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  1. Not entirely my fault: Winding my way out of a campground on a narrow, winding, gravel road with lots of trees on each side. Made it without incident, but just as I made it to the public street I heard the crunch. The 5' tall outside kitchen door had come open and caught the last tree on that side for miles to come. My speed, according GPS track, was 7 MPH, but even at that speed the door was ripped off cleanly with only a sliver of metal holding the rear hinge. I know the door was closed completely and locked and had not been opened anytime since leaving home (200 + miles). I examined the latch and discovered that there was only 1/10th of an inch of latch keeping that door closed - this is evident from the wear pattern on the latching mechanism. I have since checked all of the basement latches and most show a wear pattern much bigger than 1/10th inch and I adjusted those that needed it. . If you have one of these outdoor kitchens, I would advise an inspection and adjustment of the latch, if needed, so that it doesn't have a "hair" trigger. It might save you $4500 or worse, a real tragedy if it should come open out in traffic.
  2. For 13 years in the Endeavor, the inverter/converter was never turned off, (even though the inverter function could be shut down independently). Never a problem. BUT, the manual on my new inverter in my new coach says to leave it off if it is not needed. So that's what I do. It's ON most of the time when shore power is not available (driving down the road & dry camping) to power the ac only residential refrigerator, otherwise it's off..
  3. Thanks to Jeff Miller and his crew at Jordan Ford in Mishawaka, IN, I made it to my Frustrated Maestro pre-rally on time. A leaking Power Steering hose had me stopped for awhile, but Jeff made a real special effort to have the replacement hose express shipped in and got me back on the road in good time. If you need Ford service in the Elkhart/South Bend area, I can recommend this dealer without reservation.
  4. When I first read the instructions for using the Michelin Advantage Program I thought it would be a little complicated to wade through, but that was not the case. It was a breeze and the tires provide a great ride.
  5. After re-reading your original post, I doubt that the door sensor is at fault since the steps do respond to door opening and closing. More likely in the ignition switch circuitry or the brain board - just my guess.
  6. I use M/S Excel and keep a spreadsheet with all of the pertinent information. I now have 10 years worth of trips logged this way. I also use Street Atlas USA, save my GPS tracks and place a red flag, with date, at each overnight (or longer) stop. I've been keeping this map since 1997 when I first started using the GPS. It works for me. We aren't full timers, but we have logged 150K miles in an RV since '97.
  7. Be sure and check the sensor on the door................
  8. My coach is 10 years old. I have had two fogged windows, (driver's side and door) and both were pretty definitely caused by too much pressure from a high pressure washer, concentrated at the wrong spot for too much time. I discovered Water droplets between the panes immediately after this wash job. They were repaired 3 years ago by Sun Coast Designers in Hudson, FL and are holding up very well.
  9. For 8 years, I put up with intermittent operation of my Thetford, 2 button, electric toilet. Sometimes, it would not seal, it would not open, it would not close. I could clean and adjust and it may work for two or three flushes and at best a week. A couple of times I almost replaced it with a manual one. I cleaned, lubricated (with the recommended lubricant) and followed the recommendations from the "experts". It has been 8 months since I liberally lubricated the gasket and slide with vaseline and the valve and toilet have worked flawlessly since that day. Just saying!
  10. Planocat: My family situation is very similar to yours. While all 3 of my kids earn a decent living for their famiies, I don't see any of them in anything more costly than a pop up, if that. They all enjoy camping and the RV life style, but a nice RV, especially a motor home will probably never fit into their budgets.
  11. Ditto! Maybe we have just been fortunate enough to stop at the right stations, even with the old RV card which was replaced with a new one at the Perry Convention.
  12. UPDATE: Received word from Norcold, yesterday via the servicing dealer. Turns out that the last recall did take care of this one. The notice was sent in error and my reefer is good to go. Sometimes the news ain't so bad.
  13. Here is another class A coach for you: LF - 5150, RF - 5050 = 10,200 Lbs (Front GAWR rating - 12000 lbs) LR - 9375, RR - 9350 = 18,725 Lbs. (Rear GAWR rating - 20000 lbs) (GVWR - 32000 lbs.)
  14. Here we go again. My mail just caught up with me and lo and behold, another Norcold Recall. When does it end? Surely they will get it right eventually. But that is what I thought about the last recall. This reefer is less than a year old....
  15. My bay heater also failed at the beginning of this winter. After determining that the problem was with the internal elctronics and not the thermostat or heater element, I removed the internal circuit board and straight wired the heater so that it operates whenever the manual "system heat" switch is on, with the thermostat determining when it is actually in operation. Now that I've survived the winter with this setup, I may replace the heater or refine the operation where the fan will run anytime the manual switch is on.
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