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    The day.

    I gotta stop buying chocolate, it goes to waist.
  2. RayIN

    Steering wheel shaking

    Practically all large heavy duty truck repair shops have a computerized total alignment machine. So will commercial bus repair shops. Before the alignment, request they inspect all steering components for wear or damage, and repair or replace as necessary. I had our MH aligned last summer, they found the rear axle/thrust angle was out by 3/4", plus the normal front wheel specs were slightly out. The MH drives much easier now. Total cost, $300.
  3. Once someone remarked about failing so many times. He replied that he never failed, he found 39 formulas that didn't work. Huffy, it was the plug wires I sprayed, and didn't wait for the carrier to evaporate before starting the engine. A crossover spark between wires lit the WD40. Sure was exciting for a minute. Just to stay on topic, no there wasn't a Norcold in the back. The only thing I kept in the back seat was a blanket; drive-ins ya know.
  4. Wait for it to dry, when wet it is flammable. Been there done that_; bout burned up my '57 chevy once.
  5. RayIN

    Inverter Output

    sgtjoe, my Xantrex RS2000 true sine wave hums all the time it is turned on, volume is constant. It has a fan that is designed to run all the time the inverter is on, and a high-temp only fan.
  6. Warm days???, In the morning wind chill will be -10° here, 4°actual. Rained yesterday - snowed last night. 76° in front of the computer. BTW, I have a win percentage of 86% at Spades, 80% at Hearts. Cabin fever, nah.
  7. Yea, I know. Every time I took our MH back to Camping World for things they agreed to fix at purchase, it had window marker and stickers when I got it back. Virtually all RV dealers use that sticker from November on. With many employees, memory or word of mouth is insufficient. Goop is great from removing adhesive/grease residue from gel-coat.
  8. I bought a Rand McNally RVND 7730 in 2013. After I got it properly set-up it works very well. My only complaint is, lifetime maps stopped updating ~3 years ago. I contacted RM tech support every year, their reply, "no new maps have been received from our supplier". So, I bought a new RM 7 last Black Friday for $179, it too works very well-when properly set-up for my rig. I will sure be happy when RM issues a new map update. Their map does not show Interstate 69 in South Indiana North of the intersection of US 231 & I 69, which has been open for 3 years now. This makes me wonder how much more current information is lacking? I should not complain I guess, the state of Indiana stated I 69 would be completed by 2014; still lacks 37 miles to completion.(at cost of $1.4B) Sorry, I digressed. Overall I feel I have more than gotten my money's worth from the first RM RVND 7730 GPS. (Same model/same functions as the Good Sam 7735 without the GS branding) The new model RM 7 has many improved features, haven't taken a MH trip with it yet though. I think our first trip will be to Mayo Clinic for DW's appointment.
  9. RayIN

    Looking for wheels

    You might call visonerv.com They are one of the largest MH salvage yards in the U.S.A., located in KY.
  10. By golly he's right! https://www.fmca.com/fmca-rv-roadside-assistance
  11. That was meant for txtiger,he posted the same question on Escapees.com. I saw no logic in repeating my reply. On afterthought I should have ignored this repeat.
  12. Hydraulic hoses to the brakes have been know to fail internally while appearing fine on the outside. This causes fluid return problems when you release the brakes. It will not break the bank to replace them all given the chassis age.While you are there, flush and replace the brake fluid. Some auto mfgrs recommend fluid change at 3 yr intervals, as brake fluid is hygroscopic(readily absorbs water).
  13. See my reply on the Escapees forums.
  14. You must realize you signed a contract, with terms and conditions as any other contract would have. If you followed those terms you both agreed to, they should have paid as designated in the contract.
  15. Thanks for clearing this up, I called it the DOT switch, which is incorrect. My MH is so old smart steering wheels were only a dream. Anyway, I found the electrical schematic to install the ICC switch on my Spartan MM GT chassis. Now I can get out of the house again, found something else to do in the garage.
  16. Top right side corner re-setts the unit for me. It requires a strong magnet moved slowly, an ordinary kids magnet cannot pull the trigger back into place. The recall "fix" does not play well with water. You will hear the click.
  17. RayIN

    Inverter Output

    FWIW, the installation manual for my old obsolete Xantrex RS2000 states the temp sender must be mounted on a negative battery post unit, not in contact with the battery case. You may download the installation manual for your specific unit from the Xantrex website.
  18. No-one can build an engine of the same HP to increase mileage while pushing the same 8'X12' wall at 65 mph.It is impossible to bypass physics. One would have to think about re-designing the wall.
  19. Enough is enough! Although I no longer burn wood for heat, i got out today and cut up about 1/4 of a 80' Oak tree that had been snapped off at the roots by a microburst last spring. I knew I was out of condition, but whew, not that much out. It was great wood cutting weather though, 32°, very light breeze,light snow falling. I may repeat today, after I recover a week.
  20. Sorry I missed your offer. The large doors were $600 ea. new a few years ago. A man in CA offered his free too, pickup only. That's a bit far from Indiana, not knowing the actual condition of any of the parts. Since then I've decided when mine fails, I'll but a new replacement. If it lasts another 20 years I won't care anymore.
  21. Welcome to the forums! A 25% grade is 25% of a 45° angle = 11.25°. Where is this? The answer is no it is not too much grade for the engine and drivetrain to pull, assuming the entire drivetrain is in good shape. The key is to make sure the automatic transmission does not over-heat since the torque converter is not locked at low speed.
  22. I didn't explain correctly, sorry. I was referring to the DOT switch to blink the headlamps or clearance lights when driving, same switch as in semi-tractors and commercial bus's. The Spartan MM GT chassis is a bus chassis.
  23. I've learned as much about our MH as I can; yet I still haven't found the DOT switch for the exterior lights, Spartan says there is one but I'm beginning to think Winnebago didn't hook it up.
  24. With all the switches to residential units, it looks like there should be someone on one of the RVing forums with an old Norcold 12xx sitting out in the junk pile. Come to think of it, last month a guy on irv2.com was trying to give his old 12xx away, but he lived in California.
  25. RayIN

    B20 BioFuel

    My experience last fall. You see my MH details in my signature. The lift pump began leaking a bit. After having it replaced, I found the 3 mating bolts on the old pump loose, and the gasket squashed very thin. IMO that gasket failed from exposure to bio-diesel fuel, as these pumps seldom failed(so I was told) before biodiesel became mandatory. This lift pump only operates for ~30 seconds after the key in turned on, to prime the injector pump, so there is not a continuous leak. After the engine starts the injector pump sucks fuel through the lift pump. Sometimes simply tightening the bolts stops the leak, otherwise the gasket must be replaced(yes new bio-diesel safe gaskets are sold on the internet). If replacing the gasket also fails, the entire pump must be replaced. Moral; if your pump begins leaking (onto the starter no less = fire hazard) tighten the 3 bolts on top first.
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