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  3. The other day I went to exercise my generator. (really went to get out of the heat in the RV with the A/C on ) Anyway, the propane detector went off. I am thinking it was because of the fumes from the generator, because I still had the door open and the fumes were coming up from under the coach. The RV is a little over 7 years old. I wonder if it's time to replace the propane detector and if so is it something that I could do myself or do I need to have it done at a licensed repair shop?
  4. Sam I went online and ordered some this morning, after reading a number of good reviews on the product. Also Amazon seems to have the best price for it and if you are a prime member it free shipping.
  5. Well we went to the RV today to run the Generator since it hasn't been run since we got home in the middle of July. Low and behold what do we find but signs that we have mice now. Thanks for tha thoughts about what to use to get rid of them.
  6. I have had Good Sams, I have had U.S. Rider (mostly for the Equestrian Community but they will service any one if you pay your fee's and you vehicles are less than 10yrs old or have less than 100,000 miles) IMHO Coach Net is the best of the three.
  7. 'RVerOnTheMove', I just wanted to make sure that I didn't need to put an A/B Switch or splitter. Also the digital converter box is an Analog-Pass through DTV Converter Box. I just need to run a separate outside connection for my Direct TV receiver. I guess maybe that's why the two clowns from Direct TV said I needed to make a separate appointment to have it installed in the RV. I guess the sales people tell falsehoods when the sign you up for the service and include the set up for your RV. I beginning to think Direct TV is more of a pain than Cable TV. Maybe after 15 months maybe I should get it installed. Thanks for the input.
  8. In my 2005 Jamboree 26Q, I have one of this see link below. http://www.summitsource.com/popup_image.php?pID=6381ℑ=0&osCsid=8enaglbf3tsmn2i4ts9m6skit0 My question now is how do I hook up my Direct TV SD receiver box to it to get satellite reception? Also if I want to hook up one of these http://www.ebay.com/itm/Digital-Stream-DTX9950-DTV-Converter-Box-/200812716171?pt=US_Internet_Media_Streamers&hash=item2ec15ee08b To my TV in the RV do I need to hook it to the splitter box or directly to the television. Or do I need to put it before the Direct TV Receiver?
  9. Hi. Are there any people that are into metal detecting and or prospecting? My wife and I are members of the GPAA-- any more members around?
  10. Herman Thanks for the link looks interesting. One thing though I can't get it to open up. I like old things like that.
  11. Bill Thank You for the info. My neighbor moved out and left the DTV dish, The people that moved in took it down. I got it after they put it in the dumpster. Maybe I will make myself a tripod for it. Out of a antenna mount I bought from Radio Shack a couple of years .
  12. We have a 2005 Jamboree 26Q. When not towing a toad we get between 8.1 to 10.3 miles to the gallon according to my Scan Gauge II depending on wind, and hills or flat land. I usually set the cruise control at 62mph.
  13. I have a Jamboree 26Q, Class-C. I have DTV at home. My RV doesn't have a satellite antenna on the roof, If I was going to get one does anyone have any suggestions to as which manual antenna to use. Thanks
  14. Been there years ago....but not anymore. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. I have one on my 2005 Jamboree 26Q. To be honest we have used them twice.... They seem to be more trouble than they were worth. Most of the places that we camp seem to very level so we really do not use them. JMHO Good Luck
  16. I have to agree Xplorer. I also must state that I personally do not drive with any propane appliances on. When we pack up to go, we make sure the propane is shut off. I used to drive a tow truck years ago....and having towed the remains of several burned to the ground Travel Trailers and a Class-A also a Class-C. I would rather fill an ice chest full of ice rather than take the chance of my RV burning to the ground.....but that's just me. I don't carry the cost of a RV as pocket change.
  17. I have read your post and wolfe10's replies I agree with everything he has stated. I would suggest if you have not yet looked or decided where to purchase your AGM batteries I would look at http://www.trojanbattery.com/ for batteries. They also make AGM batteries.
  18. Gary & Sharon; You might look here for a list of county Campgrounds, I like and have stayed at http://www.co.san-di...mping.html#fees The county did a major upgrade to the park. It's east of I-805 about 3 miles east of Chula Vista Ca.
  19. w6pea

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    Bill You really hit that on the Squarely on the Nail-head.....if your not part of a click watch out.
  20. I bought my tires on my Class-C from Discount tire I would follow these recomendations Good Luck
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