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  1. Kay, my bad. 🍷🍷 Just looked up mine, dump air from tag & disconnect U joint. I can dump air by a rocker switch, helps in tight corners or campgrounds.
  2. If your 2004 has a tag axle, then the U-Joint needs to be disconnected, before towing.
  3. I stick mine in a piece of 30" water hose. Seems the longer the blade, the more it cost and the shorter the life span! My motors are above the windshield.
  4. Tag axle. All are 315/80/22.5 !
  5. What rd before Ashville? Cherokee is 62 miles from Ashville, towards Atlanta, GA on the Interstate....I'm very confused. I have very good friends, that live of off 151, 9 miles North of the BRP by Elk Pasture turn off, no rv's off any length allowed. That's like taking a coach on the "Tail of the Dragon!"
  6. I just had 8 put on mine. BFG is by Michelin, cost less because your not paying for advertising, but just as good.
  7. Re-read my last line! How you interpreted that, as a "put down", is insane!
  8. I suspect the battery, inverter, control bay (one compartment), is heated. Mine is & so is Linda's! All Snow Birds, don't leave home when it's warm!
  9. "Spend the $$$ to get a toad". You do have a car or truck already? Unless it's an exotic sports car, Bentley or RR, it can be a tow. Not saying, "you have to have a toad, or scooter, MC, Ebike". Just that it makes camping easier...like a RV, instead of tent.
  10. We like going into the country, be it desert or mountains, paved, sand, gravel, mud, etc. Jeep fits the life style! Can't imagine doing that in a rental car..the only time I was toad less, was back in 1967 to 1977. In 1978, I found out that I could tow a 4 x 4, behind a 26 foot Landau, class A... The only other time I went toad less, was in Malibu, Calif., it was easier to rent. 1985! My Mom wanted to see the coach..
  11. Yep and it works! We still sprinkle some seven dust, inside and out.
  12. Rich, I did not say I was doing Lithium, any time soon! By the time I need new batteries, Linda and I will probably cruise the world instead of RV'g!!
  13. Try Volta! Lots of info. Also, future EPA regulations for RV ind.
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