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  1. I just put my router is the basement compartment. It works great there. I also have a starlink mesh router inside that extends the router coverage area. It has work great and given us some fast speeds. The basement compartment has an area where the gasket come together and that is where I run the wire into the basement. Love having good cellular wifi so we can use our phones in the area with no cellular signal. It is also unlimited downloads.
  2. You can only purchase it online at starlink.com
  3. I purchased starlink a few weeks ago. I am trying it out at home and it is working great. We are taking the motor home out later this week so I am looking forward to setting it up at an rv park. I have the rv version as my home is wait listed. I plan I putting the router in one of the basement compartments. I have purchased the Mesh Wifi Router from starlink and it is working great in the house right now. I plan on putting it inside the motor home. I will not have to drill any holes this way. The cell phone also working great using the wifi connection.
  4. I do not think it will work on Verizon. At least that is what a representative from Verizon told me. I just ordered the starlink for rv. I already have the AT&T plan on my cell phones and ipad. For the price that Verizon wanted it was almost as high as the starlink system. Jaime
  5. Look at installing a winegard razor. It automatically finds all the stations in the area. I have one in my motorhome and we love it. Jaime
  6. We leave ours on all the time except when we have to take it in for repairs or servicing.
  7. It is truly unlimited. I have the new 5G M2000. We were in Lufkin and the the KOA. It hooked up to 5G. We were getting unbelievable speed of 231 Mbps down and 75.7 up. These speeds were faster than my at&t connection at home. Never seen speeds that fast even on my att cell phone 5g. In four days we used 49.40 GB. I checked the speed each day and it was always around the speeds I mentioned earlier. We have smart tv so we can watch Netflix, hbo max etc on them. This was the first chance I had to use the new card. The sprint mifi we had prior did fairly well also but no where near these speeds. Jaime
  8. I would think that FMCA probably has our information. You have to deal with FMCA and not Sprint. I may be wrong but they probably just contract for so many units. Jaime
  9. You need to be log into the website.
  10. Congratulations!!! Jaime
  11. I made my reservations way before New Years. Most are reasonable. I guess I made them before they went up in price.
  12. My number is ok. But my current motorhome does not have a ladder. I went to a print shop and had them make a decal. Jaime
  13. Carl, Canada is not sounding good right now. We were hoping to go to Niagara Falls the Canadian side in September. From what I am hearing Canada is really locked up right now with the virus. A few day ago at Niagara Falls the Canadians were flashing SOS for the US to come and help them get unlocked. Jaime
  14. We registered for Gillette yesterday. Herman we will come to your get together. Jaime
  15. In North Carolina in the 1986-87 school year, there were 14,350 school bus drivers, of whom 5,000 were 16 and 17 years old. The law was later changed to 18 being the minimum age. The larger buses are about the same size as a motorhome. Jaime
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