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  1. cwakley, Welcome to the forum Is it the hose or a connection leaking? Bill
  2. True I tow a 2014 CR-V. It is 2015 and Newer that can't be towed 4 down.😉 Bill
  3. Still sounds like a bad starter solenoid. Bill
  4. I got this email about Herman Mullins. Let's hope Herman gets better soon. With a sad heart I need to tell you that Herman Mullins has had a stroke. He is unable to communicate and his right side is paralyzed, I will let you know more as I get the information PLEASE KEEP HIM AND BOBBIE IN YOUR PRAYERS. Dianna Huff Lone Star Secretary Bill
  5. How were they attached? with screws and nuts or the standard car type J hook? Bill
  6. Well glad you are doing better. Are you pushing the button to prime the fuel to the generator before you are trying to start it? Don't crank for more than 30 sec. If it doesn't start re prime and try again. As it hasn't been started in a while this may take several tries. Let us know. Bill
  7. What about a small engine repair place? I would check the starter relay or the starter solenoid. I would think the circuit breakers on the generator have more to do with power output than starting power. Bill
  8. Just pointing it out as an option. We tend to stay at campgrounds when traveling but know maney who stop wherever. Bill
  9. Welcome to the forum. Can't you splice the cut wires back together? Bill
  10. How are they attached to the wiper arms? If you don't have the common "J hook" connector you can get a adapter and use any of the regular blades. Example TRICO Gold® 28 Inch Pack of 2 Automotive Replacement Windshield Wiper Blades $25.00. Bill
  11. My ATS doesn't make any noise outher than a clunk when it switches. Mine defaults to the generator. Bill
  12. Love's now has places with full hookups available at some locations. They are away from the truck parking so noise shouldn't be a problem. The only negative is they are pretty narrow. Depending on who/what was parked next to you you might only have room to put out one back slide. I had heard Love's was doing this but finally saw one in Dalhart Texas on my last trip through there. For A full hookup back-in with 30-Amp and 50-Amp electric service on a concrete Site 50ft long 12ft wide. Wi-Fi is included would cost $42.50. No that's not cheap but not to bad and it would be convenient as it is just off the main road. Here is a link to more info and locations.https://www.camplife.com/1152/reservation/step1 Bill
  13. I will bet your rims are just fine as far as "offset" is concerned. Go look at/measure what the gap is now. Using the comparison tool it shows the difference between 255 80 and 275 80 as far as width is only 0.8". Heare is a picture of the gap in the duels from my last coach with the 275 80 tires. Never had a problem. I bought Continentals through the FMCA and they were over $100.00 cheaper each over the Michelin discount price. Bill
  14. Yes those would be big fat tires. This should help you find tires that will be close enough to work. https://tiresize.com/comparison/ On my last coach I went from 255 to 275 and they worked great. Also gave me a 6% overdrive. Bill
  15. Welcome to the forum. It will help you to get better answers quicker if you put your RV information in your signature. Se mine and others on the forum. Ok lets find out what your OEM tire should be. As I don't know what RV we are talking about you will need to look several places. Look on the wall by the driver's' seat or in the cabinets there will be a sticker showing what size the OEM tire was. I doubt it was a 755 or 765. Bill
  16. From my owners manual for my 2004 38N Bounder. Extreme Cold Weather Usage The holding tank area is heated through ducts from the furnace. To assure adequate heat is available to prevent holding tank freeze-up during extreme cold weather use, the furnace thermostat should be set no lower than 65 degrees if the outdoor temperature is 10 to 35 degrees. For temperatures lower than 10 degrees, set the thermostat 1 degree higher for each degree the outdoor temperature drops below 10 degrees. However, I always used a small ceramic heater with a built in fan for extra protection. The amount of heat the furnace provided was minimal at best. I always disconnect the water hose and drain it and the same for the sewer hose. Nothing like dealing with a 3"X10' poopsicle. Put the plug/cover in the hole for the sewer hose to prevent heat loss. I have seen people who spend more time where it is really cold (I don't know why) add a layer of foil covered foam insulation to the bottom inside of the whet bay. Bill
  17. Best of luck to you, keep us updated. Bill
  18. Stephen, welcome to the forum. I would recommend doing what Ernie said above. Where are you located? If you can't find a chapter that you like you can always start one. Bill
  19. Pull the cover off the AH and look inside. May just be a loose connection. Are you running a preshure regulator on your connection to the park water? RVs don't like preshure much over 65#. Bill
  20. Glad you were able to fix it. By the way did anyone say welcome to the forum? Bill
  21. That is a different card. They are canceling the TCS card that was through FMCA. I have a card but never funded it or used it because I didn't like having money tied up where I couldn't acess it. I feel bad for the people who liked the program and are losing it. Bill
  22. Finally Back? Where in Texas do you live? Bill
  23. You said " When the intake air temperature is 160 degrees F the engine will run a lot hotter than if the intake air temperature is 60 degrees." How do you know what the temp is if you don't have a gage? At what ambient temp? Do you know what your EGT (exhaust gas temp) is and what # boost are you pulling on the hills? The only time I had any problems with running hot on hills with my old coach was when my EGT was hi. Bill
  24. Keon, Congratulations on joining the dark side. Look on Amazon, they even have adapters with phone holders. Bil
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