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  1. Some of the best coffee, I remember was army coffee and chickory in the green five pound can. Might have been because it was all we had. Wife is hung up on the Keurig thing. Some times get some pretty fair coffee, next box might taste like dirt or something no familiar. I'm trying to give up diet soft drinks altogether and in addition I've read that coffee will give me a longer life and cure everything but warts. I remember some some few great cups of coffee along the way but not what brand or where it was. I do remember the coffee was bright, like a good brewed glass of tea ,not stump water. So how about nominations and votes for the best cup of coffee, how it is brewed and the brand?
  2. Back when we could still get to usenet there ere several characters that continually assaulted Motor Home Owners for pollution and for being fuel hogs. Ran across one of these Fine Folks, Bless their Hearts, a few days ago, while fishing. Most people don't think apparently. We generally, the most of us, don't drive our rigs except to a destination, and are parked there for a week or month or whatever. And...while we are away from home, generally we use a lot less utilities there. The guy as those on usenet simply would not understand nor agree. ......
  3. I notice when I jump off the hill which is facing west I get to the bottom a little further out before busting my bottom too. May be on to something here. Maybe we could travel west at night when the moon is going full and its pull cut fuel consumption
  4. Like everyone else we've heard of fantastic mileages. Even had one day with 20mpg+ with a 70 mph tailwind Oklahoma into Kansas. About 7mpg+ running with the rest of the traffic including some hills, some mountains. We only have a 35 hp C7 diesel and pull a 4200 lb Ford Edge. When we pulled our Saturn we got a 1/2mpg better maybe. Ours does not use the blue juice.
  5. I believe that is where the problem is too and thought that was what he was talking about. I had to think a bit, a very painful process, but remove the panel where the inlet and valve is and unscrew the other side an replace, a little more detail than that but......
  6. The Greet Big Empty, the Big Bend. I would love to be 20 again with a couple of horses and supplies or ... and explore it. Great Grand Pa said People, in not just Arkansas in the 1850s into the early twentieth century would just pick up and say going to Texas, and they did, just to see what was there. 1928 was the last big Native American uprising, I think. They lived off abundant game and staples they took with them or bought some where. Lots of game until the early 1900s when Texas and US Govt an Ranchers poisoned most, if not all the bears, wolves, jaguars, Cougars, shot all the Buffalo and Elk and other animals. Mostly east Texas. Might still be a few stray jaguars and wolves, cougars, in the Big Bend, along with the deer etc they feed on, come up from Mexico. Wife's Uncle had photo of a Jaguar, in Az when he was mining turquoise in the 1960s. That's a good bit away from Texas but that great Big Empty invites speculation, and begs for exploration. I do believe I was born a century or two or three late.
  7. sorry bout that. I was reading your post, drinking coffee, and someone called me about then. I didn't answer your question on how to go about install. Call the factory is maybe a best course of action. Randy use to be the go to but they have several others in the same league. I have one Person in mind but can't pull up his name. They have helped us out a few times. By the time this shows up you have already repaired it, I bet.
  8. Santa Fe and west is where we saw most of the Mexican Drivers and Trucks. At that time Mexican Trucks did not have to meet our emissions standards and some other regs. We were a bit nervous around some of those rigs. They are showing up all across the Country, now. I have wondered if or how many might have been involved in the numerous truck wrecks around this area.
  9. I have heard this problem quite a bit from Folks, that connect to campground water supplies without filters. Mud, iron, sulfides, lime etc cause all kinds of problems with valves. Dissolved lime no way to stop it but bits in suspension can be stopped or with a water softener everything just about. This may not be the problem but it is one cause. Even the tinest bits can imbed themselves in not just plastic but brass. Then there is corossion from them. At any rate you've identified the problem. Not sure how involved it is changing the valve.
  10. We just happened to encounter semi leaving Chattanooga several times, that had two black plastic pipes running down, right in front ,of the trailer bumper or whatever the affair is called. It was not dripping it was running out. One time or two encountered it many miles into Georgia still running strong. The fluid was a dark brown, and every vehicle behind it got some on it. It nearly ruined the pain on our car. Had to wash it and clean and buff it. It4 stunk a bit too. Called GSP more than once along with THP. That was a several years ago. Don't know long they did this before being caught. I imagine some big fines loss of vehicle and perhaps some jail time. Unfortunate enough to get behind a tanker that had an open hatch on top. Gray blue fluid sloshed out and onto every thing. I manged to get along side and tell him. He didn't care. Turned out he was hauling residue from latex pain manufacture to a place at the ft of Lookout Mtn Tn where they filter it though sand and inject into the ground into one of the largest aquifers in the Country. The Plant is still there. Don't know what they do today.
  11. Retired Marine R Ermy Lee, died today from complications of Pneumonia. He was only 74. Never met him but feel like I did many times, every time I though of the DIs I have encountered. He reminded me of an Uncle MSG Us Marine Corps who passed in 2007. A lot of show on TV he made i haven't seen yet. Semper Fi Sgt Lee
  12. Here in Tn 45 right now or 43 depending on channel. Suppose to get to 35 tonight and some chance of precipitation. I suspect on the Plateau they may get some snow but doubt it will lay. 15th or April we have mowed three times but still plenty of weeds. Maybe the cold will knock them back. In early fifties we had eight inches of snow one Easter and in 52 when my younger brother was born, in June, it snowed. John Haywoods books perhaps his Civil and Political History of Tn but maybe the earlier one, it came a rain in April, wind shifted to out of the north and by morning there was ice fog like we read of in the Aritic . It lasted for several days and it was bright but you could not see ten feet. Then one year there was snow in April in Nashville and even later in the mountains. There was frost every month that year.
  13. Back in February we saw a wreck of two semis in the opposing lanes of the Interstate. There was a back up of about 15 miles. It was just after sunset and cool crisp air. It was the prettiest light show we've seen in a while. All the side and top marker lights on semis. In that entire stretch there was only a hand full of cars. Everyone had arrieved home or moteels for the evening. This is no politics but reality. Ninety percent of the traffic on the Interstate here is now semis bringing loads from the coast to distribution centers or from there to stores etc. In the seventies this same stretch of Interstate in the seventies when everyone had jobs, it was infrequent or rare to see a semi and not many cars. It is dangerous, yes dangerous on our Interstates today as Semi Drivers play by their own rules and the majority of abut 90% possibly more wrecks in this stretch of the Interstate involves a semi or only semis. Several years ago below Atlanta in left of merge lane a Semi came over on us and if I hadn't stood on the brakes it would have taken off ten feet of the front of the motor home and not only us but perhaps a hundred more lives lost. Same thing happened a few miles later. Called GSP they manged to top him. I on't know why they let him go with just a ticket. He ws on the CB threatening to use his .223 or go home and get his .308 or some such nonsense. Kids sat in traffic 7 hours one time and us and everyone else long periods of time possibly as long,. So we avoid thee Interstate here and around other places we know from driving before. It is not going to get any better until we have monopolies broken up local production like bread bakeries, and everything else instead of importing every thing from China etc. Be safe and take a valium around our cities. We sometimes have to stop for a while and let our nerves settle, get a bite to eat after Atlanta etc. I guess that is why I've put on a few pounds. It's the semi Drivers fault.
  14. Good Campgrounds won't put up with such shennigans. Cold Water, Michigan Waffle Farm has forced several to leave because of Pet let to do their thing on other's sites and even chairs etc. Long time ago near the Sue the town before we stayed in route to Thunder Bay. Woman opened her door let her dog out and watched as it pooped right in front of our steps. She refused to acknowledge my protests . Tried to find a H but when I returned they had pulled up stakes and left. At Waffle Farm a woman let her dog run round and wet on our lounge chairs. Called Office and she left. Next year same spot on lake and she was next door guiding her dog to do its business right in front of our MH. Next am her and two men apparently were throwing stones on our roof in early am. I went outside and they said there were squirrels on top. I went out to stop here from letting the dog poop right in front of us, where we would have to step in it on the way to the lake out front. She beat me, as I tripped over a broom, back to their RV. I saw them outside at their picnic table and was out watching ducks on the water, trying to figure out what to say and not cause a big storm.. She started cussing me etc as the two men sat there in wonderment. I went back in and told my wife I was calling the Sheriff . I guess she heard me and left a lone quickly. Oh and they had gotten up before 7:00 raising cain, cussing and throwing ladders and metl etc in the back of their truck. Called office. They were renovating a Menards, in town. She apologized and they aren't allowed to come back.
  15. On US12 about 12 miles west, of Coldwater Michigan, I think is a steak house the only one around and sitting out by itself . I can't pull up the name but the restaurant is easily found as it is the only one. They serve Walleye a big platter, and they serve "Blue Gill", White fish, or they id at one time. They may serve Crappie too but don't quote me. Place is always crowded.
  16. I guess it depends on how solid the pryamid is but I would try about 20 lbs of ice maybe and fill the rest to 3/4 or less the way with water, add liquid chemicals? soap and water softener and drive it for a couple hours or three, on some what rough roads or interstate with a very rough broken surface. Maybe even drive it that way to your first or next rv site. If that doesn't do it buy the wand and have at it. Or use the wand first.
  17. The mule/horse pulls are great once you get into it. Putnam County Tn fair one year was a good show. Those horses especially break hands and arms while they are being hooked up. They want to pull real bad. Saw a couple teams, of horses, down on their knees trying to pull the sled a few more inches. I love their spirit. The horses have more fun than the people.
  18. That was quick. Every since I saw State Fair I have thought about Texas. Is it under 100 around fair time? The races, of wagons and teams, I would like to see. Can't think of the name of the event. I'm seventy this year might try the ferris wheel and flying teacups etc one last time too. What I like, just like a kid, is the horses and animals, as long as they don't stand on my foot. Of course the old and new tractors and equipment, and all the stuff I'm not supposed to eat.....but I don't want thee carnival fired everything stuff they how on the tv show, or pinto bean and cucumber ice cream etc.
  19. In 1970s we had a big room with I don't remember how many IBM large reel to reel units. I had 13 Ladies that worked the inventory and payroll etc. Men would pull their hair out. our small laptops now have more computing power, does anyone use it, than that room full of hardware. Next time maybe just a small hundred or two dollar laptop. All we do is link up with others or play games on these things isn't it? My 16 year old 1.6 gig HP 32 sets next to this one with keyboard stuck( spaghetti or something) or I would use it. Windows 7 is faster too.
  20. Does anyone here tour the several County and or State Fairs. They seem to start first in the northern states and as weeks go ,by further south. We have only been to a few over the past several years. The one in Marshal Michigan was a good show but the last 6 or 7 years not as much. I guess more attendance or the centers of agriculture are shifting. Maybe out west there are larger or better fairs? The Ky State Fair at Louisville seems to be packed but I don't much care for two or thee hundred acres of asphalt in the very ht and humid sun. I guess that is one reason we liked the one in Michigan. Never very warm. In Canada I read of some great shows but I bet the distances between them are pretty great. Not talking about the ones they hold in the big cities. So anyone run a States and or Counties Fair route or just some favorites?
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