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  1. I work with roadside providers and mobile repair vendors most of my work day. I will say that NONE are any better than the other with respects to RS assistance. You are at the mercy of whom picks up the phone, if they are having a bad day, yours is about to get worse. We try very hard to locate the small local vendors for off site repairs and break downs. The guy with one or two service trucks isn’t likely to be on the large RS company list but hands down will take the best care of you, his livelihood depends on it. YOU just have to locate him.
  2. You’d think that’s more of a reason to diagnose it quickly and order parts, put it outside.
  3. Funny, car and truck dealers operate differently (every place I've worked anyway). Appt, arrive. Pull in diagnose, look over for up-sells and create an estimate, call customer for approval and provide ETA, if warranty, call customer to provide ETA. Put outside, gather parts, pull back in and complete. We NEVER wanted to hold something longer than absolutely necessary. Takes up too much space! If parts on hand and its a quick one, just wrap it all up and get it out of there.
  4. We run the generator and both roof top A/C units when needed. The dash AC draws more fuel than the generator, but the generators maintenance is more costly.
  5. Can you snap a picture? If it’s two wire; https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/reese-towpower-breakaway-switch-with-led-indicator-1102904?cm_mmc=organic_feed-_-GoogleShopping-_-Product-_-1102904 most auto part stores also carry them. As long as it’s not anything proprietary.
  6. DW pointed that out also, the one in the background looks like the storm never happened. Heavier and a much lower center of gravity.
  7. Have Amazon Prime? They might deliver it to him in less than 24 hrs. https://www.amazon.com/Maxxair-503-1504-00-933069-Black-Cover/dp/B002OWCLNQ
  8. I ran Westlake on two cargo trailers, one I pulled them off at 10 years with 2/32 of tread, never had an issue. I never went above 65MPH and the trailer was always level. I can tell you it was at its MAX GAWR all the time, even when parked.
  9. Many RV dealers have those in stock, 4 nuts and its off the roof.
  10. Give them a call. I had a problem with one of My Surge Guards and they sent me a replacement at no charge with a return label for the one in question.
  11. Paul, sounds about right. I had a pickup with that engine and it was consistently at 9.6 - 10.0 mpg empty. Much less vehicle than what you have, same power train. we had a Coachman Santara Class C before the DP we have now and we never got more than 7.0 I even installed a Banks Power Pack, ran better didn’t do anything to the MPG’s.
  12. No, your link, I believe takes you to the regular version, not deluxe.
  13. Same to you! I am smoking a brisket, replacing the steering box in the DW's Jeep and relaxing, so I think anyway
  14. Great response. Here is the the deluxe version on amazon;
  15. I would trade it in as already recommended. I have had so many of those open in my previous career and none were pretty. There is an extremely weak foundation especially with its multiple piece block that bolts together and small light weight connecting rods not much heavier than a gas engine. The Ford version squeezed 350hp and 650lbft of torque but there were some bolt on differences and they didn’t stay together for long. I’d rather hang in the right lane than pick up pieces of my engine off the highway. Keep an eye on you oil, if the level starts to rise change it immediately, they are notorious for adding quarts of diesel fuel to the crankcase, this is by design. Let me explain, when it goes into regen it over fuels the two rear cylinders and it washes those cylinders with copious amounts of diesel, the intent is to flood those cylinders and push it out and down the exhaust through both turbos and into the Particulate filter. Any engine guy is cringing right now, hot turbos and exhaust don’t like liquid flowing through them nor does the crankcase like that much diesel in it.
  16. And they only know the tax portion, not the DOT and licensing portion and problems this creates. Might want to hire a few attorneys for each of the areas and keep them on a retainer.
  17. Mike, if it’s not equipped I’d be shocked/concerned. Here is a link to the most common on smaller engine medium duty. It’s service interval is 1 year or 150,000 miles. I’d call Gaffney to verify the part number. https://www.bigmachineparts.com/products/baldwin-filters-def-filter-pe5272 Jim, Freighliner trucks have a switch on the dash labeled “fault OVR” you press the button and hold while cranking the engine it will allow you 15 minutes to get to a safe spot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
  18. There has been a steady 15 mph breeze from the water. Haven’t broken much of a sweat as a result.
  19. Jim, always been that way with the shut downs. All manufacturers blame the government mandated rules. Freighliner shuts you down with only a few second warning and it’s like someone shut the key off. We have had subsequent damage caused by the abrupt shut downs. Think about it; Hot turbo pulling a hill, light pops on and in a few seconds the engine stalls.
  20. YES. It really depends on how low you run the DEF, and most of all EXPOSED CLIMATES. The colder the more frequented failures. Each manufacturer has had their problematic years. I have had Bosch units identical fail in 2019 more than the exact ones made in 2018. And when I say fail, I mean every 6000 miles your getting towed in. Eventually the manufacturer corrects the issue and they’ll last MAYBE 80,000 at that point, some just go longer for no reason. DON’T FORGET, there is a filter at the bottom of the tank that requires annual replacement. Depending on how/where your tank is mounted it could be a pain to access. It will clog just from being submerged, not so much of an issue with how much DEF flowed through it (like a fuel filter).
  21. Don, avoid cable slides, I’m not a fan of hydraulic but they are not terrible (just over engineered with a lot of components). Ours are rack and pinion electric with manual crank ins (just in case). Rack and pinion can be identified with long gear tracks if you look up in the basement area or under a deployed slide. Very simple design and everything is easily accessible should you have a problem. Wait- the next comment “I’ve never had issues with mine” YET should be in that phrase! The more links in a chain the better the chance of failure.
  22. It’s 80 and sunny. Too hot for you two? 59 and rain at home. I’ll take this any day over 59.
  23. That really depends on a lot of different configurations if needed or not. Ours NO and never needed.
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