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  1. Open enrollment begins Nov 12, ends Dec 10, 2018. new plans take effect Jan 1, 1019. https://www.opm.gov/healthcare-insurance/dental-vision/ Present plans WILL NOT roll-over to next year, a decision must be elected during open enrollment.https://www.benefeds.com/
  2. RayIN


    We stay at Grizzly RV park too, very convenient and well-kept.
  3. I'm not Richard, but I use a TDS meter for initial test.
  4. We do the same. The under-counter Everpure/ADC carbon/silver water filter is for drinking, cooking, and especially coffee maker, and ice maker. If a water supply is suspect I add 1/2 tsp Sodium Dichlor to the 100G fresh water tank to insure the water is disinfected.
  5. RayIN

    Grand Cherokee Jeep towing

    Since your Jeep is out-of-warranty there is another option, which is to have a mechanic/body shop remove the steering wheel lock mechanism. Then you could leave the key in the off position and eliminate the need to disconnect the battery. Newer Jeeps do not have a steering lock. My 2013 Silverado does not have a steering lock, so leaving the key off is my correct procedure. Yes you will lose presets when the battery is disconnected, UNLESS your Jeep has 2 batteries, one is starting (main) battery, the smaller one is for the built-in radio/navigation system/ heads up display.
  6. That was the point of my posting the link, I agree with you Richard, and think I'll stick with my method. I use Sodium Dichlor powder instead of liquid bleach, it leaves no after-taste, stores easily, and is very effective. One tsp treats 100G water to sanitize the entire fresh water system. I bought a 1lb pouch of Sodium Dichlor powder 8 years ago and still have half of it remaining, it should be stored in an air and water tight container.
  7. Only partially filling your fresh water tank will not expose the entire tank interior to any liquid sterilization method or chemical.
  8. According to this CDC webpage, a concentration of 7.5% hydrogen peroxide( sold as a premixed solution) is required for complete sanitizing. It is about 1/2 way down the page.
  9. RayIN

    Grand Cherokee Jeep towing

    Does it have the steering wheel lock when key is off? If it does the key must be in the ACC position to keep it unlocked. This also powers most items, removing the neg cable is to prevent battery discharge. In this case I would buy a remote disconnect that has a simple on/off switch on the dash, they are sold my most RV supply stores.
  10. RayIN

    Is my truck capable to handle my load?

    IMO, your suspicion is correct, your truck is inadequate to safely handle that 5er. To obtain a proper and safe match, use this online 5th wheel weight calculator, it even offers the option of choosing a safety factor that most full-timers use to insure their tow vehicle will last longer. You will note this calculator requires actual weights for most blocks, not estimates.
  11. I just renewed online via the FMCA website. It offered a 10% discount coupon for renewing my membership, however the coupon states it expired 12-31-18. What's up with that?
  12. RayIN

    Class A Tire Size

    I have Sailun 275/70R22.5 LR H truck tires on our MH. They are all position tires that are very quiet-running, track well, and although I never drive in snow or muddy conditions they have good traction when parking on wet grass. Sailun has some open tread designs that you may like better. I bought from a local tire shop instead of online, the total bill was $1,380 for 6 tires mounted, balanced and installed in Aug 2018.
  13. RayIN

    I need help finding a electrical gremlin

    Bingo! A load test may not detect a weak/failing cell.
  14. RayIN

    Bedroom Slide

    Yup, you want the cheapest, easiest to replace part to be the first to break. Not much logic in installing a $3 bolt that will cause a $100 gearbox to fail instead.
  15. RayIN

    Firestone FS560 and Bridgestone 250ED for motorhome

    Last year when I was tire shopping I was quoted the same price, $203 ea. for Firestone FS560 LR L, and Sailun truck tires LR H. Further discussion with the shop revealed the Firestone FS560, or FS561-can't remember which, was replaced by the other; thus the great pricing on those Firestone LR L tires. I bought Sailun because I assumed the LR L would make a harsh riding tire on a MH that came with LR G.
  16. RayIN

    Engine Cooling Fan Erratic

    Guess I should have included that I use an oil suction gun to remove about 1/2 the oil from the reservoir after removing the top cover.
  17. RayIN

    no suction at the water pump

    My pump will not prime if the faucets are closed with air in the lines.
  18. RayIN

    Engine Cooling Fan Erratic

    You might change the oil filters inside the reservoir. Just remove enough oil to change the filters, then refill with fresh oil as specified. The only reason to change all the oil is if it is obviously contaminated per mfgr. of the hyd system.
  19. RayIN

    Sailun Recall 315/80R22.5

    Thanks again to Tireman9 for posting. I did quite a bit of research before buying Sailun tires last year. They are high-quality made tires IMO. I know of no tire mfgr that has not issued a recall. This one BTW does not involve reliability or performance, it is a legal issue.
  20. RayIN

    First project of the season

    Neat job Richard. I bought mine (white) from Amazon.
  21. RayIN

    Sailun Recall 315/80R22.5

    Carl, Sailun moved their production of truck tires to Vietnam 2 years ago. My Sailun tires(date code 518) state "made in Vietnam" on the sidewall. Now they have formed a partnership with Cooper tires to produce Cooper truck and bus tires in Vietnam: https://www.moderntiredealer.com/tag/69290/sailun-vietnam
  22. RayIN

    Sailun Recall 315/80R22.5

    Someone dropped the ball in Vietnam. Thanks for the heads-up!
  23. Armed with the data-plate information and the frame # you may locate a replacement motor easily. If you have an electric motor repair shop nearby they likely have or can obtain a new motor quickly.
  24. RayIN

    5th Wheel trailer mod

    OK, thanks for that.