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  1. As far as slides are concerned, in my opinion slides on older coaches pre 06 are more robust and dependable especially on a Tiffin. Thats just my 2 cents worth.
  2. Think travel direction of coach not travel direction of jacks. You can thank me later😊
  3. Had a very similar issue the shift inhibit lite keep coming on. Turned out to be a bad ecm. Good luck
  4. Leave your main breaker on and disconnect from the power source and see if the 20amp reading remains. If so and with no inverter you are getting a false reading.
  5. I would suggest the trimetric system as mention above to really get a handle on what's going on. Well worth the price and actually gives you %charge and amps going in to your batteries and amps going out.
  6. Installed the Fusion 3.0 RV kit, my receive dbm improved from 113 dbm to 89 dbm. This now allows us to stream movies which we could not do before. So far so good and I got a 15% discount through FMCA. Anixous to see how it preforms at other locations.
  7. Anyone tried one of the Cellboster.us kits offered on Tech Connect. Looking for one in the 4 to $500.00 range. Just seeking some guidance here.
  8. If your Onan is powered by a Kawasaki, you probably have the only one.
  9. Double check to verify you have them wired correctly. Four 6v batteries should be wired 2 in series then the other two in series. then the two sets wired in parallel to provide your required 12v. Good luck
  10. Interested in knowing the difference in location of generator and 24 hr generator.
  11. Just left there, had work done on an 02 Bus and was very satisfied. From what I understand the only thing they don't do is take appointments. Most folks arrive on Sunday check in and just wait their turn. I was out of there on Wed.
  12. Xantex has great tech support so they would be the one to ask that question. They have always been easy to deal with, give em a call.
  13. It's my understanding you multiply the AC amps by 10 to get the DC amps, thus a 6 amp AC draw would be equal to a 60 amp DC draw.
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