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  1. wildbill I'd rather it be repaired, nothing mechanical was/is affected by the broken front cap; I know the condition of my MH vs having to buy a different one, about which I know nothing. There is only $17K difference between repair estimate and totaling it though.
  2. Yea, it's the sunset view from the parking lot. Well guys, I got an update on our MH front cap repairs, yes they decided to repair instead of total our MH - so far. They have the used replacement parts in the shop now. The body shop will not make the final determination about final costs until after they have removed the windshields and inspected the metal framework. If it is bent/twisted it's a new ball game. Meanwhile I have a slightly empty 60'X40'X15' pole barn/MH garage. The upside is our RVing funds are growing rapidly. We had already decided to stay home this coming winter and work on our house, and are planning a 3-4 month trip next spring/summer to visit my cousin in Yahat's OR., see what remains of the Redwood forests in SW OR, and N.CA. again, then go see what the new Yellowstone NP looks like, then wing it from there. Those plans are cast in jello right now.
  3. This old thread began in April 2020, so what is already here is old news. Bag balancing is a bag of special beads that breaks the bag while driving, the beads then gravitate to the lightest spots around the tire to balance the tire. This requires special valve stems with special valve cores. I've never had this done, just speaking from what I've read on various RVing forums.
  4. This particular thread has turned into a chat room affair. Often difficult to keep track of a conversation.
  5. Another resource is https://campgrounds.rvlife.com/ (formerly rvparkreviews.com) There you may read other RVers reviews of hundreds of RV parks and CG's.
  6. When attending the Opry, within walking distance is the hotel. It is worth the effort to just walk around inside this magnificent structure. On music row there is a record/tape/CD shop that have everything - everything ever recorded in the C/W field. I bought an old 33 1/3 record, Mr. and Mrs. Hank Williams singing duo's. Until then I never knew they had sang together. I think(been many years ago) the shop is around the corner from Hard Rock Cafe Nashville.
  7. Canada used to have a strict procedure for entering with a handgun. This year's shooting changed that, this is the incoming laws: https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/cntrng-crm/frrms/c21-en.aspx Presently this is Canadian law: https://www.ezbordercrossing.com/the-inspection-experience/transporting-firearms/bringing-a-firearm-into-canada/ , note it does not address importing handguns, only long guns of a non-military style. This from the NRA is interesting and informative information: https://www.americanhunter.org/content/when-crossing-the-border-beware-the-lost-bullet/ bm02tj offered the only viable solution today..
  8. rayin

    What is it?

    That is where the coolant filter is on my engine. If the coolant is the new OAT type a plain filter is used. If the coolant is the OEM green type a pre-charged filter must be used.
  9. I understand Ross, we are in limbo right now. If the ins. company would make up their mind to total our MH or not it would be much better. If they decide to go the total route before yours sells, I'll be contacting you.
  10. Pertaining to this, I bought a pint can of the white liquid for a project then painted a plastic oil jug with it to experiment. Now 4 years later that old jug is full of used oil. sitting outside in full sun. the white paint is dirty now but still intact and not showing signs of sun damage. I also used it on the metal panel holding my air horns on the MH fiberglass roof, it too still looks great, not showing any signs of sun damage. My experience is when you open a container, use it all. Once exposed to air it cures out rather quickly..
  11. FWIW, over 80% of all 12V issues are the result of a poor/missing ground. That is a 12V battery circuit issue, as it involves both chassis and coach 12V lighting. Each MH mfgr. has their own methods of running and controlling 12V circuits, I doubt my Winnebago wiring diagrams would help with an Alfa MH but you may look them up from https://www.winnebago.com/Files/Files/Winnebago/Resources/Diagram/Wiring.htm
  12. Flex Seal contains petroleum byproducts it states on the label.
  13. His reply was over 18 months ago, I doubt he follows this old thread. Send him a PM.
  14. Van Raam sells a green one, there are several mfgrs of 2-seat EV trikes. Welcome to the FMCA discussion forums!
  15. What is the brand and model # of your leveling system?
  16. rayin


    The idea is interesting, however I cannot understand this one thing. We've been advised for many years that the lack of full voltage upon startup will slowly and permanently ruin an inductive motor. This device webpage states it works by ramping up voltage instead of applying full voltage to the motor, thereby allowing use of the A/C motor under less than ideal conditions. Look it up yourself. How does this work then without damaging the inductive motor in the A/C compressor? I have asked electricians online and have not received a full answer. Everything I've found on the internet about this Softstart product is sponsored by them.
  17. Well there ya go, it must be a common problem.
  18. A good body shop should be able to repair/replace them if they have a high bay long enough for the MH to fit. My MH is at one now awaiting a front cap repair.
  19. Oh, OK. That's why I'm not having problems in that area. I have a Veriszon prepaid hotspot, 25GB @ $35/month; stop/start as I wish.
  20. IMO we're all bothered by increasing prices. It's the folks who still must work for a living that are feeling it most. Our grocery bill is up about $30/week from last year, and it's going to get higher. Today independent truckers shut down one of California's largest ports.
  21. What internet stuff? Everything works for me while I'm signed in.
  22. For MY MH; I had a very similar problem some years ago. To cut this short the problem was a loose retaining nut on the main cable distribution block on the firewall that supplied power to the entire cockpit area. The cable made contact enough to start the engine when the loose connection cooled off, but when it heated back up it lost contact. It cost Good Sam ERS approx. $2K for the roadside mechanic to find that loose nut on the positive cable to the distribution block; it cost me a $20 tip to the mechanic.
  23. This might be the cause of our high fuel prices: https://www.rystadenergy.com/newsevents/news/press-releases/us-gulf-crude-exports-to-hit-record-high-this-quarter-despite-domestic-supply-shortage/
  24. Mine have been attached with double-sided tape at top port-side corner, been there ever since I received them, approx.9 yrs. so far.
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