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  1. I have been towing a 16' (20' overall) flatbed trailer for over 10 years and 4-down for 3. I rarely have a problem finding a RV park with a site long enough (59') to accommodate my length, you just have to plan ahead. At your length you are going to have problems finding sites. As for towing a trailer I am more comfortable with it than than 4-down but it is more weight and maintenance.
  2. Normally I would agree with your worn steering box comment except that I had the problem and the Sheppard steering box was new. I did the swap to the TRW box and my wandering issues went away just like many others who have done the swap. I have also done the read cross brace which has also helped. If your Sheppard equipped 8 bag chassis doesn't have the wandering problem you are one of the few and you should feel lucky.
  3. The 8 bag Roadmaster chassis has wandering issues. Read the two threads in iRV2 forum below. They are very long but do address the issues and the corrections. I have done both on my 2012 Monaco Knight and the steering box change made all the difference. http://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/wandering-sway-bars-alignment-ride-height-oh-my-124491.html http://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/steering-box-play-sheppard-m100-shim-or-swap-for-a-trw-210152.html As for the vibration I can only suggest that you find out which end is causing it. If I had that issue I would spin the front tires while off the ground up to speed to see if that's where it is and if not, do the same with the rear. Once found then check the balance and runout and go from there. As for balancing I recommend you never use the beads.
  4. This device doesn't measure the voltage between L1 and L2. My Power Control System requires 240v between L1 and L2 to recognize a 50 service. I have come across a couple of parks where L1 and L2 were on the same phase and thus measured 0v so my Power Control System saw the connection as a 30 amp service.
  5. Since the Monaco bankruptcy and subsequent purchase of assets by Navistar in 2009, a 2011 coach was built by Navistar/Monaco and will be supported by ASV\Monaco, the current Monaco conpany.
  6. The Sheppard steering gears are not adjustable, they need to be replaced with a TRW gear. For a lengthy explanation of the swap see: http://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/steering-box-play-sheppard-m100-shim-or-swap-for-a-trw-210152.html
  7. I installed one last year and it does as advertised.
  8. FYI, US 97 in Northern California is CLOSED between Weed, CA and Klamath Falls, OR because of the Little Deer fire.
  9. FYI, 89 is closed between Bitter Springs and Page. You will need to take the new 89T into Page. It starts about 25 miles south of Bitter Springs. Nice road.
  10. San Francisco is not you RV friendly area. Try 50+ miles away like Santa Rosa to the north, San Jose to the south, or Concord to the east.
  11. Mr. Yeatts, I think Howde summed it up pretty good. The point here is that the people involved be knowledgeable about Motorhomes. I never could figure out why anyone needed a Concierge service.
  12. Williams is the best place to stay if commuting to the Canyon. The RV park at the railroad depot is the nicest. Page is way too far away for visiting the Canyon but it is well worth visiting, stay at the RV park in Wahweap.
  13. I had a 2003 Bounder Diesel that had one rocker switch in that location that I remember. It was a on-off-on momentary switch that adjusted the idle speed.
  14. I used a small plastic bondo spreader. Later I got a fin tool from Amazon but I haven't used it yet. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002BHRXJ6/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. For those of you that were at the 2013 FMCA Rally in Gillette last June during the hail storm... I found that the fins on my A/C coils on the roof had been damaged by the hail. The back of my rig was facing into the wind and it appears that the force of the hail was enough to flatten the fins that were exposed to the openings in the covers. They looked like someone had put their finger in each opening and mashed the fins. I was having problems with the A/C units not working as good as they should on the way home from the event. It was really hot (117-121) on our last leg and I was running the house A/C to keep it cool. I have been talking to the manufacture of the A/C units and they suggested inspecting the units for being dirty. I finally had a chance to get on the roof and check things out last weekend and that's when I discovered the fins. It took me awhile to straighten them out but it's all good now. So if you were there you should check your A/C units for damage.
  16. I put air bags on my first class A gas rig. The system came with a small air compressor and controls that I could work from the drivers seat. If you go with air bags get that type of system. But before you do anything you need to find out exactly how much lift you need otherwise you may spend 100's of dollars for nothing.
  17. I have over 17,000 miles on my MaxxForce 10 with no problems.
  18. Yes the 2014 Users Guide is wrong and has been noted in probably every forum on towing. I suggest everyone with a 2014 Grand Cherokee order the Full Owners Manual (600+ pages) and other publications offered for free to the first owner. Look on the Consumers Assistance page (mine is page 183) in the Users Guide and find the Publications Ordering section and call the number to get the latest Owners Manual.
  19. The Flow-Rite system is the only way to go.
  20. Average July high temp in Flagstaff is 81 and in the south rim of the Grand Canyon it's 86. I wouldn't consider that hot but it depends on what you are used to. HOT would be in the low desert like Parker, Lake Havasu or Bullhead City where July will be 110+. Flagstaff is where we go to cool off in the summer.
  21. I used the first version for the last two years and about 8000 miles. Worked good and easy to setup and store. I just upgraded to version 2 but haven't had a chance to try it out yet but I expect it to be just as good or better. They are great people to work with.
  22. When deciding on any trailer make sure it will carry the weight of your vehicle. With any trailer make sure the tongue is long enough so when you make a sharp turn the trailer can't hit the back of the MH. This usually means the tongue needs to be over 50". And with an enclosed trailer you also need to take into account the height because if you are in a sharp turn on uneven ground the top of the trailer box could contact the back of the MH, especially if you have a ladder on the back of the MH.
  23. I have a 2014 GC Overland and use the Tow Daddy #3011 (http://www.towdaddy.com/) wiring off my 2012. Seems to work just fine even though the 2014 is not listed in their application chart.
  24. You didn't say which Holiday Rambler model you have and that may make a difference. I have a 2012 Monaco Knight 36PFT (same as a the HR Ambassador) and my dash radio (Magnadyne M3-LCD) has nothing to do with the TV's DVD player system. The TV- DVD player has all it's own speakers and should work if a DVD is playing. As for the missing speaker wires... When I got mine almost all of the speaker wires had pulled out of the back of the DVD player, maybe yours did the same thing? In any case you are correct in that all the speakers must be connected to the DVD player for surround sound to work.
  25. There was a recall for this issue back in June 2012. It is a update of the ECM. Campaign #12913.
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