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    El Paso, TX

    https://local.yahoo.com/info-20233118-el-paso-west-rv-park-anthony I stayed in this park just last year and it was a real nice park.... It is in Anthony NM/TX west of El Paso and is just off I-10 on the frontage road. I have a 30Ft HR and pull a 24ft enclosed trailer and the pull thru's were pretty easy.........Nice & quiet....... Mike
  2. We just made the run across upper Wisconsin to Minot ND on US2, then turned south on US 83 all the way south to Texas.. We love the off the beaten path travel also and there are many places to see & visit across the nothern USA....Stayed in a little place called Saginaw Minnisota at the interestion of US 2 & US 169 at the small RV park right there outside of Grand Rapids........There is a grill/bar across the road that makes a pretty good supper......... Look for the headwaters of the Mighty Mississippi River on US 2 it is only about 25 feet wide up there..........Rugby ND is another place for an interesting stop. It is the geograchical center of North America.....We were going on over to Great Falls MT but just decided it was time to go home for a change of underwear after about a month on the road..........LOL....Someday I may have to go back to finish the run to Washington State.... You will enjoy the trip and RV parks are not far apart... Mike
  3. Photobucket image.........Seems to work ok.......Mike
  4. I agree on maximizing the use of the engine but .....when we get in the motorhome we just slow down and enjoy the USA, burning up my boys inheritance.........Have fun....... Mike
  5. I think it is real interesting that we spend 500,000 dollars on a Motorhome and then try to figure out how to get about one half more mile per gallon out of it......Has anyone really thought thru the diffreance in 7.5 miles per gallon and 8 miles per gallon in the grand scheme of things. The same thing goes for if I tow or not, we always wonder how much it cost us to tow the car, that we want to have with us (the cost of which is about $40,000) to go running around burning gas to see what we could not see from the windshield of the half a million dollar MH... We are really funny humans I recon..........If you get 7.5 Miles Per Gal at 4 bucks per gal the saving will be about 27 cents for that 1/2 mile. I must be missing something here..... I buy fuel at a Pliot/FlyngJ so I can save about 2 or 3 bucks on a fill up. I guess a penny saved is a penny earned but I will just go ahead a drag that 24" enclosed trailer around and waste that .27 cents per gallon cause I like to have my car with me....I'm done......... Mike
  6. Thanks we are looking foward to the trip, that will be our first trip that far north in the USA........ Mike
  7. The wife and I have been across these United States of America from sea to shining sea with only about 15 miles of Interstate travel.......From most of our travel we use US marked highways such as US 84 going East from New Mexico and US 82 West from the east coast.......US 60 West from New Mexico is a real nice drive....... On our trip to Florida in April 2014 we left NM on US 62/180 east to US 84 all the way from Abliene TX to Valdosta GA, Great roads and no traffic was a real nice 5 days, with stops along the way and we get to see the small town America that made this country what it is today....These roads are the ones that were used before the Interstates were built and most or 4 lane or good 2 lane but no traffic makes for a verry relaxing drive.......Lots of campgrounds you just have to look around.....This is what we look like, if you see us wave... Some places you will need to use a bit of the big road but there are other roads to drive check with the locals about the roads if you have a concern....... Try it you will like the slower pace........We are planing a trip to Green Bay Wisconsin in July and most of the time we will avoid the interstates.......... Mike
  8. You might try the fairgrounds they have a few RV spots and they may be open. I stayed there a couple years ago but it was in the spring............ Mike
  9. I would have to agree that speed is of the essence when you are sitting on the side of the road broke down. I would like to see a tire that I carry be mounted instead of having to buy one from the tire repair service......I don't know why my tire is not just as good as the one they want to sell me.... The other things that have been noted are good for me and I can be my own Concierge service, Thank you........... Mike
  10. Safeco with Glass coverage and just had half of the windshield replaced cost me 500bucks dedictable with 2500 bucks for the glass... I am happy........... Mike
  11. Any time I get a chance to look at the small roads or US highways that go kind of in the direction where we want to go that is what roads we use........Any time I can avoid Interstates we do, not because we don't like to go where they go we just want to see the USA like it was before the Large roads.............You will find all the services on those roads that you will on the large roads but a lot better feeling for where the good old USA came from........... Try it you will enjoy it, but it will take you longer than them other roads.........Slow down and enjoy the country.......... In July 2015 we will be going from Artesia NM to Green Bay WI and there will only about 50 miles of interestate in the whole 1600 miles...........just my .02....... Mike
  12. 2005 HR with 33000 miles and just made a round trip to Florida & back to New Mexico on the full round trip I got 6.88 miles per gallon......The westbound leg was against a strong wind in Texas/NM.......Speed between 60 & 65 no interstate at all US 84 Eastbound and US 82 Westbound.....3600 miles total on trip........ Mike
  13. When we came through there the road to Teec Nos Pos was being worked on and I did all that kind of work I wanted to do or see for the last 45 years so it was down through Shiprock for me.....The drive thru the valley is a pretty drive until you get south of Cortez to Shiprock..... The I-40 route is not to bad of a climb and once you get to Clines Corners the traffic thins out a bunch and I like that...............Gas in Roswell yesterday was 3.12 per gal and Diesel was 3.68 at the station I was at...... Come on down you will love the drive it is all green now.......... Mike
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