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  1. Ray, he might have been lucky, bad valve.
  2. CharlielAm, you are correct..in regards to a shop of your choice. It's the "to my house" part, that I was referring to. I have had 2 tows in 53 years, blown tranny and engine fire! Both times with GS.
  3. I very seldom run the heat pump on my roof AC unit. If I know it will be in the high 40's, I turn on Aqua Hot on the elect side...below the high 40's, diesel side! Last summer, in the Eastern Providence of Canada, mid June to mid August, we ran AH every night on diesel as most mornings was in mid 30's, one night was 27!!! St. Anthony, Newfoundland.
  4. Yep. Like any kind of leak in your system, can be a bear to track down!
  5. poohbear. Sorry, but I don't know off any RA that would pay you!
  6. IMHO, unless your in heavy water traffic or Blue water racing, there is no comparison to driving a big DP coach...in a coach you have to be on your game all the time. There are too many variables coming at you and around you, to slack off, is an invitation to disaster!
  7. Death Valley in the winter is milder than you expect.... summer is when you can expect 110+ days and 30 or less nights! Cat's hang 10, now that is a vision! 😂
  8. Bill, if you find that engine, let me know! The 425 gets 1,550 torque...the 450 is 1,450 and the 500 is 1,550! The M11 evolved into the ISM & it was built up to 2010. Mine is the 2009, 425 HP!
  9. As Brett said! What part did you not understand? Think it's "Time out", time!
  10. Factor, DD60, 515 is a good engine. So is the Cummins 500 ISL. Don't worry or be impressed by HP & 100 Ft. Lbs, bigger the HP=$ at pump. Also, a 525 will get to max torque about 10 seconds before the 500.
  11. Idowning. Welcome. According to Sprint..did they offer a solution? Or are you looking for a new carrier?
  12. Sorry, but I'm a "Go LSU Tigre" fan! Spent a year there 1969. I will admit, Clemson is the gold standard to beat...has been for a long time!
  13. The FMCA, magazine, January issue, has info on all Toads that can be towed for 2020 models! I also would call manufacturer tech. As for tow bar & braking systems, any will do! They are all the best, kind of like asking, "What's the best ice cream?" Everybody has their own opinion!
  14. You said that you had bubbles in other area, that didn't show in these pictures. I would have everything looked at, sounds like you have more than one small leak...There are several choices depending on where you live or currently are. I would not attempt this myself, so I would either take my coach to RV Repair, Houston, Texas or the Manufacturer!
  15. Once the brake is set, there should be no sound of air! If there is, then you have a leak in your system and it may/or not be a valve...I had a broke L in my gauge, after finding and replacing the plastic L with a SS L, no more problems!
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