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  1. Have you looked at Talona Ridge RV Resort? https://www.talonaridgerv.com/ Bill
  2. Sadly I got this message about Herman. Today 12/28/22 at 12:07 pm Herman Mullins went to be with the Lord. Memorial later in 2023 Prayers for Bobbie and her sons and Herman's daughter Dianna Huff Lone Star Secretary
  3. I hope everyone will Have a very Merry Christmas! Bill
  4. Onley one good way to find out. Run the generator for a couple hours and see where you are. Increase time as needed. A very merry Christmas to you! Bill
  5. LOL Just need to ask. Where are you going/doing to put 30K a year on? What coach? Bill
  6. Welcome to the forum. Like Dons said more info is better and do you want the full float charge or just bulk charge? Bill
  7. Welcome to the forum. That is a nice looking rig. You might call NIRVC in Lewisville and see if they can help you. Bill
  8. This is the last I heard from Lone Star Secretary, Dianna Huff. Mon, Dec 12 at 7:53 PM I talked to Bobbie last Friday. Herman has been moved to a rehab facility near her home and he gets 3 hours of therapy a day. He still can not talk or walk. They have not gotten him out of his bed yet, but she is hoping they will at least get him sitting in a chair for part of the day. He has 100 days of therapy paid by the insurance company, before she has to make a decision on what to do. Dianna Huff Lone Star Secretary Lets all say a prayer for his quick and complete recovery. That could be any of us. Bill
  9. The best one is the one you can get into. Wayne and others have given some good ideas. I have stayed at Admiralty RV Resort and Hidden Valley RV Park. Time to get on the phone. Bill
  10. Good plan getting it inspected. Should not be many problems with that new of a coach. Bill
  11. Well I am glad we have dons2346 to take up the slack for us. Bill
  12. Doesn't it have whet hubs? Who made the hubs? Bill
  13. Good, I am glad it didn't get overlooked. I haven't winterized, ok I have it plugged in and turned on the Oasis electric heating elements. I have the temps set at 45 but it keeps the basement nice and warm. We arn't forecast to have any real cold weather yet. OK we have had one day where it got to freezing so far and it was 78 the outher day. back to 55 on the temp rollercoaster. Bill
  14. Ok care to expand on that a little? Bill
  15. I think they were all gas. I haven't heard of any thefts of the new style diesel mufflers/filters. They are expensive but don't have the metal that the thieves' are after. Bill
  16. Well I hope you get them moving. Is it stored inside? Did you get it winterised? Bill
  17. Do you need a catalytic converter where you are? You might be able to just replace it with a piece of pipe. Bill
  18. I agree with the shirt. Any more talk of totaling it? Sounds like you might be on the line or whatever the secret limit is for repair. I know you would rather fix it because of all the work you have done to it. Bill
  19. What size RV? What toad? Recreation.gov as far as I know is for parks in the NP. Have you looked at the app RV Parky? https://www.rvparky.com/. Bill
  20. What fun is that? I will stick to my home base in FW Yes we get cold fronts but they don't last long. Still better than where I grew up on lake Erie west of Buffalo on the state line where it realey snows. Bill
  21. Well the coast South Padre Island is 50 miles. Something you might look at if you might want acess to military hospitals/medical care or outher services is the Frederiksberg area of the hill country. Not to far from San Antonio. Bill
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