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  1. I bought mine 2 plus years ago, so "only" have the 5 year warranty. Just pointing out that as all tires have gone up recently in price getting the additional warranty might be a factor in deciding which brand to purchase. One nice feature in buying through the FMCA Tire program is that by buying from Michelin and registering your credit card at the time of purchase they have (as well as FMCA has) your purchase information on file so a warranty claim is all the easier.
  2. Don't know if others have followed suit, but Michelin just increased their warranty to 7 years. So spread the cost over 7 years vs 5 and they justify paying a little more.
  3. You won't have any problem, but time wise it would be a wash as there are many sharp turns, as well as more game/ livestock, etc causing slower speeds, as well as the towns you mentioned that are posted 25 mph. If you were to go on east to Laurel you would be on 4 lane Interstate , then from Laurel going back up to Red Lodge is wider and straighter. on edit: I remember there was talk about posting a maximum vehicle length limit from Absorokee over to Red Lodge but do not know if it was ever decided for sure
  4. My membership expired 24 days ago. Waiting for the results before deciding...although I'm pretty sure which way it is going to go
  5. I keep a thermometer like this: https://www.grainger.com/product/35HV46?cm_mmc=PPC:+Google+PLA&s_kwcid=AL!2966!3!166591779552!!!g!370218741819!&ef_id=WKnhCQAAAD0FzW19:20171129181604:s&kwid=productads-adid^166591779552-device^c-plaid^370218741819-sku^35HV46-adType^PLA attached to an AC vent. This way I know if the AC is blowing constant temps. Your increase in temp. could possibly be coming from the windshield, or other source of radiant heat.
  6. Thanks for posting. I have 2 at home that qualify. Plan to check the RV tomorrow
  7. I don't really question the age either. But, in our travels, it seems that when I see much younger people at an RV park they almost always have a license plate of the same state. Any towables that have a different states' tags are over 65 as well. That makes me feel like the younger crowd are only going relatively short distances from home, 3-5 day getaways and are not likely to want to join any group other than Good Sam where they can get discounts on camping gear.
  8. No problem. Thanks for all the research you are doing! I bet even Bill Adams would renew his membership for a chance to bring this vote to a halt
  9. I was referring to Dons2346 post on Oct.1: " ................... I firmly believe we need to vote with the recommendation of the Board. They have studied the issues involved and know the subjects much better than I could ever do so nor want to do so at this stage of my life. I believe they are good well meaning people who want the very best for this organization................... " Sundance, here is the problem with your analogy. There was zero study done on the subject of "recreation vehicles" becoming a part of FMCA. From here on out, I'll use "towable". Not one towable club or manufacturer was contacted about this endeavor, not one. This was brought about by one person and one only. In fact this person, at one of his rallies had a towable show up. He took his treasurer over to the trailer and told him he was not welcome and the treasurer wrote a check for the rally fees and he was told to leave. Now all of a sudden he thinks this is the greatest idea since sliced bread. Another example of the executive board using bad judgement is the giving of $250,000 to the owner of rVillage, a facebook wanna be. The so called details of the gift is that FMCA will supposedly receive 5% interest on the money OR the owner has the option to issue FMCA stock in the company which is supposed to happen in 2019. This info was found out when I requested a copy of the current annual audit. It had to be covered there to justify the $250,000. You might think this is great in that we will get something however our investments are regulated by our Policy & Procedures. Those tell the organization what investments can be invested in. One that we cannot invest in is private stock. rVillage is not listed on any stock exchange. During the last GB meeting I questioned the then treasurer about the 5% interest and had we received it yet. The treasurer informed the entire GB that the "money is gone". Not one member of the GB stood up and raised any issue with it. Any member can get any document from FMCA by calling and asking to talk to "membership services". You can get meeting minutes from any meeting, monthly treasurer reports, etc.
  10. Certainly with you on this one. If you look back earlier on this thread it sure appears that at least $250,000 was spent in violation of the bylaws, and as was answered a few posts above there was a "survey" done a number of years ago that came up with the average age of 71(?).Now I'm wondering just how that was conducted. I certainly feel there has been a lack of transparency in this whole process.
  11. I'd sure second that one can't imagine it would take more than 5 minutes to get the other 20...
  12. I asked Smithy how they determined the age yesterday in a post above but he apparently hasn't had the time to respond. Perhaps, he will make the time soon, as I feel it is an important piece of information we could all learn from. I doubt they could look at the date the F number was assigned as they still would not know your age unless given on the app. I am beginning to wonder if they used the average age of those who needed FMC Assist.
  13. Smithy, As mentioned above, FMCA does not require you to give your age when joining, so how can you know the age of the towable group is younger? Where did you get that info?
  14. So, if stating our age is not mandatory, how could you possibly have known the average member age of 66 and later 71?
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