 3.5 hp. 12' rib takes up to 10 hp...don't think over 3hp! I would just use a 24/36v trolling motor! I have caught, both SW & FW fish on cheese! Works best with light tackle and barbless, small treble...single for most FW, like trout.
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