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  1. Not upset at all if no one offers Vets a discount or like this incident, on the web and as last year and perhaps before they were recognizing or appreciating Vets as many places did with free meals. Went there with expectation as offered only to find when we arrived, that an insult was offered: a piece of cornbread or a doughnut. I rightfully felt insulted. This was like saying come to the back door for a piece off bread. We usually leave a ten dollar tip. Most Vets leave a generous tip I understand. The Staff really makes a killing off it, probably. We went to Famous Daves and ate. When I asked for the check they said I was a Vet, obviously, and it was free. She got a nice tip instead of the usual 20%. Not sure if we had ordered a big meal if it would have been thus. had more than we could eat as it was.
  2. I ddon't know all I need to know. But until 2008 or so commissaries were cheaper. Ft Campbell they had a real bakery. Now they have prepack from Pa that is dry, shipped frozen and thawed and so on. The chief activity seems to be counting the inventory. Aleady stale before it hits the shelve, and higher priced. Their little nook or eating a snack and a drink, only operates at noon. The meat market doesn't have quite the selection it had. In response to needing to stock the cases more, they aren't hiring more butchers but bringing in prepack which is from who knows where and of course several days of shelf lie is already gone, and it is higher. No local fruit and vegetables any more. All from Tx outfit or was. Inferior quality, unripe sometimes and small, this in the middle of farm country and orchards to the north and around. Use to get very good local corn, green beans, melons and all kinds of produce in season. Lots and lots of CocaCola product in stacks in the floors and shelves. Use to get quite a bit of German and other products in a section. Section gone and just few, scattered ,insignifigant items. Less variety and stocked like Wal mart now with what the Companies want to sell in the best slots not what we used to find. apparently is to kill off the Commissaries and PXs, if not directly by making them no better than Wal Mart and higher priced. Fact that Wal Mart and others and Congressmen representing these groups for years argued that the commissaries and Pxs were cutting into their bottom line now that they have located near thee bases.
  3. Let's hope National Reciprocity passes. Plate Readers are becoming ubiquitous. They don't automatically, as of now light up i is shows CCW permit. However they can query if they want to, say if you have an NRA sticker on your window or who knows what, maybe just your lucky day. Get stopped and they will query all about you. They have NLETs and other databases, to ind out anything in minutes. Relative who does shows at schools, and CCW, got rear ended in Maryland. Cop ask where his gun is in the vehicle. Says I could take it and many will just keep it out of sight. New Jersey, it is not for sure they will honor National Reciprocity. As it is they will take your gun and lock you up for a long time as declared by their Senator Mendez, "All CCW Carriers would be locked up for long time, if they cross the border into NJ. I have seen way too much criminal activity, in the Southwest just from the road, and outside RV Parks. Major drug and human smuggling corriders on I10, roads up to I40 to the Mexican border in Az, NM and Texas, into and out of California. It would take a while to tell some of the more interesting stories. Kids lived in red Rock for two years before losing jobs, home, cars and real estate. In that short time the new Development became inundated with the Drug Cartel or Mexican Mafia. It is only good sense to provide for your own safety, which means firearms carry and knowing how and when to use and when not. Just don't advertise and stay out of places that criminalize Firearms Ownership and Bearing Arms. Now we have to cooperate and fix the problem of persecution and prosecution by places like NJ.
  4. Same to you. Merry Christmas. ........typin with one hand and sticky fingers
  5. I would like to visit the Fam Camp sites at marine bases in NC, for access to the water etc but less crowding Va. Anyone comment on this.
  6. They can do whatever they want. However according to their site it was as before. Bumper year. They stay full. This is a national franchise. The one there is owned by the same Fellow who owns a couple other different franchises that did similar, I understand, now. Had I know I would not have gone there. I suppose we spend less than a thousand a year there, or about 20 visits maybe. No thy didn't say they weren't participating. They deliberately threw an insult out. I can afford to pay my own way.
  7. I've attempted to bring this subject up with Congressmen and Senators and absolutely no response. Right now in Tn it is over $146.00 a year for hunting fishing, trout and a deer stamp, not to mention is you use, state area fees, for Residents. use to be only 11.00 for year out state fishing in Alabama, for non Residents At 65 for ten dollars you get free from then on hunting and fishing but not sure about tags. As a Disabled Vet all I have to pay is, some access tags for trout etc. Out west they enjoy a great bounty of game and fish, an on our Public lands, funded by us and staffed, stocked and manged by our tax dollars. Locals don't want us using our resources. They and the Big Land Owners both make huge amounts of money on out of state Hunters and Fishermen though guides, required many times and so forth. They don't even consider how much money we would bring in to their areas. It is not right. We will have to get enough people to speak up.
  8. This year we went to Smokey Bones, in Chattanooga, Tn where we go a few times a year for their BBQ. They were listed as participating in the Veterans Appreciation Day. Lat year we went and had a great meal. This year we went back and inquired at the entrance. The young lady replied that it was either a piece of corn bread or a doughnut this year. Of course it was a deliberate insult. We won't be going back but they won't miss us. They do a brisk business. What they did was offer what might be offered a bum. Clearly they don't appreciate Veterans. What a n insult and not one to be forgotten. I emailed the HO about it inquiring if this was right and no response at all.
  9. There are some bases that allow or are affiliated with the Military such as the two near Ft Campbell which allow Civilians or non retired non DAV Military. Arnold AFB also allows Civilians and there others I'm not familiar with. they are all outside the gates I think.
  10. It was RV.net You may remember also they invited supporters of our President to taake our business elsewhere at Camping World.
  11. On perhaps the most viewed RV forum, I posted my usual Christmas Greetings. It was deleted. It is not pc now. Christmas is Christmas and will always be. I hope my post with Christmas Greetings is allowed here. The other group has chosen to interject politics not allowing Christmas to be mentioned in proper context, as it might offend some groups who have no problem offending us or attacking us. I am extremely upset over what they have done and earlier this year they wanted us to take our business else where. So I hope the forums here will expand and tolerate traditional American values and Chrisstmas.
  12. Merry Christmas: May the Joy of the Season and the Spirit and Blessings of our Lord and Savior be with you this Christmas and throughout the year. Warmest Regards Would you believe I have forgotten my handle here.
  13. National Herald Saturday, August 19th However I cannot make the link work. It wants to include the browser in the link
  14. I can't find the links. They appeared in the several threads on RV.net but I did not copy at the time. As I was posting here, the last thread about it was taken down, like it was never there. I had someone comment to me about it .This am, as I was fueling up the truck. He was pulling a fifth wheel. Maybe the Owners, or whomever, are trying to shut it down, every where, before it severely cuts into their business. Since perhaps 90%of RVers are Conservative, and he told everyone of them to get lost it could put them out of business.imo I'll try to f find a link, now, again and repy
  15. I posted this elsewhere. We haven't visited here but a few times. Generally I could not remember our login and so on, so I gravitated to RV.Net. Now Camping World and Sams who owns RV.Net's CEO Marcus Lemmons has told all Customers who support President Trump to take our business elsewhere. So here we are and maybe I won't lose my login again.
  16. Marcus Lemonis told all CW and Good Sams Customers who supported our President Donald Trump to take their business elsewhere. I can't find the link right now. It was attempted to be discussed on RV.net owned several times but was deleted by the Mods. Currently a thread is running but may be taken down at any time. Politics are not generally allowed but this is something more. Camping World and Good Sams CEO told us to get lost. So here we are. We've posted sporatically in the past, and maybe different handle. Generally when I tried to long in I couldn't find our log in information to gravitated to the RV.NET as most have. I would like someone here go to RV.Net and make a formal invite to all RVers and how to log in. If this violates posting rules, my bad but it needs to be addressed.
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