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  1. Well congratulations!!! Be nice to your new CEO and she will be nice to you. My only news is in the morning we are headed back home from a week in Angel Fire NM. Bill
  2. Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service. Bill
  3. Crash damage should be covered by your main insurance.I would do a review of the exact coverage with your agent. Bill
  4. Ray, are they making any progress on your coach? Bill
  5. I had to remember how to turn on a little heat. It was 39 in Angel Fire this morning. Bill
  6. Ray, that is the best way I can think of. Bill
  7. Try hooking up a different source of propane. Maybe using the original set up. Bill
  8. More importantly does your emergency window open? At a rally after a seminar on fire safety several people tried to open theirs and couldn't get them open. I have seen roll up ladders that were for that use. I also wonder if you could retro fit a escape door like Newmar has, with the built in ladder? Bill
  9. Yes last year we did a rally at Swan Bay Resort & Marina. But we went west after that rally. I don't handicap my self like that. It is far easier to take the coach to an area using the best roads. Then take the toad and go explore. Bill
  10. Yes and that unit should have the Comfort Drive system. I think something is messed up like maybe low air in the tiers or something in the suspension/passive steer or?? Bill
  11. I am not shure they make liquid spring add ons for diesel suspensions. He should have a tag on that model and I wonder if everything is adjusted correctly. Bill
  12. Look it up on Cummins quikserve or call a Cummins dealer. Bill
  13. So how are you getting to Burlington, Vermont? US 7 is not a bad 2 lane road but it has the usual problems of low branches in places and a lack of good places to stop or ease acess service. What bridge do you plan on using to cross the Hudson? Don't use the GW. Do you have your E-Z Pass? If not get it before the trip or do a walk in. Looks like you could take US 7 down to I-84 then west to the Promised Land. (I just wonder how many people from that part of the world have used that phrase. We are headed west to the Promised Land.)😉 Bill
  14. Bob, I don't think bigger tires are the answer to your problem. The first thing I would do is get an all wheel alignment. This would include checking the ride height. Have you driven any outher Newmar Ventana coaches? Bill
  15. If I was going up in size from 16" I would rather go to the 19.5" rims because there are more options available. Bill
  16. I would call NOW to get a reservation at Grand Canyon Trailer Village. The benefits are many, such as the bus stopes at the park and takes you every ware including places you can't drive. Bill
  17. I would call your local Freightliner shop and see what the price is. Like Ross I also bought OEM batteries I think the price was under $90.00 ea. Bill
  18. Thank you for your service. Welcome to the forum. Bill
  19. First thing I would do is get a "All Wheel alignment" Talk to the shop and tell them the problems you are having. Towing 4 down is the method I would recommend. Bill
  20. Ray, I would call it more South Texas. Well unless you are in Corpus.😊😉 mjkfmca, Who knows What the weather will be. I would watch the forecast to the west starting a week or so before you plan on leaving. Bill
  21. Try the manufacture. Yes the dealer you buy from does matter. Support Center P.O. Box 30 Middlebury, IN 46540 Sales: +1 (800) 353-7383 Service: +1 (800) 453-6064 E-mail: CRVinfo@forestriverinc.com Website: http://www.coachmenrv.com Bill
  22. Thank you for your service. Welcome to the forum.
  23. That would be the place I would recommend because of the location. We were there Aug 9. Look at the roads around there carefully as they can be a little confusing. Bill
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