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  1. We always are in need of some more space. Another compressor would take up more room, if we had any left. The Doubler should be able to be mounted similar to the Foretravel's i would hope. The compressor not kicking in until pressure is low will still have enough pressure for a car tire but not our 22.5s. So if anyone runs across a source, preferably cheap, holler.
  2. I forgot to add turn off the radio. It will operate in the accessory position. Sorry about that. I don't remember right at the moment if dash lights still illuminate with everything off. Shut the door after opening and lock the door and see if they are still on. If it says accessory mode, radio and inside lights and such will operate unless turned off. No need for disconnecting battery cable. I remember a couple years ago Ford Manual was wrong on a model Fiesta I think and another one maybe the same saying it was towable but was not. I don't know if they have changed things since we bought ours or not but by the post above on the 16 Lincoln seems the same. Call Ford Customer Service for peace of mind.
  3. 2012 we were at a rally in Oklahoma. Driver's Side steer was low. Valve stem was loose and if not for the metal sealing valve stem cap would have been flat, perhaps. My onboard compressor would not bring up the pressure. The onboard compressor is rated to 125psi. which seem more than enough to get the tire 90lbs When we left we could not find a station with a working compressor. A Semi Driver offered his help. He had a nice locking chuck, that did not leak too. It would not air up with his compressor, which was essentially the same as his truck was a Freightliner. I decided I need get a get an air pressure doubler installed like, I believe Newmar used at install at the factory, on their coaches. Trouble is could not find one. Anyone looked into this type of equipment and price range?
  4. I have several small bags some labeled of bits and pieces now and carry some tools. I have got to find the time, should have long ago to find a cabinet I want. I saw one Elkhart at a popular store, name escapes me, that we don't hav here. It will take a bit to put it all together. Fuses we have the big black copper end 20 amp and maybe a 30 amp in line fuses, like were common in the fifties in homes. Of course 5,10,20, and maybe a 30 amp common blade type fuses. I passed on the last ones I saw at O Rileys and others. Even cheaper quality it appears than 5 years ago. Then old in inline small 5, 10 and 20 amp fuses. The pullers they offered were seemingly designed to try and if it breaks by another one or two. The needle nose will have to do but no comfortable with all the juice in the main panels up in front electrical compartment and the two big panels near the converter/charger etc. So far though in several years only one expensively replaced small inline under the bed and one blade type in the big electrical compartment. Could have saved 215.00 if I had had those. Middle of a cold night in nowhere in SC.
  5. Last time I had the oil changed at a rally in Indiana they changed the generator oil and filter too. The tech said it was kawasaki or however it is spelled. Perhaps he is wrong. It's 7500 not so quiet diesel. I hadn't really thought about it, just remembered what he said,, yesterday pm, when I thought maybe I should have the generator coolant changed. Sounds real good after consideration. Near as I remember it has not been changed since 06. However there are coolants on the market like Caterpillar and Freightliner equivalent which that are very long reccomnded interval.
  6. Previous Poster about coolant leak in generator engine prompted me t ask this. Hadn't though about it in a while. Does the coolant in these generators need changing? Use old auto coolants, and some now, turn acidic after a few years and start eating at the metal particularly radiator seems and tubes and sensors. Or is the coolant long life or permanent?
  7. We have a 13 Edge. battery does not go dead unless it is not put into the Accessory position. We do not have to unhook the battery. We have keyless entry too. First you run it though the gears and into neutral after hooking up to the coach. While in Neutral, depress the start button (without your foot on brake) until the doohickey on the dash reads accessory position, ...but before you do that ,with the ac on, close the vent to the outside or to recirculate. Tun off ac. Turn light position to off. Now exit the car and lock the doors and have wife, in the coach, use the turn signals, then brake signals ,and turn on lights and then off, to make sure all are working. We have charge wire, from the coach, that feeds power to tail lights and turn signals, and emergency flashers. Every eight hours you are supposed to stop, and start the engine, and run it though the gears , few times for 5 minutes, with your foot on the brake, and then put it in neutral, turn off the engine, and push the start button until accessory position shows up on the doohickey screen on the dash. Do not make the mistake, of putting the selector in park. It makes nice expensive long streaks when you take off, in the coach and binds up everything. Makes an expensive sound when you restart the engine and shift back to neutral as the drive ,train unbinds. Fortunately nothing hurt but some flat spots on new tires. We let CW(not cheap) set up our Edge or transfere it from the old one. They used stock Roadmaster harness with one way diodes in the light housings at the rear for brakes and flashers and wired to grill four round plug in(which is the dickens to plug in on 70 year old knees). Be sure once the tow bar is extended that you use bungies to tie up in our case air brake hose and wiring harness, from coach to car so it won't drag.
  8. i'm going to update our profile a bit later today, probably tomorrow. Procedure yesterday and not up to speed when I posted and maybe not for another day.
  9. A small cabinet of drawers etc that they would include a bag or loose a dozen bolts, screws, nuts, fittings, and fuses, and where they are in the coach on a card. Staff replaced a water pump for us at rally. They lost the original stainless crews, that held the water compartment panels in place. They substituted some wood screws which nowhere near fitted. Something rattling around in Ark last year , the covers in the water bay. Went all over Ft Smith and could only find stainless cap screws which fit. Not cheap, over a dollar apiece for 20. Have a few extra plus a new driver bit. Fuses, we have three types. One container with the old type car fuses but no spares for others. The F350 we had came with several of every one of the fuses plus a puller in a box on inner fender. Would like that sort of thing included. When you are in the boonies and nothing works and need a fuse and Road Side assistance has to come half way across the state with a fuse...ummm. Oh I have tired to buy an assortment like I saw several years ago but no joy. Two or three fusees in one size per pkg. Maybe fifty dollars for everyone that you might need and a cabinet or something to sort and store them in and the pullers not up to my spec. Right now I can't pull to the front the other little bits and pieces that sure would come in handy...but I have some of them now after I needed them. On calll mobile techs in south Carolina, middle of the night, 215.00 an hour and didn't bring water pipe fittings with him. I have some now. At the factory several years ago a fellow RVer had a rather large cabinet in his bay with what appeared to be every conceivable nut, bolt, fitting, fuse, bulb and other things plus tools. He helped us with a small item. A real nice Guy. Next time I see him ,I want to thank him again. Such an idea might cost the Factory 50.00 since all they would need is the cabinet and simply drop a few extra bits in a bag at each station, labeled of course and....???
  10. I need mine checked but didn't find out ho would do it. Do I'll be going to Discount Tire. Thanks
  11. But I tell mine to stop and semi is going to hit us and and and.
  12. Our G670s in your size road like iron wheels. We had extra things in the bays, taking clothes etc to our Daughter in Az. On I59 which was in bad shape it loosened just bout every nut and bolt. I had to put one cabinet back togehter and the washer dryer back into place and redo the screws in the shower an so on. We had raised the air pressure in the tires to sidewall numbers. Must have been intended for a 100,000 lb semi. Where we store our MH he sets the pressures according to weight chart for manufacturers. On the Michelins which the sidewall numbers are lower, he still sets them a bit lower. The ride is much improved. As to temp rise I see a 15-20 degree rise, generally not more than 15 degrees though, except on the right rear inner which is closer to the exhaust. It is generally 10 degrees warmer right ht after we stop. When it a larger differential from where we are in Tn to Az where it may be 115 degrees, we reset the pressure sometimes. I use an infrared temperature gun from roughly the same distance of each tire.
  13. My wife drives our much or most of the time. I have diabetes etc. She does an excellent job but requires help backing in. She started in driving our then F350 and Fifth Wheel in Arkansas, to give a rest.
  14. Go back to the original durable Rino. Same one for nine or ten years. End came loose once but was easily rethreaded. Bought an extra one for insurance five or six years or more ago. Still in the box in the bay.
  15. Go back to the original Rhino hose. Same hose for nine or ten years. End came loose one time but simple to rethread it. Bought another on for insurance five or six years ago, still in the box in the bay. Got a few of short reed ones for extensions, thaat seem to be just another rhino in different color .Did have to throw one away. Biggest problem we encounter is variability of the sewer connections some just will not mate and so on. I don't like extra thrills when emptying.
  16. We haven't seen or heard of any rallies in the US or Canada on or very near, preferably on the shores of the Great Lakes or any of the great fishing and hunting areas of Canada. The west coast of Michigan on Lake Michigan has some great fishing charters available and some nice but tightly packed RV Parks and wind lots of wind and lots of sea sickness pills on sale. Travers Bay RV Resort is fantastic but I imagine all lots sold by now. On the west coast and leward side of Lake Huron, are some fantastic County Parks ....but they seem to have permanent RVs. In all of northern Ontario, and the thumb of Michigan, Northern Michigan, Wisconsin, Manysnowda, an RV park/resort, an excellent and new spot.
  17. In regard to this subject I will attempt to post this link to Zink's direction. It is not inclusive as a more insulting interview he gave to Outdoor Life. Everyone except Military and Disabled Vets would have to pay and much more. At east he demonstrates some appreciation of our Military. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/378220-zinke-too-many-people-can-enter-national-parks-for-free
  18. I don't remember the year but one of my Craftsman's ratchets broke some teeth on the pall. Took it in and Mgr went in back and brought a white box our with the whole internals. Removed the old and snapped them in. I guess Store Mgr is involved in some o these situations. My store, I would rebuild it or replace it . Guarantees repeat happy Customers, who spread thee word on how great they take care of their Customers and much more in sales. Satisfaction brings expectation o good quality and great service in everything else they sell. Remember when we bought boats and motors and all our fishing tackle, and firearms, ammo and hunting duds etc at Sears, and everything else. Well the Bozo who now is driving into the ground, decided he was only going to carry PC items like WalMart clothes, and bed spreads and some cheap electronics and washing machines still, but higher prices and warranty is good or toilet paper after a year. We bought our first washer and dryer for 212.00. It lasted from 1971 til about 2000 when I broke the washer. Two sets since then at ten times the cost and repairs equal to purchase price on last set. Those Craftsman ratchets handle design was comfortable up to maybe a hundred pounds of torque or all day use. those smaller diameter round ones, typical everywhere serrated or whatever, those little teeth are brutal, on the hands, unless it is just one fastener and it is not stuck.
  19. Fishing Industry! Our public Lands! That sound like Zinke. He is going to double cost and end free passes except or Disabled and Disabled Veterans. He thinks our National Treasures exist for the profits of Big Business. We pay our taxes to support our National Parks, Fisheries, hatcheries, National Forest and any and all infrastructure for Citizens. It is ours not his Industry or the Park Operators or Big Business. He wanted to eventually sell BLM lands to Cattle Ranchers, but I understand he realizes that they only pay pennies per head to graze our lands and for Elk Buffalo,competition to be excluded, and any and all predators to be killed, or poisoned. I they own it they would have to pay taxes. He still favors giving or selling it to them. IMO. Better be taking to everyone in Washington, or expect to 80.00 per head and commercial rates for RV camping+. in Yellowstone and everywhere else. IMO
  20. This is not accurate but about 180.00 or so for fishing and hunting, trout stamp, big game stamp I understand. Then there is archery stamp for deer, Wildlife mgt area stamps, some trout stream permits, turkey stamp, then migratory bird stamps,including one for doves, now. I can look it up but I'm lazy this evening. A of them if you hunt and fish or every thing is past 200.00. Now to operate a canoe or kayak you have to have a boating safety certificate, and maybe registration numbers but don't quote me. When I was young 3.00 for just fishing, 7.00 for hunting an fishing and no special stamps for archery, muzzle loader, trout, deer or anything. And no boating registration until I was a teenager. Fishing in your own county with bait didn't coat anything, and hunting an fishing on your own land, idn't cost anything. And under 16 nothing. This is Tn.
  21. That is what has me concerned about the Michelins, but the coach is stored inside out o the sun and off unfinished concrete etc that will wick oils out of tires. The G670s were 10 years old when they were pulled off. I kick myself thinking about it. The rubber was supple and live as the day they were made and no spider webbing or cracks or anything and nearly 100% of tread. They were intended for long life on a mh with lots of uv protection etc. MHs are not driven as much as a semi and the elements, not wear is what gets them. Dirt and lime dust and mud and salt will suck the oils out of tires like a wick. Cleaning both sides of duals , and inside of steers is a challenge. Best I can do is a high pressure hose but done every time you wash it I think helps. This is one reason I favor paved RV parking slots and roads. Tires and the whole coach stay cleaner. I hate a dirt on our coach.
  22. We've only run two tires theGoodyear G70 motorhome specific tires and now the Michelins. The Michelins are all ster tires on all positions. They have decoupling groves on side edges of threads. Son't tend to river, or haven't so far. We bought the last four through the Michelin FMCA discount program, in 2014. Th Goodyears did at one time advertise ten year life for the mh tire. Thee Michelins they told us only five but the sales rep before the mgr interrupted us and contradicted him said they should last ten years but that there is no lifetime specified for the tires now. The steer tires were changed to Michelin steer axle tires in 2012 The Goodeyears were rivering badly. Not so with the rears. We have steer tires on all positions, with the center tracking groove, and decoupling groovrs it helps steering and tracking some. The ride with the Michelins is far improved over the Goodyears. Front tires only took one ounce on one rim and tire and none on the other, on a road force balancer. These are the only two brands we have had experience with, so can't comment on others. A motorhome specific tire will ride better and last longer than a semi tire, in a much lighter weight, generally, motorhome. The few big rigs have to replace stter tires each year so the difference might go the other way. imo
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