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  1. If I had a ISX 600/650, pre 2016 then yes! $10k would be chump change if they would cover the engine! Same with 2007,8 & 9 CAT. I have self insured/extended warranty for almost 54 years now, no regrets!!!
  2. There is a CB on your inverter, mine are along the right side also have a small push button in front, if any color besides green, push it. Check your batteries for good tight connection on post, also no green/gray/tan corrosion. As Ray, bad/loose ground is your enemy! Camera could be a bad spliter, mine is above Driver head in back of compartment, remove false back...my original cameras was Sony but spliter was another cheaper brand.
  3. Ross, I do believe we all can relate to that. From my first coach in 1967 until 1983, there was far less components and electrical, so I had less problems or none! Today, you got to be an Electrical/Mechanical Engineer and even then, your on the Forum because your lost. Quality control should be for every step of the way today and that does add to the bottom line...at $2+ million, you still don't get it. Joe can tell you where we found the extra floor tile in my coach! Geez...by accident. JeffDaily, yes...me! I was getting a 2019 London Air next week...I will now wait & see.
  4. DB, we had lunch there! I only missed not having Red Cabbage...since there was 48 of us, no soup! We had the whole place for 90 minutes! Did you find the Ice Cream Shop? It was 2 blocks past Sachsen. In Digby, across from Mc Donald, there is a pub called Sunset, they serve food on the back patio, the best scallops we found anywhere in area, also craft beer! We tried 7 other restaurants down by the Harbor. We where camped 44 miles away for 3 days, Parkers Cove, next to the Americus Lobster Processing Plant....Lobster Chowder fresh daily at 1100. One whole lobster per serving at CA$ 12, that was $8.40 !!!
  5. manholt

    EFS Card

    Wayne, I would think that you can use any CC in store, or do you get a discount on store purchase also?
  6. Yes. Welcome! It's nice to hear of a positive feed back...we get mostly negative! I know negative is less than 5%, but it's the squeaky wheel syndrome! Thanks
  7. Polymers is not cheap, nor is Ceramic...you can have a lot of wax hand jobs, for that $$$$.
  8. We came back with 20 lbs of Scallops from Digby...24 lbs of Lobster meat from NF and 50 of wild Salmon from Labrador! Flower Pots, Bay of Fundy, NB is 54 foot tide swing!!!
  9. Casper01. Welcome to the Forum! Adding Towable's has helped the bottom line. As for "younger members?" I have not run into many & the one's I know personally, don't care what the cost is, just like me. There are many reasons for being a FMCA member and it has nothing to do with discounts or freebies! IMHO some will leave, some will pass away and some will join! You have been around for a long time...your guess is as good as mine! From what I have seen since 1967, it's a small steady growth.
  10. Joe, oil will burn, tar, diesel, kerosene, gasoline...same thing. Some have more volatility than others. I guess I don't understand your statement.
  11. As long as the cost at the pump, don't exceed current cost, I don't care!
  12. Thanks for chiming in! When your new, you need all the pertinent information...
  13. Usually they send me information on any changes...first time I have heard of this!
  14. In a RV Park I let mine go to 90% before dumping...same with grey! We backflush at each black dump! when traveling, we dump and BF each morning, then add water to black tank & some Dawn or Calgon.
  15. Ray, we burn pretty big brush piles once a year and use 4 bags of Frito's or Potato chips! I'm still battling Cedar, got all the Mesquite. Never use diesel, it's too hard to control.
  16. That's a LOAD for a non-tag coach, I would think it's not much higher than Joe's. Photo Shop, comes to mind. Yesterday morning, we found the coach that we wanted & was going to make the 90 minute drive to the Factory & buy it..Some one beat us to it, by 2 hours. Anyway, that coach was 13' 2"...2016 Foretravel 45' ISX600. Most coach's we have looked at from 2014 to 2020 in the 42' to 47' range, are 12' 9" to 13' 4".
  17. kt. A vacuflush is the same as used on cruise ships, you use very little water & a vacume, basically the toilet sucks the water/solids out of bowl...problem is that too much TP will clog the system! All depends on how the vacum pump is set. A maceration system, grinds the TP/solids & uses a lot of water for that process.
  18. I use Loves very seldom. Several reasons behind that. I get my 5 to 8 cent per gallon off, by paying cash now...I'm in a Truck Stop, when my trip odometer reads 650-700 miles & that equals 99-105 gal. If you use Loves a lot, then I can see a massive saving of $40+ per 100 gal. Unlike most folks, I don't have more that 2 CC/Debit cards! I only have them, because you got to have one to fly anywhere!
  19. Use Biobor, and change filters a lot...time consuming, but a lot cheaper than option 1 or 2. Joe L. wrote an excellent story on this, 2 years ago, his own experience!
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