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  1. Just east of Fredicksburg, Tx there is a bakery run by Folks of Mexican extraction. We bought just some donuts, as we were parked in an RV Park back west side of Austin. There is only one major road and you can't miss it from the smell of fresh baked everything. We go back that way we will figure out how to store some breads cakes and more donuts. I haven't had donuts like that since Michigan on the way up on state roads, we found a bakery seemingly in the middle of no where.
  2. SIL is a member of a Gold Mining Club? He has access to many paces they own around the Country. I have seen one small vial of gold he has sluced and panned. He hasn't gotten rich thus far but the hicking and camping, and mining must be fun. He's back near Seattle and mines north of there in the Cascades. Look on the Internet for Mining Clubs etc. perhaps.
  3. Just a few days ti the rods come out here. Some already hitting the water. I'm not much or fishing in a crowd however an RV Park on the water, or trout or anything else, is my desire. Boats for hire are just about a necessity, and guides are the only way too on many streams. So where are the RVing Fishermen and Women headed this year?
  4. I've wasted a lot of time with our Senators and Congressmen over the years about reciprocity on fishing and hunting. Especially or 100% Disabled Vets. Remember when out of state fishing license was either seven or eleven dollars? Most of Alaska is Federal Lands and Waters, as are good portions of most western states. We pay for most or all the operations including stockings and mangement but are not entitled to any of the use...except by paying for it through the nose, a lot more than State Residents. Alaska now is way over 100.00. And in our State for Resident combined hunting and fishing and tags for trout and deer are approaching 200.00 for Residents. The new theory well I won't get into the infuriating political/ business mess. The States's Residents don't want us hunting or fishing there at all...except for outfitters and guides. The States way to keep us out or limit our numbers is with outrages our prohibitive costs. They claim their Taxpayers foot the bills, so they should enjoy the resources. We should play the difference plus. It is not equitable. We pay way more than small populations, of those states, for our Federal Lands and Fisheries but cannot enjoy them. Even total disability in service, protecting those states as well as our own and our Federal Lands and Waters and Resources in them, doesn't make any difference.
  5. I have a Snap On ratchet that needs repair but never can seem to have it when I spot him. I search yard sales for old real Craftsman tools, which are now at a premium. Grease can be cleaned off easily as long as the tool is great condition. I think they were a step up from Snap On. I like Snap on but $10.00 for a tire stem tool?
  6. Next few days I will stop by the Freightliner Repair Center and get the accurate price. What I posted was from memory, from several years ago. Weeeeel...I am probably going to get ragged on this one. Haven't been to the Dealer but looks like twenty years ago, I should have bought a truck load of them. Looking on the Internet the size I think my steer axe rims are, the Duracoated Alcoa wheels, are $265.00 with many more offered at $309.00. Rears about $429.00 but none of them have the slots like mine. They are round holes. The wider rims are much higher.
  7. Next time you change tires if it is in the cards buy new coated rims. I think they are about 135.00 each for the 22.5 rims for our coach. Don't know the width but tires are 285-75-22.5. Prices might be out of date at Freightliner and i you buy new one's, don't let them sell you, a bunch of lug nut covers from the barrel. They have the numbers for the stainless ones that fit and won't fall off and rust first time it rains.
  8. I had been keeping a log of places, we ate, while RVing, worthy of note and sharing with fellow RVers. Don't know where it is, possibly in coach, where we keep it, elsewhere. We have at times wasted a day looking for good dining while parked. Our old Garmin GPS, was a total waste every Restaurant, listed was out of business, in Indiana. No more McDonalds for us. We stopped somewhere, years ago and had a meal delivered to our coach, while we took a break, maybe it was Florida, and in KY we had a meal delivered to us at Cracker Barre, to the coach while in their lot. Good tip of course. It was just too crowded and too noisy after fighting that heavy traffic. Won't find that often. We like good and better as close to home cooking as we can find. In Henderson Kansas or just outside, "Amish Owned" restaurant was a the rage. Good food but nothing memorable. I have a few in the book in Michigan, and Missouri, and a few more that was too lazy to note. So it would be an idea to note the good and the better places, not fast food, you would recommend and post here perhaps. Note the ones we can stop at, en route, for a good meal with good parking or our mhs and toads. Wife is a great cook, three blue ribbons and two red, at this past years, state fair, but she likes a break too and something different. I think I have the colors right anyway thee first an two second.
  9. I don't have an anometer on the coach. The figures were from local radio stations .
  10. We had 70-75 mph tailwinds. You might remember the news about the big winds and being so dry that year, 2011 I think. We had been to kids, in Az and headed to Rally in Henderson Kansas. I'm not sure the winds were exactly that strong, the second day on the last leg in Oklahoma to Kansas.
  11. Herman, I just stirring up stuff. Cleaning glass streaked over time or with hard water or runoff from a rubber roof can be maddening. I just vaugely remember Bon Ami but it was very popular. I have some glass polish, cerium oxide or serious stuff, in a very very fine grit but don't like to use it. I wax my windows on the cars with McQuire's spray synthetic quick wax and wipe it off, easily with good micro fiber towels. No spotting from acid rain which is horrendous in many areas of the Country and, water supplies even worse, like mid west wells, and Decatur, Indiana , water supply. Filters on the hose clog up in no time. The windshield sheds bugs a lot easier on the mh but cleaning and waxing it still has to be frequent. The coating, on the glass, we foolishly paid a thousand dollars for, many years ago, did shed bugs easier, for a few years.
  12. Many Folks use to put a soccer ball or other ball in the middle of the slide out awning. Differences in coaches might dictate the size. They used different things to push them in and out. On a full wall slide, it might take two and some kind of affair you screw together, t push them in and out. I think I would on a ball that wouldn't deflate install a long cord to, to pull them out or perhaps two cords and pull it into place. Our squeegie pole would be a bit short or a full wall slide......and don't forget the balls are in there. Some awnings might take a bit more tension on the rewind spring to hep a bit too. It is not a heck of a lot of fun putting things away, or disconnecting when wife pus in the slide. She thinks it is pretty funny though. On the other hand a good rinse before heading out cools you down pretty good.
  13. 2011 I think we drove in 75 mph sustained winds in north Texas into Oklahoma. Not because we wanted to but didn't find any place to pull over. The slide out awning billowed out continously. In Texas Folks drove on the shoulder if the ydidn't want to keep up with the traffic. 75mph on state or county road, I don't remember. Semis approaching went onto the shoulder as did we. The wind could suck us together. No one was driving over ten to fifteen mph, perhaps. Finally found a nice campground, where the ground was red rock and washed the coach after our nerves settled down. If we knew the next day was going to be a repeat we would have stayed put. Day started off calm and clear as a bell but within an hour or two the winds came back hard from the west. It was white knuckles once we hit Oklahoma, and the road turned into a 2 lane narrow interstate, with 60 mph, speed limit, I think. The wind did not know there was a border. We had west wind on our drivers side for a long way, until we or the road made a turn toward Hutchinson. Our fuel mileage was about 22 mpg, as the wind pushed us along and on the brakes more than the throttle. Don't want to repeat that again. On I 40 west of Feet Worth according to our GPS, we ,have seen many semis headed east usually, on their side or top, from the wind, in that 20 mile stretch or so. Most right as a slight inside curve on the east bound side is encountered. We will be traveling real early or real late depending on weather info, in that area and the Big Bend area or Az from about 75 miles east of Tucson to Phoenix. We won't be traveling in 40mph winds or higher on purpose or at all if we can help it again.
  14. Ours is stored indoors. They don't run the ac, I think but i it gets real cold they have huge units on the ceiling to fire up. The building is large, so heat sink, in all the concrete and mhs keep it from getting below freezing, I think. I haven't discussed it with them latey. W don't have to savor the flavor of anti freeze for a few days when we first take it out either. Biggest advantage and necessity for us is protecting the whoe mh from the elements. At our age etc we are just not up to the task. No rodents or bugs neither, except a couple of spiders, who it seems hatch out of thin air. We could afford another boat on what it costs, but we have to protect the investment. If the market goes up, we have discussed building an insulated garage, with full hookups that would blend into the woods cove and lawn, aesthetically.
  15. Is someone really washing their coach with Bonami? My Renntech 6.2 C63 AMG would refuse to start if I tired to wipe it clean. Baby is just a few ft away in the garage. I hope it isn't picking this us with all the electronics, no days. Might run away too if it saw me coming with dry wipes. After 7 years still gleams like polished glass. Coach would too if I was ten years younger, or had two ft longer arms. Maybe we need a wash,wax and shine contest....no professionals.
  16. Hersey! Never wipe dust or sand or grit with anything. I have watched more than one with the waterless products, and the coaches look clean but the spider webbing is horrific, after just a few uses. Many do not care I suppose. It is even more dramatic on our little Back AMG per example and it is never had dust and dirt just wiped off. Pressure washer on moderate setting on areas where there won't be a chance of water intrusion such as the lower half of the coach, this with water and non spotting liquid car wash only. Then sot brush an pads on poles, with brush or pad rinsed under pressure before loading with fresh was solution. Never dip dirty or used pad or brush into the soap solution, before thorough rinse under pressure, never. I wash or did and wife followed with hose rinsing, and then we used sot towels not washed with softener, on end of sqeegie. Front cap and wind windshield gets done first. Always wash early morning when dew has softened any bugs on front cap and windshield and sun at low angles to keep pats of mh from drying and spotting before you can finish. Or in ate evening early dark. Never wash in a campground with lime dust and dirt flying around in clouds when ever someone flies though, and don't even stay there, unless a have to or a real primo fishing, which in that case all can be forgiven. When you finish come do my coach. I'm getting too old or this stuff. The bestest idea is to find someone who brought the grandkids, pay them to do it. As far as wash and wax it never did what I expected on the mh. On our with wheel the rubber roof stains seemed to be glued into the finish from using it. I sometimes cheat on my cars and use Mequire's god car wash/wax, after the car is spotless from washing already, and dry and rub it good with micro fibers in the garage away from the sun. On the mh I use Meguires Synthetic spray wax and the Detailer too sometimes prior to waxing the finish. A Swifter mop handle and good micro fiber towels never washed or dried with softener, it takes a while but like a good painting......... It is murder on my shoulders but don't do it often and a short step ladder helps that a lot.
  17. We have had including last year both Good Sams and Coach Net. Don't how we manged to do that. We had good and bad experiences with Good Sams such as the provider would not the distance to replace the tire and Good Sams did not have or could not ind anyone else, on a Sunday. Coach net had nothing but good things to say. They had a Service Provider come from Rogersville, Ark ha way across the state to help us. And we have been towed with right equipment to a Freightliner Dealer for a Freightiner chasis problem. I could not believe wife paid the 249.00 for the new Coach net that will only tow to nearest provider , even if the provider cannot handle the problem, not being familiar with MHs etc. This is the new way of business, buy a brand with outstanding product and service, change the contract to maximize profitability, and multiply the price, with most Folks thinking they are still buying the superior product. Eventually they will go down the tube. So, does the FMCA coverage say to nearest facility " capable" supposedly, of fixing the problem, even if they are only open mon through friday, or does it stipulate to facility you choose like the old Coach Net, and is it more economical? Got to decide this week.
  18. Flying J, some of them take your cards but only 75.00 and use their discount card sometimes get the discount. I'm not sure they do that this year. they are trying to pressure into using their credit card. Half the time pumps won't take the cards and have to go inside, wife does this, and they hod it until you stop the pumps and charge the card. Won't leave the card nor tel them how much we need and let them charge the card. In La, I think did that and they held 200.00 over charge for over two weeks. Some Loves will take your cards at the pump , in semi lanes but one ran a RVer out of the semi lanes and to use the pumps out front with cars. Over 40 ft plus toad and lots of traffic and of course he couldn't. I have forgotten his name. We usually travel the same major routes and have learned where to get better prices and even fill up and go and pay and get cash price with debit card. Consistency in policies in Flying Js, Loves and others whose names escape me at the moment, doesn't exist.
  19. I think there will be a lot more Guests. Some may join. I saw something about help with site redesign. Nothing wrong as is but more forums especially if a lot more Towables Owner join. Tow Vehicles, Fifth wheels, Trailers, where to buy supplies or a market forum, and so on. I'm not qualified to design anything.
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