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  1. We bought our refills at O'Reillys ten years ago. Second time was at that camping store next to KOA in Nashville. I believe it would be a lot more convenient, to change the wiper arm mounting system, for blades, to use the now ubiquitous J hook arrangement, but can never seem to find the parts and only passing mention of availabilty. Ours is on the top so it takes a step ladder, fine for young folks but I don't relish doing it.
  2. Couldn't carry a syrup bucket and all them books. Five miles up a hill both way is correct. Going down the hills wasn't so memorable. I think during the middle of the day the down side rose up or something. Didn't have to take as many baths, in wet weather, got many a good drenching and even collected some mud or the garden when cars splashed me. Ever run track practice then another five mile walk home? I don't really think it was as much of a character builder, as they say especially it pitch black and freezing. Stayed in condition for sure. Conditioned to snow, rain, hail, freezing rain, blazing sun, 10 below and 100 above. Good for the feet too. Shoes wore out and nice calluses middle of the foot filled the holes well. Don't ever let your mother tell your history teacher you missed school to get some shoes. Not too many years ago I ran into a school friend. He asked how I like the new shoes. He knew he was safe, as at 60 something, I can't run as fast.
  3. BIL near Ft Stewart had over an inch, of snow, still on the ground mid afternoon. I called him and kidded him about moving south to escape the snow. Promised him a snow shovel next Christmas. Lakes are icing over but clear as a bell. By first of week; rain and cool temps. I just as soon have snow and cold or dry and cold. Are we going to enter a new mini ice age? I'm confused by all the claims one way or nother. Seems we are in a warm period between historical colder ad snowier weather though. Remember in the seventies they said we were entering a new Ice Age? We just about believed it. Lakes and River and all streams froze over. And snow was on the ground all winter, and high temps were at freezing to mostly below. Uncle operated peach an apple orchards in Indiana. Ten miles to paved road or more and 25 miles more to a store or something like that. Wells froze deep, no power. Had to cut fruit wood and keep the fireplaces going. Shot some deer and rabbits to make it though for more than one year. In the sixties it snowed Halloween night, and again and snowed Thanksgiving, and right before Christmas warmed a bit then snowed deep. Out of school, I'm glad as five miles walking in deep snow is no fun atall. High temp or weeks was 13 degrees. Low was 13 below and avg was below zero, I think. And they didn't have snow removal equipment back then in this part of Tn. none at all. Maybe if I can find that crystal ball, I might go into the snow plow and shovel business.
  4. Freightliner of Chattnooga, Threw our grill from engine compartment on the ground breaking it. Put 30 qts of oil in the engine without draining the old oil. Lost the dip stick seal, Did not plug the Coach in as they said they would. filled the toilet, no water in tanks yet. and everything in the freezer and refrigerator ruined. Where store it welded up the grill and painted it for us. From Tn to Az we spewed oil all over our toad and the rear of the mh. The CAT Service in Tucson replaced the dip stick for us and batteries. Batteries died off old age and changed the oil. Only time I have sen clean oil on Diesel dipstick. On the way there Demning N M. drained all the oil, and cleaned the rear of mh. but not the dipstick. We went to self serv car wash right at the border and spent a few hours and a truck load of quarters cleaning it up. All this occurred upon leaving Red Rock Az and in NM and limping back to Az for family death. I am not sure all the oil was gotten off. On return trip in Flagstaff going up grade engine went into limp mode. KOA has to truck in their water and didn't really want me to wash out the CAC and Radiator. This 2012and we never got a cent from Freightliner. Dealing with health issues we let them walk all over us.
  5. Factory refuses to accept Good Sams any more exactly or the reasons above. Hard to contact, hard to get approval, and maybe months to get paid. This time around they sent me a list of who would accept Good Sams in our area. CW and two others. None, would I say, were familiar with RVs except CW. I go by there and it seems the same RVs are there 6 months in a row or more or work. However they did good jobs on three vehicles installing towing setups but not cheap.
  6. We use car wash, the ones that say no spotting and a soft brush and a mitt type on long poles. Together it takes us 30 minutes per side with good water flow. Dry with towels on end of long squeegie pole. New paints they use they told us don't need wax but we have used McGuries Detailer, and Mc Guires synthetic spray wax. Spray on wipe off with Micro fiber towels or rags. Ain't going to do it again though. I will hire some Grandchildren of an RVer at a Campground or someone. Bring your Grand Children Rving and let them make a fortune.. Somehow I bet there is something wrong with this plan.
  7. We had CW Car, for 7 years about 8,000.00 It did good or us but is no longer available. What we have now with Goo Sams is the Silver Plan. After reading it over a whole lot of items are not covered. So we too have been list3ening here and other forums, hoping to find a best coverage for less money. come next month it will renew and 3600.00 a year is too much. So who is the best for less money?
  8. I would like to add this note. I don't remember where I read of it but someone put a small catalytic heater in their wet bay to keep it from freezing. The exhaust naturally found it's way to other compartments as well the inside of the coach. I don't remember the outcome but it wasn't that good. Just about everyone or some anyway faced with the sever cold will put a light bulb a severe duty bulb in a drop light into the service bay. If they are still around the polymer coated sever duty bulbs, don't use them. They give off a deadly gas when hot.
  9. I thought I had put out info here a few years. However until now, not visited much and nae may have changed in that time. We are Elsie and David Owens from Tn. If you drive I24 across the Tn River and look south from the bridge there we are. We have an 05 Revolution and been RVing since Sept 06. Usually on the road only a month or less per yer the last few years.
  10. Well We didn't feel threatened but wife was plenty nervous at two instances. No one pointed a gun at us. Perceptions? Observances, No deductions needed. Tsk tsk. Should I be insulted? I'm not going to take it ,as insults, from either of you Folks. Perhaps we will sit around the campfire sometime.
  11. Up late so some more. SIL Ground Fault Locator Supervisor, he and AT&T trying to locate a large cable that was cut serving a few thousand homes. In the hills west of Tucson. A Border Patrol Agent pulls up. says leave now. They explain the situation. He says no you don't understand leave now. He says why. Agent says you see those eight dots off in the distance. They are Drug Runners and they are carrying AK47s. They see the yellow beacon on the AT&T truck. They are headed or it. They think it is for them. Another At Red Rock on the way to the kids new home. Turn o the Interstate access road and across the little bridge. Two Dirt bikes, run around us and stop in front of us where the road goes right and left. Guy on right hands a bundle to the guy on the left, and he zooms out o there. The other guy on the right sits there a minute. A Highway Patrol nearly wrecks us, going around us. We try to tell him the guy with whatever, went to the left but he desn't understand and chases down the bike on the right, and on a wild goose chase. In Casa Grande the Mexican shops. They charge twice or same cheap goods to us as they do to the Mexicans. Wife is buying a cowboy hat. Truck pulls up and sit there after they look around for a long time, two women get out and enter the shop, all the time scanning around them. they enter the shop and in a minute one comes to the door. They go back in and and two Mexicans who haven't worked ever, by profile get out slowly all the time scanning every direction thoroughly. they enter thee shop and the two women come out and stand around scanning the whole are with great attention. Finally the men come out and they all leave quickly in a cloud of dust. I don't know, since it is not my by area what is going on but it wasn't wholesome. Red Rock Two stations one carries some Native American pottery, which we buy. I drive over to the other station for fuel because the Shell is out. A van pulls up and young women get out. They are in a bit of a state. They approach our SUV, When they see me, they know it is not whoever they want. Another Van California plates, pulls in. Those people walk over and bring them to their van. They change clothing and head by toward California. Thee other van leaves down dirt side road . Back up at the Shell engage a local in conversation. He said it is relay point. The bring loads of illegals there and Vans and other vehicles from California and Nevada, Utah and so on pick them up for the next leg of their journey from Mexico to brothels and other places that , pay to bring them in to work. Next time New Mexico and more Az then Texas. You wonder why everyone is armed in Az now. As far as your alertness to your surroundings, well I cannot comment. I noticed ad my wife noticed as well as Relatives, and People in the RV Park near the State Park . I would just as soon not seen it or heard of it. I have a whole lot better agenda.Fishing, Sight Seeing and Antiquing and so on.
  12. exact same greeting and wishes as here. I went back to look. Some Fellow RVers wanted to know where the post went. The Administrator then labeled me a Bible Thumper. Huuuum What do you think?
  13. had no idea Gassers used DEF. It is an 05 Revolutions C7 Cat.
  14. Our C7 takes forever to get warm enough to want to move, even with pre heat on a half hour before. We start it and set the cruise control at about 1100 rpm. Engine never gets warm until many miles down the road and climbing a hill. I've wondered i it had thermostats even.It has gotten to safe mode a few times n I40 near Flagstaff. Had to clean the CAC and Radiator. We have idled 15- 20 minutes, while finishing dumping and storage and final walk arounds. We've even run the engine and dash heat/ac to get condensation out of the coach. Furnaces put moisture into the air. heat pumps don't work when cold, below about 45 degrees it seems. I've been looking off and on when I think about it or a dehumidifier to integrate int o the system have a stand alone but gets in the way.
  15. 00 model roman chariot, with slides and and convertible top. O5 Revolution.
  16. I'm thankful in this regards our MH is pre DEF. Our Mh has set in storage for over a year a couple of times. How would you drain all of it out?
  17. There is an Order of Trappist Monks, in the hills of Arkansas, that makes Fruitcake for their living. They use to make concrete blocks.
  18. I have asked on various Military forums and doubt I will find any answers. Dad entered the army at Ft Oglethorpe, Ga in 1934 at age 17. He was Heavy Cannoner. Served in Panama from 34 to 40 and sent home with what they said was Asthma. Recalled in June 41 and was a Basic Trainer, what we call Drill Instructor, at the old Camp Forrest for 34 months before being shipped though Camp Columbus and to Saipan. I have not been able to find any info on the Panama service. We have two discharges but the first does not mention station or duty. Just about everyone is gone from WWII although I do meet and talk with some at the VA. Doubt any from the 1934 to 1940 era are still with us but. Anyone know anything about Panama and units with cannons perhaps coastal guns?
  19. We liked the one at Kings Bay. Kinda had to get use to light out. Everyone seemed to observe retreat and lights out. Had a great time playing cards, and the socials. This was right before Christmas in 201, I think. We were searching for a new home for Kids relocating to Savannah for job. If we had much more time there were lots of things around to do. Too cold for any fishing then. Nice quiet campground and really nice Staff and Guests.
  20. Yes. I have consulted the site many times. I was asking about personal experiences. We have yet to visit the site in NC. Went though Cap Lejune with My Uncle, retired 22 years, while he was still living in Jacksonville. But we didn't see the RV Parks. He and my Cousin were stationed there. My Cousin was killed in Ash Valley, Newby Sgt, burst mortar tube.
  21. All I can do is report what we observed, along I10, I40, the area around Tucson,Az, Red Rock Az, Deming NM, and Texas. I will take a while. Once incident at an RV Ranch east or Kingman. We noticed at the entrance' "Vagrants" apparently looking for handouts. Since this is now years ago I don't think it will affect anyone and not want it posted. It was cold We had rain dirt storm and snow. On exit and reentry these Folks, were still there but numbers seemed to change. They endured a lot off horrible weather. One morning mid night would be closer, we hear a Huey, I think right over the RV. Then there were a couple more. they let and again right over us. Next am we went down to the office. The Hueys had used the large parking lot as an LZ. The Vagrants, a bit further toward the entrance, across from a fuel stop were gone. I won't go into all the details but they Vagrants were Agents. The authorities seized a lot of dope and people that night at the fuel station. They come up from I10 near Case Grande to I40 and from there to Vegas and other points. That is one instance. Another time going to where our kids lives in Red Rock we observed a Mexican bus along side the road empty. There were many people who had left the bus making their way to a side road. Pickups and cars were picking them up. Saw apparent discussions discussions as to how much and one instance the Mexican hand some bills to the driver of a Pick up. A little bit further on a car along side the Interstate. The Diver was patiently cleaning all his glass with a cloth and Windex. Waiting to give someone a ride I suppose. Coming from Red Rock to Tucson for evening out. A lot of authorities around a mattress along side the Interstate. We had seen it twice maybe in going and coming. It had a body stuffed in it. At Red Rock going to see our kids from our RV Park near the State Park. Young kids jumped out of a car and down a ditch or whatever and headed out across the desert. That evening or next saw a car sitting there and kids coming out of the desert across the ditch with heavy backpacks. During the three or four trips in 2012 and 2013 to the kids, near Tucson and relatives in Kingman we observed a lot more. Much more than we wanted to know. In 2001 first trip to Phoenix, relative in hospital. a new Dodge 2500 diesel, perhaps the most comfortable seats we have ridden in, not the new ones. Went to one of the nicer Stake houses, we understood in town. I cam back out to the truck to get Wire's purse. good think I did. I see a old white Dodge Pickup with a bunch of scrawny bug eyed Mexicans in back and in front. As I headed back in they swarmed our truck. I went back and ran them off. They were going to challenge me. Waited until they disappeared down the road . When we cam back out they had punched the locks on both sides of the truck and pried the rear window. Took all our clothes and medications including insulin, cooler, soft drinks, and everything but left the Nikon camera, took the case though. Spent the next entire day getting into Phoenix Va system and getting replacement drugs, and buying some clothes. Policeman and his son came to our motel that night and took report. So many cases they don't handle these low priority cases. At all the small and larger malls, of duty Police and private Security constantly circling the lots, in little pickups at a pace that would wear me out in a n hour. Niece is a Deputy Sheriff, also Life Flight Nurse and now ER Nurse (Don't remember that title) for the worse cases, also VA and teaching Nursing, in Las Vegas. She handles stuff that would make strong men cry and wretch. She has countless stories of new lawless west. This is just a scratch in the surface.
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