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  1. I spent a couple of minutes searching on the KVH website and couldn't locate any unit with that designation. I recommend going with the Winegard Trav'ler unit, it's a little more money but worth it.
  2. I have gone down Long a few times and up once. This trail is one of the few in Moab that is very slippery when wet, especially at the top. Even though I drive a very modified Jeep and always travel in a group, I would not go up this trail when it's wet. The section you didn't get to probably would have stopped you even if it was dry as it very dug up and a long wheelbase pickup without a lift and lockers would probably get hung up.
  3. Not only was my 6" deck plate misaligned but it was too small for my hose connection as it was right in the hole. I installed a 8" deck plate aligned to the exit of the "T" and all is perfect now. I also used a deck plate with a latch as the threaded style was always a problem to get started. As for the Critterguard I would just make one to fit as it would be much easier than moving the deck plate over.
  4. The wife doesn't like to use a gas stove, especially in the MH. We started out using a single burner induction cooktop about 10 years ago and the gas cooktop never got used again. A couple of years using that single burner cooktop led to a full size 4 burner cooktop in the sticks and bricks house. A few months ago I pulled the gas cooktop out of the MH and installed a True two burner cooktop in its place. This cooktop draws a maximum of 15amps @ 120v and through my research that is all you can get @ 120v. The next larger sizes are all 240v units. The quality of the pans used do make a difference so don't cheap out there.
  5. I have stayed there a few times and think it's a nice place to stay. Sites are mostly red dirt and some are not very level. But there are great views.
  6. From Carson City you can get to US95 using US50 to Sliver Springs then US95-Alt through Yerington to US95. It's been a few years since I went that way and as I remember it was a good two lane road all the way.
  7. Parts and service is definitely not an issue. There are plenty of International Truck dealers around the world. There just are not that many of their engines in Motorhomes.
  8. Of the portable braking units I think the RVi2 unit is the best. Compact, easy to install, and remove.
  9. If you are referring to Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ then you have two full hookup choices, Wahweap Campground and Page / Lake Powell Campground. Wahweap Campground is in the national park so those fees apply. It is a very nice facility with a fantastic view (stayed there a few times) and I recommend it. Page / Lake Powell Campground is in town and very close to Antelope Canyon (never stayed there). Note that there is an upper and a lower Antelope Canyon with the lower being a more difficult hike. If you are in the area, can hike, and do steep stairs this is a place not to be missed.
  10. Compared to the last two rally's I went to (Gillette 2013, Redmond 2014) this rally had about half or less new RV's and other vendors. Any idea why?
  11. While there are many possibilities the normal route would be south on US191 to US160 (or US163 through Monument Valley to US160). and west on US160 to 98, then follow 98 to Page and US89 to the entrance of Glen Canyon NP and Wahweap. All good roads.
  12. First off US89 doesn't go to Cedar City so you need to cross over on one of the routes between US89 and I-15. If you need to go to Cedar City and not just to I-15 then I would suggest taking US89 to Page/Lake Powell and on to Kanab then US89A south to Fredonia then 389/59 to Hurricane and 17 to I-15 north. All good road and not too curvy...
  13. Heating the brakes can be caused by not having the brake pedal retracted all the way during setup. If the brakes locked up causing the flat spots you may not have bled the vacuum out of the brake system completely during setup or you have an active brake system and the unit was set for non-active. It would be best if you call the manufacture, they are great to work with.
  14. RK, Since the steering box swap either I haven't been in very windy conditions or didn't notice the wind, can't say for sure. The KONI shocks eliminated the wild "porpoising" and increased the stability without resulting in a harsh ride. Much safer to drive now. Over on iRV2's "Steering Box Play- Sheppard M100 SHIM or Swap for a TRW ?" thread in the Monaco forum, post #884 Craig comments on the swap on a 2013 HR. You should contact him directly to get more info. jleamont, My OEM shock were Monroe's. They were just too weak to control the coach.
  15. http://www.fmca4wheelers.com/ is a large very active group. They got too big and had to put a limit on the membership this year.
  16. ronkelly, If you read the two posts on iRV2 then you should have a good idea of what to look at. Maybe posting your exact problems there may get you more information. I question Source Eng's comment "the steering box is not the problem". I don't thing there is anyway they could tell that over the phone. One of the problems in discussing this type of issue is the terminology everyone uses, not all of us use the same "word" for the same issue. For instance, when you say "wandering" that tells me that when you are going straight on a straight road and holding the steering wheel steady the coach is wandering slightly left to right own it's own. That's what I had until I replaced the Sheppard steering box with the TRW unit. I highly recommend installing KONI FSD shocks all around. They control the up and down movements of the body much better than the OEM shocks.
  17. I have a 2012 Knight with the long cable operated slide. No problems with it and it works good. It would be very helpful if you would state exactly what problems you are referring to. Over the last 3 years I have herd of one person who had a cable break but nothing more.
  18. I also have a 2012 Knight with the full wall slide. I purchased it new and have had NO problems with the slide.
  19. I recently came across a vibration issue for the out-of-round condition that had been mentioned already. I installed two new front tires (got rid of the rivering Goodyears) and all of a sudden I had a 60mph vibration. The new tires had the balancing beads which I didn't like anyway so I went and had the tires removed, the beads vacuumed out and the tires spun balanced. Slightly better but not smooth like it should be. I checked the tires for out of round and found one at the limit of .045 and the other way too much at .125. Next stop I took them to a tire shop that could warranty the tires as I figured at least one was bad. The tire shop checked the tires using the spin balancer and found that the tires were not centered on the wheels (and that is after they have been mounted twice). They removed the tires from the wheels, cleaned everything, carefully remounted and spun balanced and found the tires running true. The vibration is now gone. You could have the same problem...
  20. I used that rebate a few of months ago. Send in the info on 9 gallons of oil and got back $5.00 and that took over 12 weeks to get. So the limit appears to be one gallon. I sent a complaint email and got no response.
  21. That is a good route except I usually take US163 through Monument Valley because I like the view better. There is a very steep section on US163 south of the San Juan river bridge at Mexican Hat, you need to keep it slow in that section. I take it once or twice a year. If you have time I would suggest taking a side trip to Lake Powell. The route would be to stay on US89 north into Page AZ (this uses the new 89T road). Then use 98 back to US160. There is a great RV park in Wahweap at Lake Powell.
  22. I would recommend south out of Moab on US191 to US491 but stay on US491 to US64 at Shiprock, US64 to Bloomfield, then US550 to I25, then south to I40 at Albuquerque or just stay on US491 all the way to I40. I have been on most of this route and don't remember any issues. Staying on US160 all the way from US491 to I25 will take you over Wolf Creek pass (10850') and on I25 over Raton pass (7834').
  23. Check the breaker(s) on the inverter. Most, if not all outlets, run through the inverter even when it's not providing the power.
  24. You are not the only one that had had issues with a new Winnebago product. Here is a link to another unsatisfied almost customer. http://www.outsideourbubble.com/winnebago-no-sale-of-special-ordered-coach-lack-of-build-quality I have a friend with a 2013 Tour and he had to have the full wall slide remover and re-installed correctly.
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