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  1. Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service. Where are you located? Bill
  2. You might look at Maple Park Campground & RV Park 290 Glen Charlie Road, East Wareham, Massachusetts 02538, 1-508-295-4945, info@capecodmaplepark.com There is also Boston / Cape Cod KOA Holiday. I usually stay down the coast at Worden Pond Family Campground when visiting people in that area. Bill
  3. If you are looking at solar I recommend looking at RV Texas Y'all Youtube channel. They have gone way past the normal 100 amp batteries. I think they are using the larger batteries. Let me know what you think. Bill
  4. rayin, Are they making any progress on your coach? Don, what you missed out on buying the amazing cookware and knife sets being demonstrated for sale in the big tent? 😂 Looked at some of the YouTube videos from groups out there and they all looked like it was cold and windy. Bill
  5. Can't make it right now. There are a lot of You Tube channels out there. That and lots and lots of outher people. They opened the big tent yesterday, I think. Bill
  6. Welcome to the forum Farmerdave595. Do you have a receiver on your RV? My towbar just pins up in the receiver. Bill
  7. Welcome to the forum Bob. That's not a bad price. Where are you? Who did the work? Bill
  8. Welcome to the forum bryanr7. I don't have any experiance with thease portiable batteries. They are not solar generator. They have to be charged. However there are several that you can buy portable solar pannels to help charge them. I have seen several reviews on You Tube like this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t33sLgH6QQ4 Bill
  9. Welcome to the forum Hardyc. I didn't know Fiat still made a manual transmission. Bill
  10. Still haven't told me where you are, what the name of the place is. Bill
  11. This can be helpful in planning trips especially for people with limited experience. Bill
  12. Where/who was telling you this? Did they show you? I would get a estimate to just fix the bad wood around the A/C opening. Let us know what you find out. Bill
  13. I would cut the wire ties so you have some slack. I have heard of several people pulling furnaces but never heard that they had to cut the wires. See if you can find a installation instructions for a Suburban SF-30F furnace. That should show how it is connected. Bill
  14. I think it would be a good idea To have a way to communicate with the exertive office holders. Bill
  15. I think those are some good ideas. I think FMCA could do more to promote the forums. Bill
  16. I agree with Ray. It sounds like the water valve to the heater core is not working correctly and low on refrigerant. Where are you located? Bill
  17. I think the aluminum foil is meant to be some kind of shielding. Bill
  18. That is not that big of fluciation for that type refrigerator. One of the many reasons I went to a residential type. Bill
  19. I would be calling again. If they talk about it being out of warranty ask for a supervisor. Bill
  20. Welcome to the forum. I would contact FMCA at 513-474-3622 and ask to be transferred to Rashell in the events department. She is the events coordinator. She would know. Bill
  21. I used a dolly for about 2 years. That was enough fun. But if that was the only way I could take a car I would do it again. Look on the FMCA website. I don't know when the new one will be out (call them) I found the list from 1999 to 2022. https://www.fmca.com/towing-guides-towing-four-wheels-down Bill
  22. Welcome to the forum Dave. I think you would be safe calling it a "C". Is yours a diesel? Thank you for your service. Bill
  23. Haven't heard anything yet. Bill
  24. I don't see why not. That Snap-on dial torque wrench is about as good as you can get. Just be carful and don't over torque the lug nuts. Use good practices such as cross torqueing and go up in steps. Bill
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