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  1. Winnebago motorhomes for handicapped travelers.
  2. I found this Richard:https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/garmin-outage-caused-by-confirmed-wastedlocker-ransomware-attack/ and this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/barrycollins/2020/07/25/will-garmin-pay-10m-ransom-to-end-two-day-outage/?sh=31aa7969316A Kinda sounds like RM is now in the same position.
  3. I wrap a small black bungee cord around each lock lever, which holds them down. This way it's easy to unhook by myself.
  4. Todays email sounds like RM has a complete systems failure, or perhaps a hacker locked their computer network and demands money for an unlock key. Dear Valued Customer, Rand McNally hopes this message finds you and your family in good health as we approach the holiday. In an effort to be transparent regarding the recent disruption to our network, we are making you aware of a cyber incident that is affecting our hosted and network systems. We assure you that we are focusing our resources on restoring the functionality of our network to resume delivery of products and services to you. We appreciate your patience and continued partnership in this regard. Please note: The navigation functionality of our GPS devices is not impacted — those devices continue to work as do other consumer electronics. However, we have established a temporary Customer Support number for immediate needs: 859-353-9057. Please also note that are experiencing significant shipping delays for orders made through our online store. We apologize for the inconvenience. During the response and recovery process, we are mindful of the ever-increasing level of sophistication of these incidents. We engaged experienced professional consultants to guide our efforts, and we are taking deliberate care to evaluate any risks. We have taken significant steps forward toward restoration and continue to investigate for more insight into the incident and how to prevent future disruption. While we are unable to provide a timeline at this moment, we appreciate the trust and confidence you have in Rand McNally to move as quickly as possible to resume to normal operations. We apologize for any temporary impact this may have on you. Thank you, Rand McNally
  5. I received this email Tuesday: "Dear Valued Customer, As you may be aware, Rand McNally recently discovered a disruption to certain portions of our computer and phone network. We commenced an immediate investigation that included taking certain systems offline and are working with specialists to determine the nature and scope of the event. We are working diligently to restore the functionality of our systems to minimize downtime, particularly for regulated and essential industry sectors. We apologize for any delay or inconvenience this has caused. The investigation is ongoing, but to date we have no indication that Rand McNally customer data is affected. We will continue to update you when we have meaningful updates on the restoration of services. We appreciate your patience and understanding and assure you we are working around the clock to restore our services. In the meantime, if you have a critical issue, we’ve established a temporary Customer Support phone number: 224-601-4847 Thank you, Rand McNally" This one sounds like their entire system is messed up.
  6. I saw a bright side to that, I wouldn't have to get out of bed to go pee.
  7. We have gotten used to the comforts of RV camping this would be a change: https://www.traveltipsor.com/extreme-camping-germany-waldseilgarten-camp/
  8. Boils down to getting old sucks. Years ago someone asked Dad about the golden years; he said" feels more like lead to me".
  9. Last year my battery charge readout behaved irregularly, Went tracking down the cause. When I checked battery cell liquid levels all were just below top of plates, filled cells with distilled water and my charger behaved normally. After the display read "float" I took hydrometer readings of each cell, one battery had a really low reading. New batteries cured all problems. Old batteries were 5 years old.
  10. Herman listed the two largest salvage yards in the U.S.A. This is a list by state of smaller places. The list is not current, some are out-of-business.
  11. Herman we have a permanent handicap hang tag in our MH due to DW's condition.We'll likely buy a handicap plate when the DMV issues new plates instead of an annual sticker.Handicap RV sites are a bit wider, leveler, with more concrete skirting for wheelchairs and walker use between RV and picnic tables. I think the MH's built for wheelchair/walker access inside are neat.
  12. Winnebago built 484 Ultimate MH's between 1999 -2004.5, two models were built, the Ultimate Freedom and Ultimate Advantage. I was very surprised at the 5,000# load capacity.
  13. I suspect I'll find out in the near future how much of my information was available to the hacker(s). As long as my apartment has wheels I can escape!
  14. I received this email today, it sounds like their computer system has been hacked. Quote: "Dear Valued Customer, Rand McNally recently discovered a disruption to certain portions of our computer network. We commenced an immediate investigation that included taking certain systems offline and working with computer forensic specialists to determine the nature and scope of the event. We are working diligently to restore the functionality of our systems. We appreciate your patience and understanding and apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you, Rand McNally
  15. This is the only picture I could find; my computer has a mind of its own sometimes. All the details are in my signature, including the sales brochure. We bought in it 2013 from the co-owner of Speedco Indianapolis. He had it parked in his barn for 8 years after he became unable to drive.
  16. I was lucky Winnebago did put weight information in the owners manual. My HWH slide basement compartments have a 300# load limit. I would expect 12V electric-powered to be less. Edit: my one slide is 24' with kitchen and sofa in the slide, it has basement compartments that are part of the slide-room, those are what has the 300# weight limit. Hope that makes more sense.
  17. You do know some employees can drive their work vehicle home.
  18. Concerning this thread topic, Mr. Walker is asking for input it seems: https://join.fmca.com/member-engagement/
  19. I was a member for the last one, it was the only time I got to vote in FMCA. At least everyone had the opportunity to vote.
  20. Yes this SARS-CoV-2 virus really messed up the supply chain, business's shut down for 4 months created a huge backlog. Cummins parts same-day delivery turned into 2 weeks at Cummins Great Plains.
  21. Carl I wish we could get that HP to weight ratio in a MH.
  22. bounder4, any progress so far? The house battery disconnect switch does not disconnect the LP detector and possibly a few other items. IMO it is best to remove the negative battery cables(after they are fully-charged) for long term storage.Have you put a charger on the house battery bank yet?
  23. I have no interest in either PPA or this new RV resort. PPA just announced this in an email: There has been many discussions this year about the shortage of RV parks,, and sites. This new 1,000 site resort might help relieve the shortage in Florida. https://resortatcanopyoaks.com/?CID=mvbrief_passport is an FMCA member RV resort. That email also announced Hackberry RV park in Cliifton, TX joined PPA.
  24. I read that article, sounds like more than enough blame for Firestone and Ford to share. The listed causes of the crashes are interesting. I found another website stating Ford widened the axle width after that was resolved.
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