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  1. Watch closely it appears staged.
  2. RV park WiFi is designed for working with email programs, paying bills, etc.FMCA has hot spot features available on the main page, it's called Tech Connect: https://www.fmca.com/index.php?option=com_fmcatechconnectv2&view=home
  3. Our MH measures 12'6". The sales brochure states 12'6". I erroneously exited I 65 once in Nashville TN. I immediately saw a very large sign stating clearance 12'6". Just then a city bus passed me by, I followed that bus underneath the I 65 bridge without breathing. At least I didn't make a convertible out of our MH.
  4. Exactly! MH should be fully-loaded and ride-height be at designated measurements prior to alignment for best results. Now I use cruise-control regularly, otherwise I find myself driving at 70 MPH instead of my normal 62 MPH.
  5. These pictures and explanation seem to indicate incorrect camber might be the problem. Michelin Truck tire PDF seems to indicate loose wheel bearings or counter-steering due to drive axle mis-alignment. That is a very important part of having a vehicle aligned, a drive axle mis-alignment is also the main cause of the steering wheel not sitting level when driving straight. Mine was out by 3/4", since the total alignment steering is more like driving my pickup than previous to the total alignment, which BTW cost me $300 at a local HDT repair shop.
  6. Jim that link reminded me of the catalytic converter "test pipe" for gasoline engines.
  7. Regrettably that is usually what happens when employees are only trained to read from the computer screen. When I get an operator that begins to sound hesitant i ask to speak with a supervisor, they normally know their business. If the operator says all supervisors are busy, I say I'll wait.
  8. TruckerPath is designed for semi drivers, it will not route you on any road not approved for HDT traffic. The only RV app I know of is the Good Sam app.
  9. Just in case no-one has told you, traveling and camping with a MH is the most expensive choice. I would not travel without lighting on the towed vehicle, the liability is too great.
  10. Approx. 15-20 MPH is maximum safe speed with chains.
  11. Did I understand you right? You said the central vac system has even been replaced??
  12. Ross is right, the full-width flap will kick up road debris and stones if 4" or less from the pavement. I'm getting set to remove my full-width flap and install dually mud flaps behind the rear wheels, 4" from the pavement JIC I must drive crushed stone roads again. Dually mud flaps are quite inexpensive at truck stops, and it only took one to do both sides for my MH. I cut it in half and punched new holes in the bottom half for bolting to the MH. Even with only my full-width flap, when I start my pickup we tow, the electric radiator fans come on at full speed for approx. 3 minutes after unhooking from the MH.
  13. Welcome to the FMCA discussion forums! The place most suited to supply you with the correct answer is the FMCA Beaver Ambassador Club. https://beaveramb.org/forum/
  14. Looks to me like the Newmar retrofit was too close to that refrigerant line is the root cause, then normal road movement did the rest.
  15. The LPT39 troubleshooting and repair manual somewhat offers some insight since you do not have an inverter.
  16. And he's never been back to respond to replies.
  17. I suspect the heater valve is stuck/broken. It shuts off/ turns on hot water when the heat/cool control is used. What happens when you select max-cool instead of normal cooling? JIC you find it helpful: https://proairllc.com/pub/media/pdfs/et5-Dash_All_Electric_HVAC_System_Service_Manual.pdf and: https://www.btrac.com/documents/svc-manual-revision-i-feb-2011.pdf MH charge information: https://www.proairllc.com/pub/media/pdfs/eti-Refrigerant Charge Information - R134A Systems.pdf
  18. I was replying to f433951's comment about amp-draw; I have a 1999 Norcold that still works great.
  19. The motor and pump are held together with 3 bolts, that's what works loose and allows fuel leakage. On the ISC/ISL block the lift pump is above the starter, you can feel it but not see the pump. The ISC and ISL use the same block, it's stroked to increase C.I. from 8.3 to 8.9L. Since I can feel the fittings I should be able to get a wrench on each fitting from below to make sure they're tight, and also check the pump bolts JIC. UPDATE: Every fuel connection is tight, no visible signs of diesel fuel anywhere on the engine, and it has not repeated that single occurrence during 3 day-trips.
  20. 2A @ 120VAC = 20A @ 12VDC, when AC voltage drops below 120V amp-draw increases.
  21. Thanks for the suggestion I'll do that when the temperature subsides, right now over 90° and high humidity every day. It's rough on an old man with COPD. Next week will be in the mid 80"s and lower humidity - or so the local weather girl says.
  22. Thanks for the information, now I know what to do If my Xantrex RS2000 begins acting weird.
  23. have you contacted https://visonerv.com/ yet? Beforewarned, they are expensive, you'll pay close to the same as for a new part.
  24. Clarification; It is not a warranty, it is by law an extended service contract with terms and conditions in fine print. That's what get people upset when a claim is denied, they didn't read the fine print prior to signing nor did they follow the terms and conditions for filing a claim. Somewhat like health insurance for humans.
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