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  1. Where have you looked? What is your budget? Bill I thought/read it as you were looking for.
  2. True but those are such cheap plastic fittings the teflon tape my take up some of the slop in the threads. Bill
  3. I think Jleamont has touched on some good points. One of the most important is "what RPM are you pulling hills?" Are you downshifting to where it will accelerate and then hold that gear at about 2000 RPM till you get to the top of the grade? Bill
  4. I am with Herman. There are to many people reporting engine failure for me. Do some searches on IRV2 https://www.irv2.com/forums/f123/ I have heard it is a problem with the head dropping valve seats then breaking the valve and destroying the piston. But if having $30,000-$40,000 in repair cost isn't a problem for you. Bill
  5. I would try some blue Loctite. Bill
  6. If it is leaking where the line attaches to the filter I would shut the water off then loosen the fitting that screws on to the filter and re tighten it. Make shure it isn't cross threaded when you screw it back on. Bill
  7. Querious, what were they doing that they took the wheels off? Bill
  8. Have you ever cleaned the CAC between it and the radiator? Bill
  9. I don't know for shure but I would look on the unit for a "reset" button. I have a Oasis and when I had a problem with the burner not lighting I found and pushed the reset button. Bill
  10. First thing I would check is the ground. What is the voltage of the batteries that start it? Have you tried to start it with the main engine running? Bill
  11. What does a replacement cost? The hard part may be finding the parts to rebuild it. Bill
  12. Glad to hear you are on the road again. Yes the weather has been great. It is finally cooling off some in Texas,no 100 degree days in the forecast. When we were in northern New Mexico we had some mornings that where just a little cool. 38. I wasn't cold I was just "testing" the heating system. It warmed up to the 70s in the afternoon. Bill
  13. Just a note this post is 6 years old You can often learn things reading the older post but seenthat poster for a while. I like using the kids bubble mix to hunt for air leaks. It might be nothing but a loose connection. Even if the line is cut it isn't that hard to replace. Use appropriate safety measures when working under a coach. Let us know what you find. Bill
  14. I am in the "no cover" camp to. I think this is something that sounds great but doesn't work that well. Bill
  15. Look!!! The beginnings of a international chapter!! Bill
  16. Welcome to the forum Ben. I can't imagine a case where grinding noises from a transmission was a good thing or ok. I hope it hasn't done any permanent damage. For power to the brake buddy you can run a auxiliary power line from the battery or even from the coach. Let us know what you find out about the grinding. Bill
  17. Those are good tires. Not just a tire shop but a place that knows how to do a big rig all wheel alignment. Most should do it automatically but point out you want the steering wheel centered. Bill
  18. kirish, Welcome to the Forum. Good advice above. Yes you had it checked but they may have missed something. I would try again with a place that is use to doing big rig all wheel alignments. When you do have it loaded like you were on a trip. Full fuel, fresh water and propane. The weight changes the ride hight and suspension geometry. Yes, those tires have a history of wearing unevenly. Have you done a corner weight and adjusted your tire preshure? Let us know what you find out. Bill
  19. This note should be included in all instructions for towing. Note: Put your climate control system in recirculated air mode to prevent exhaust fumes from entering your vehicle. Ray I had to go look.😉Interesting that the plain "Gas"version can't be towed. Bill
  20. " you have to follow a specific procedure." That covers most everything I have seen that is towable. Let us know how it works out. Bill
  21. Welcome to the forum. Here is more than you wanted to know. What RV do you have? gas or diesel? Tools to plan trips Here are some tools to help you plan your trip. RV Parky is a good tool to find places to stay and plan routs. http://www.rvparky.com/ Gas Buddy You can download it from your app store. Find cheap gas and you can record your gas/fuel expenses. You can look ahead and see what the prices are where you are headed . It helps plan fuel stops. RV park reviews is a good tool to see what other people think about a place. http://www.rvparkreviews.com/ NPS you can look up things to see/points of interest. https://www.nps.gov/index.htm You can also see what campgrounds are available in the different parks. Also look at getting a pass and if you are 62 or older definitely get a Senior Pass it is a $100.00 Lifetime pass that covers everyone in your car. https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/passes.htm You may have to wait till you get to your first park they have a great way to record the parks you have been to. It is called a Passport, you buy it in the visitor’s center, it kind of looks like a Passport but you add stickers and stamp the date and time you were at the park. One other thing you need is get a Passport America discount card. This is a tool to help campgrounds fill empty spots during the week or slow times. Each campground sets the time and discount but most times it is 50% and some places 3-4 days. We saved about $450.00 last year. I think I got my $44.00 back. http://www.passport-america.com/ For navigation, I highly recommend CoPilot. We have used it for several years and it does a great job. The big benefit is you can download maps when you have Wi-Fi and it doesn’t use data. I have it on the phones and on my tablet. The tablet gives a bigger picture to see and follow. I like Yelp when on the road to see what places there are and to get reviews, see menus. Who wants to drive 2000 miles to eat the same fast food stuff you have at home. Oh Ranger, is a park locator for those hidden gems like Antelope Island in the great Salt Lake. Rest Stops, is a good app. You might look at the apps for all the big truck stops Pilot Flying J, Loves, or get the ALLSTAYS Big Truck Stops. See how easy it is. Just head East on I-40, when you get to Oklahoma City go south on I-35 to Texas.😁 Bill
  22. Are you using bolts or screws? If bolts what nuts are you using? Bill
  23. Welcome to the forum. Well it depends on what your needs are. Full hookups at Ruby's or dry camping in the park. Next time in the area I will probably stay at Ruby's Bill
  24. I started using STA-LUBE wheel bearing grease years ago because it realey did stay in the bearings, even after 10-15,000 miles. When you pulled the bearings out they looked like you just packed them. I had a 1967 Chevy 1/2 ton that was tough on bearings and after as little as 5,000 miles there would be no grease in them and metal flakes showing up. I would use their brand (appropriate grease for the application) grease on most everything. After all you have to like a place that says their products are “Intentionally Better Products.” https://www.crcindustries.com/products/grease.html This would be my recommendation. Bill
  25. I would look on You Tube. I would do like Ray said and look for a service manual. https://www.generac.com/service-support/contact-us What happened with the " Im gonna take it to our shop and have other gen techs help me. Were gonna pull it out and do a complete level 3 service on it." Back in June? Bill
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