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  1. Or Lexan! Bullet proof....Let's get back to reality!
  2. Bill, what I was thinking...not rocket science! Any diversified auto/home glass company!
  3. Agree on Luling! If I need fuel at that point, I use Loves across I-10 and get my 16 cents per gal. discount, at 110-130 gallons it adds up!
  4. RayIN. Pancreatic cancer is what did her in! I had a like, dislike for her...Should be a age limit. RIP Problem with Bucee's, is that you don't know witch ones take Big Rigs/Trucks! The one off I-45 in League City was a real trill to get away from, no 18 wheelers or RV facility.
  5. All above is correct. When you do get the Jacks up, check your Hydraulic fluid level.
  6. In Texas & LA. our biggest enemy is "Love Bugs"! Body fluid acts like acid on the DShield or 3 M film!
  7. We leave for Utah Monday! Got enough wine to last 2 months, Linda likes a beer now and then along with a margarita (not often due to being diabetic)! We go out for dinner once a week.
  8. Well, You either got or fixing to get a Transgender, Marxist, Fascist Sheriff ! No body will be going to NH anytime soon!
  9. Like Don, no name but Prevost uses it...I read about it last year at Marathon web site, Cogburn, OR.
  10. In regards to Cummins. The ISM gave you the most torque to HP ratio. I have the new ISX 600 and it puts out 2,050 torque, 6.8 mpg. The new ISX 605 gives 1,950 torque. RayIN. The Marathon is a Prevost conversion, just like Liberty and several others! Most Prevost's today, run the Volvo engine (Volvo owns Prevost & Prevost is made in Canada). Newell is Oklahoma and Foretravel is Texas!
  11. Ray, LOL 😂 ! Richard, may have changed, but that's what a friend told me, about 5 years ago...he shows cattle and horses at the, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo every year. I'm a Life member, but not active anymore.
  12. Don C. Be glad your Ranch is not in California...Wild hogs are protected! So far, we are real Lucky...No hogs on ranch! Not even on our camp by Three Rivers! My best friend has 1,895 acres in Gladewater, TX and figures he has between 3-5,000 hogs that goes between his ranch and 2 others...that was 4 years ago when he gave up estimating! He's got another 1,490 acres, 23 miles south of Dallas, off !-45 and not 1 hog has been seen!
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