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  1. Do you have the same heat build up, with the ignition switch in ACC position? My 3 slides are HWH, so are my Air Level or Jacks! My first slide out coach was elect, a 2006 Soutwind and my first coach was a 1967 WB in 67'! I'm on #18 now.
  2. Does the ignition have a modulator? OK, it could be a bad relay or a chaffed control wire. Not solid contact or some corroded strands. Our coaches are a rolling Earthquake, a plug that is not seated 100% can make poor connection when the condition is right and then be fine when your stopped...5x in 2 years? Possible. Rich is far better at this, than I am!
  3. I may be way off base here...are you the original owner of this coach? If not, then it's possible that the previous or original owner had to replace a wire and did not use the proper gauge for the length of the run....#8 where it should have been a #6, the higher the # the easier it is to make a mistake!
  4. Welcome to the Forum! What type and age of RV is your fridg in? Yes, fan/fans are important to regulate flow and prevent hot spots. I remember having a battery operated small fan inside the fridge to keep air moving!
  5. Rich. I have "Trip Tek". When you turn on the back camera, the computer comes on and it has a disclaimer on the screen, then you have a check list of everything from disconnect coach to TPMS. Takes about 5 minutes to scroll thru everything, then the cameras come on...all 11 of them, including 4 radar's, that's the VORAD anti collision system! Then you can put it in Drive and go! Where the danger comes in, is while your driving an alarm goes off, 99% of the time it's been high temp on TPMS, 2 choices....pull over, scroll to TPMS and hit reset, that kills the alarm or do it while driving! Most would not pull over!!! I have found that the TPMS is pre set by the manufacturer, I can reset the P but not the T, the T is set at Ambient temp of 85 +/- 20! I guess the 25 year old nerds, forgot to enter road heat/cold! I have contacted Newmar and got the cost for upgrading system to 2019. The VORAD will be replaced with one that I have the choice of on/off...TPMS will be PMS. The new Trip Tek, is user friendly, you get an alarm it switches to that screen so you don't have to find it and Linda can take care of it or me if she is driving! Lot's of other things will also be taken care of on their dime! The 2012 Silver leaf system was replaced by a 2017 System by previous owner and we love it.
  6. Jim S. That would work for me! PM or Text me. Have you heard anything about your cruise?
  7. Brett, I will be COVID-19 tested, by the 4th, then 7 days quarantine and my first Cataract surgery the 11th..Quarantine till my next surgery the 25th! I only said...Dallas Co.
  8. Yea. Bill, take it to PM...I'll do the same! Joe, sorry about that. But, I will say (I'm on subject) I'm happy my wife want's to take care of inside off coach! 😁
  9. Unless it's a re breathable scrub system, it's of little value to you or me! The mask we have is a joke! Not much more value than a bandanna, just MHO. There are no new cases in Dallas County!
  10. If your getting water from roof into coach? Check all the caulking around the items that are on the roof...Marshmallow roof? Never seen that...Picture of roof would help! Due to the size of your front window, I would go talk to a Auto glass shop, yours are small. Do you have a cover that is the same size as the one your missing? Is it ABS or metal? Either a fiberglass mold or a 3D Plasma shop can make a duplicate. Auto paint shop should be able to match your color.
  11. Joe, have DW started packing coach yet? Who all is going?
  12. IMHO, during this whole, mostly Political exercise, Linda, I, her family, have not had a mask on yet...Linda and I did for 30 minutes in NM to get married. Now, all the Doctors and experts in Exotic medicine, CDC and even WHO have admitted that they are all guessing! They don't know anything more now, than they knew in November 2019....I get my Flu shot every 3rd week of September and have never had the Flu, Swine, Bird, H1N1 or Wuhan! At one time or another I've had every Vacine known to man, including Anthrax! Suspect Wayne has had them also! Most are once in a life, some like Tetanus are 10 year booster! Linda and I refuse to live in Fear, uncertainty and doubt.
  13. About $2,500 a foot for a trailer? That's expensive!
  14. Yep. Surprisingly Bat Wing gets more choices for local stuff. I also have a DIRECTV Satellite Receiver. One you pay for, one you don't..it all depends on what your needs are!
  15. I prefer Caymus Special Reserve...got 2 cases on order thru Specs. Also have BV, Opus one, Duckhorn and Cakebread.
  16. Abbeville is just further down 14 & about that many miles from Kaplan, been there many times, to eat, go shopping and take my last dog to the Vet.
  17. Brett, your right. Isuzu turbo engine, 126 HP on Isuzu truck chassis, 70 amp alternator, 1,000 watt invertor. 24, 26 and 28 foot. The Pathmaker had some exterior enhancements, including the optional painted mural on the rear!
  18. Welcome back! I got friends in Kaplan & all over La. Crusin Cajun Chapter! 😁
  19. Even if everything is perfect with the step...It can lock in out or in position, by not allowing it to come fully out and lock, before putting weight on it. You or a 20 pound dog can do it.
  20. Myf. Welcome to the Forum! Are you hooked up to shore power? If not, you need to turn off your inverter and batteries.
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