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  1. WOW! I read it all. Just the history alone, is worth the trip!
  2. All tires today have to meet or exceed, the same standards! That said, its a matter of personal preference. IMHO Michelin is over priced.
  3. I like #1 the best, scenic, little traffic between Amarillo and Denver, when I had gas engines, that was our choice....Now it don't matter!
  4. Richard, I remember when you went thru the learning curve on your tank! Perhaps you can PM the OP and help out?
  5. We have been waiting for a GE Microwave/Convection Speed cook ($2,400) since May 2020! Ray, a new rear axle on a new rig, what happened?
  6. I had a couple of sips of Yukon Gold, about 15 years ago...all I ever drank was Scotch, but the gold was really good.
  7. Herman. you can also get Moon Shine in Tenn, KY, NC, WV and its legal....The other kind can be had also!
  8. I have three AC's with heat pump, when it gets to 38/40 degrees, all you get is outside cold air, inside! I don't have gas furnace, but all the ones I have had, runs on 12 volt. How long have you lived in cold weather?
  9. Ditto X2! Including, computer & phone!
  10. My Coach is 13' 4"....Lots of Interstate Hwy's that read 14' 6', US Hwy that are 13' 6" and Toll Roads (Freeways are 13' 6") ! Know before you go!
  11. Should be an interesting 4 years with the VP as P! Ray, right on, I cancelled 2020 for a different reason! Oh, I forgot...Go ahead Herman, delete me for a possible Political Statement.
  12. Per a friend in Montana, your just a tad over one million good folks! We use State Farm and pay $487 a month. That covers our Coach, 2013 Jeep Wrangler, 2014 Expedition, 2020 Jeep Gladiator and a Ford 250 Long bed p/u! $500k/$300k and $500 deductible!! May not be the cheapest, but we have peace of mind & they want to keep us happy, we also have a ranch, camp, 8 rental houses & a Liquor Store thru them!
  13. Since I'm not a drinker of either, I stand corrected...Thanks Ross! It still dose not answer the OP's question!!
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