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  1. manholt

    Texas 130 toll road

    Herman, is that the one in Hico? Where you turn left to continue on 281. Great place!!
  2. Joe, that's why I have the Vizio. The back of the Sony cracked and came half way off, while watching! Had I been driving...ugh. The Vizio is bigger and 1/2 the weight.
  3. manholt

    Texas 130 toll road

    axles! You could also take Hwy 281 up to I-20, I try to stay away from any part of I-35...Right now, they are still working on it, just north of Georgetown to just south of Waco and there is two sections at Killeen, Ft. Hood, where you are diverted unto a one lane of service road, for 5+ miles...rough as a cob! We found that out last month! Took an hour!
  4. Make sure you have access to back of TV and all connections after TV is installed...don't ask!
  5. manholt

    Dead Battery

    Richard, good point...different ball game!
  6. manholt

    Texas 130 toll road

    In my coach & toad, $35 from I-10 to 4 miles past Georgetown...it does not go to Waco! Small price to pay, to by pass Austin. Where are you coming from and going?
  7. manholt

    Clear Bra Removal

    Al. Welcome to the Forum! Thanks for the photos...what will you do now, re paint or put more of that &%$# stuff on?
  8. manholt

    Dead Battery

    On the 1100 mile trip home. I will presume you where on shore power and while driving, you was charging the start battery/batteries! The generator should do the same as shore power. Have you read your owner & engine manuals?
  9. manholt

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    Yep, I get the Quart size in the brown square bottle...they stack nicely!
  10. manholt

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    Joe, then who had the pup's playing on the couch? Facebook, your DW to Linda. Temp this am at 8 was 64, at 8:20 am 51..Now 11 am 54...only in Texas! The wind, went from 6 SW to 15/20 WNW..can't spray! Cactus is not the only thing it will kill.
  11. manholt

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    No Sir. 1 pint = 15 gal. There's 4 pints in a quart...I put 1 1/2 quart, in my fresh tank, each year! It's only 50/50 for mouth wash after you brush your teeth at full strength, I use Colgate & Listerine, but it's nice to know if HP is all you got.
  12. manholt

    Trip cost

    What is a "High Price Hotel " to you? Fam camp is around $15. Tampa - Disneyland, is around 300 r/t, coach would take an hour longer than car...cost of Hotel, would be more than the whole trip alone! Like Wayne wrote!
  13. manholt

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    Joe. You got the dogs? Your DW said it was a possibility, maybe...
  14. manholt

    Full timer - Sanitizing fresh water tank

    Joe. HP is $.99 cents a Quart, $3 per year is not expensive!
  15. manholt

    I need help finding a electrical gremlin

    When your able to look at your coach again, without discomfort, I would try Herman's fuse approach first...due to the age of your coach, you would not have all the high tech electronics we have now! Also, since you can't follow up on any of the suggestions, we are all shooting blanks! Yes, we would love to have a feedback on this thread.