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  1. tireman9

    DOT serial

    Thanks. Yes ALL tires sold are suppose to be registered so the owner can me notified if there is a recall. BUT many do not bother. I covered the topic of Registration in THIS post. The post includes links to allow you to register your own tires or to send new contact information.
  2. tireman9

    DOT serial

    Some comments on DOT date code. re "oval" Tire mfg use different methods of changing the aluminum"plug" in their molds for the "date code". Not all use an oval plug. Some have used stamped steel strip or "tin" so it can have a different appearance. Some things that is true about all DOT serial The code comes AFTER the symbol DOT by law The first 2 characters are a plant code. the next 2 are a size code. The last 4 numbers are the date code. The serial may have as few as 8 characters and as many as 13 with most having 12 or 13. The date part of the serial only is required on ONE SIDE so may not be on the curb side but facing in toward the coach. My advice is to find the code and record it when it is convenient to you. Nice weather day. If needed i have suggested a $5 or $10 bill and a flashlight and a 10 year old to craul under the coach if needed. Remember you may need to "roll" the RV forward or back a few feet to get the serial in a position that the 10 year old can see it. Keep the full serial with your other important part numbers as you never know when you will need this information.
  3. People need to be very careful when switching tire type from ST to LT as you will need to go up in size or up in Load Range (inflation), or both to carry the load. It is also important to have a MINIMUM of 10% Reserve Load (Capacity over measured load) with 15% to 20% better.
  4. My interpretation is that it is basically a tire with a TPMS sensor attached to the inside of the tire.
  5. "What is the Best Tire" is a little like Chevy vs Ford or Coke vs Pepsi as long as you stick with Tier 1 and 2 I would include availability of company stores that can provide service. Mail-order can save you money up front but offering service can easily be more important.
  6. Been using Surge Guard 30A unit for 3 years. It has warned me a couple times of miswired power pedestal. last week on my way from Ohio to Gillette I used the Surge Guard the first night with no problem. The second night it went through its normal check and all was OK, but when I connected the RV plug I had no power in the RV! Did this a couple times but never got power to the RV. I pulled the Surge Guard out of the system and plugged the RV directly and all was OK. I could not figure out why I could not plug the RV cord into the Surge Guard. For the rest of the trip I was able to plug things in normally with the Surge Guard in the system. I figure there is a relay and switch inside the Surge Guard and the switch is failing. Is the Surge Guard rebuild-able?
  7. Be careful with "beads". Some tire companies may VOID the warranty if they learn you have used something inside the tire.
  8. Visual of the inside of a tire may reveal something you do not see on the outside of a tire when mounted B U T you are still not seeing the critical location of a tire which for radials is inside the structure at the outer ends of the steel belts. Unless you have specialized inspection equipment ($$$$$$$$$) you can't "see" the location of interest. Based on years of experience 10 years is the MAX for tire use as the odds are against you.
  9. You will find that with a few exceptions from Michelin almost all tires (LT and commercial) have the same load capacity when inflated to the same inflation.
  10. The "Fix" makes sense now that I have more info. The grey tank has direct connection to shower but there is a Hepvo "valve" horizontal and maybe the "nose down" of the RV prevents water to flow as that would put the exit not level which the HepVo wants. I think the sink drains into a different horizontal line which when tilted must block the flow into the tank and air flow out of the grey tank to the black tank vertical vent as it connects with a T fitting. Bit complex but as soon as I got close to level the sink and shower both drained quickly. So it looks like I will get to Gillette after all. Ain't RV life fun?
  11. GREAT NEWS. IT"S FIXED. Forest River returned my call! After some conversation and discussion with a couple people at FR they asked how level was the coach. I said nose low 4" to 6" as that was where I park it in front of my shop when servicing the coach. They said to move it to level spot. I did and the sink immediately drained!!!!!! Am calling them back to thank them for the observation and suggestion.
  12. Problem with using a plunger when you have a Hepvo it turns the rubber valve inside out. Had to remove the Hepvo and get the valve back in proper position. The fact that the shower also does not drain untill I open the grey dump valve points to there being no venting of the grey tank.
  13. Yes not backward. Has worked for 5 years then stopped working last week. Only thing I did was rebuild the two gate valves.
  14. I sent email to Service director at Coachmen asking about the venting of the grey tank. Right now it looks like I would need to remove the bathroom walls to find the T connection. Not gonna happen. I would leave a day early and park in front of Forest River in IL first and demand they tell me how to fix their poor design.
  15. 2016 22QB Class-C Coachmen coach. Have used it many times with no problems. Getting ready for 2021 season I re-built the 2 gate valves (Black and Grey water). Now I am having problems with the sink not draining. I have the HepVO waterless trap as OE. Have pulled it out and confirmed it is not blocked. With the grey tank dump valve open, I can pour a gal of water in the sink and it drains out. If I close the dump valve, I can fill the sink with water, and it does not drain. As soon as I open the grey tank dump valve the sink drains. There is only a single roof vent in this model MH. Sounds like a blocked grey tank vent but have no idea how or where FR ran the vent pipe. I assume they connected black and grey tanks to a single vent stack. The sink is not usable and we are leaving next week for a 3-1/2 week tour out west. Ideas appreciated. Have confirmed the shower also does not drain unless grey tank dump valve is open. Bath sink drains just fine. I thnk it drains to the black tank. Used hose in the roof vent and heard water hitting water but since the roof vent is directly above the black tank I am guessing the grey vent used a T to vent it. Can't get to the vent pipe without removing bathroom from the RV. Have contacted FR but am not holding my breath. This situation makes using the RV almost impossible and I'm supposed to go to Gillette July 1
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