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    NO Spare Tire In Smaller Class Cs These Days?

    SNOW SNOW GO AWAY COME BACK ANOTHER DAY I have a Class C Winnebago Itasca Cambria 32 ft. 2014. We have a spare on a steel rim in the hatch back storage area. Some time in the fall we had to remove the inside dual rear tire, because of a broken valve stem. We have Aloca Mags on the outside wheel positions. Make sure if you call for a AAA service make sure to explain you need a big truck with air tools. Those nuts are set at 150 lb-ft? I have never check the spare tire for air pressure 20 PSI is a long way to 80PSI. SO, if you have a space check its tire pressure. No good having a SPARE if you have a FLAT as one. SO when you check tire pressures include all tires that being a spare. I was lucky they have air on there RIG.. My stems are solid metal stems. Tim the mailman
  2. HELP is needed to go outside the USA to Nova Scotia. We have a Winnebago Cambria Class C 32 ft. long 3 sildes 2014. We tow a car for use as we travel. I am looking to a wonderful time this 2019. Sounds like camping starts around May to October. So the problem is where do we go.? This is a special time 50 years married. We have to start planing very soon, we understand a lot of campers go there. You may send a message direct to me via FMCA or share with forum . Tim the Mailman
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    David It was thinking about maybe sometime first two weeks of May. But in research , I think we might have to consider June.. I am open to any comments by anyone about time to go that have done this trip. You may private message via fmca. Bill, yes full tank of gas , is getting gas or diesel hard to find? In 300 miles I would have to refill. We have a Class C Ford v-10 E-450 32 ft. Tim the mailman
  4. Hello All I have been following the total members for some time on the Forums page. On 10/10/2018 we had a total members listed at 65895. Today 12/25/2018 Our total is 66747 total members. That's a nice increase for three months The FMCA is alive and well. Tim the Mailman
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    Jim In digging further: If the most on line was 8366. And the total members was 66747. Than 8366 divided by 66747 That be about 12 per cent of the people visit the forum at one time. HUM Sounds about normal. it shows how many people are ACTIVE Members. Tim the mailman
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    I have had various campers ask me about shift patterns for Ford v-10 The attached file will show what a Ford Engineer sent me shifts on SPEED. This attachment explain speed to MPH and transmission gears. You will see why the Ford v-10 will rev out to about 5000 RPM in 3rd, 4th, gear. Its scary when this happens, but the engineer explain to me this is by design. This happens when pulling a up hill climb grade's. At 60 MPH cruise at 2400 RPM . Tim the Mailman
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    http://lazydazearticles.blogspot.com/2011/02/5r110w-torqshift-transmission-with.html I have found this article in reading around the internet. We know for sure this is the transmission in my Ford v-10 2014 Motor Home. Winnebago Itasca Cambria 2014 with a ford 2013 chassis , 3 slides 32 Ft long Class C. This some may want to, a must read for those with this transmission. Tim the Mailman You decide do your have a 5 speed or do you have a 6 speed?
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    Brake Buddy Locks Toad Wheels

    Brake Buddy Has a unit that can do proporttion braking . I have a Brake /Buddy and I do not run full braking. I had full braking with other unit but traded for the upgrade unit So I can switch on the fly from the remote from the drivers seat. Go to there web site check it out. Tim the mailman
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    Schwintek slide binds

    Carl, Wayne, Bill. Michael This was a great Article Topic. Motor Homes , Travel Trailers, 5TH Wheels: They or a lot of them have sides. Carl, not all of them have jacks. Using jacks or not , Should everyone that have slides must have jacks? I think your comment is right on. If you have jacks they should be used. SO, if you have slides should you have jacks? Tim the Mailman Winnebago Cambria Class C Three slides. 2014 E-450 Ford
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    Winterizing issues - 2003 Dutch Star

    Eric It has happen to me in the past, 50 plus years of camping. But , if you load the siphon tube with fluid and cycle the pump you will prime pump , top off siphon tube put in bottle, problem is solved. I have added a longer tube to add volume for the siphon tube, for prime. Yes the jug should be higher than the pump. Tim the Mailman Winnebago Itasca Cambria 2014 32 ft Class C
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    Tech Talk,

    May I suggest a article for Mag "FamilyRVing" explaining the correct way to tow, trailers ,cars and fifth wheels. SAFETY FIRST! Tim the Mailman
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    Winterize black tank & fresh tank

    Herman Yes, I do the same run air blow out the lines. But I do follow up with antifreeze, I also pull the filter on the water pump to get the trap water out of the input to the pump. There has been some campfire talk about replacing seals etc. with the ethanol. <toilet> Do not forget the by-pass for the hot water tank. I pull the plug on the water heater and blow the water out of it first with air than switch in the by-pass before installing antifreeze. Tim the mailman RETIRED N8AHK Winnebago Class C 2014 Cambria
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    Winterize black tank & fresh tank

    ATTENTION SPLASH -75 HAS NO HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES CHECK CONTENTS MENARDS FMP -50 HAS A HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE << ETHANOL>>>IN THE LIST CONTENTS After reading the information I returned all my -50 and replaced it with the Splash -75 Read the contents and be safe. Tim tne mailman Winnebago Class C 2014 Cambria
  14. I use a NAPA watering can made special for battery's . automatic stops filling when top off or filled. Also off topic i use white grease to lubricate the slides of the battery rack. This will solved the problem of racks not sliding . Tim the mailman Winnebago class C 2014 Cambria 32.5 ft.
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    Portable Scales

    Was wondering will the FMCA rally in GA.March 2019 have a company or a group will offer corner weights For Trailers motor homes etc. Tim the mailman
  16. mailman

    Refueling At Pilot/FlyingJ

    SAVING MONEY AT FLYING J I wish FMCA had a swipe and save card like Good Sam has. We use the Good Sam Swipe and Save card, put in first at the pump. Life member gets 6 cents off for gas , 8 cents for diesel at the pump. Swipe your bonus points credit card, get 2 to 3 times the cost in bonus points. So call it double dipping. Now the Flying J charge card . Swipe and waite for your e-mail to pay your card. No hot spots , no Wi-Fi no bill! So if your not on time with payment , whats next no card, stranded no gas. So lets see if we can get FMCA to work out arrangements with Flying J. for a FMCA Swipe and Save Card for at the pump, for the RV island pumps. What do you THINK? Tim the mailman
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    Brett, I was concern that I was giving out good information, SO, I called my Ford Dealer this morning. We ran my VIN and we find out the transmission is a "5R110W" a 5 speed. Engineering ford sent me the form for a 6 speed. But, all the same the transmission still shifts on SPEED. Thanks, for helping bring light to all of this. The motor home started as a van E-450 2013. Tim the Mailman
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    Hill Climb with Class C Gas

    Please find the attach file from the Ford Engineer concerning shifts for v-10 This file some how did not follow the text message. Tim the Mailman f
  19. mailman

    Hill Climb with Class C Gas

    Ptwiskers1, I have a Class C Winnebago Itasca Cambria 2014 32 foot. Per a engineer at Ford Motor Company the shift patterns of a v-10 and the Transmission are govern by SPEED. And that is program by the computer as it overlaps the shift from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and overdrive 6th. It is handle a couple of ways in tow-haul, cruise on cruise off, Not by RPM, vacuum etc. Now with all that information. So if you set cruise at 60 mph and climbing the hill it will do whatever to maintain that SPEED That being said , I NEVER use cruise in the mountains with grade. You will see 5000 RPM 3rd gear or 4th gear at about 60 MPH climbing that grade. Get in the fast lane and pass everything crawling in the slow lanes. This v-10 does not care what it has to do to maintain CRUISE. So what I do is use tow-haul in the hills so the engine and trans acts like a brake in cruise. Going fast up hill is faster down hill make sure to use tow-haul for braking downhill. If you would like set cruise at 55mph RPM 4300 4th and 5th gear and enjoy the ride. Tim the Mailman
  20. mailman

    Battery manufacturing dates

    Richard5933 Is there a issue with shelf life of a battery ? And how long can a battery sit with no charge on it, on the shelf? When I buy battery's NAPA always LOAD TEST them before I take them out the door. WE all understand DOT for tires. Tim
  21. mailman

    I-70 between St. Louis and Indianapolis

    ZEBORAY, Yes , I wrote before. BUT, if you can figure out how to ride the fast lane on rt 70 at 60-65 mph in a 70 mph zone you should maybe be OK. Blacktop roads are generally OK, the problem is all the concrete. TIM
  22. mailman

    Tire Inflation

    Tire and rim conflict and air pressure . I have a Winnebago Itasca Cambria Class C 3 slides, 32 feet. From the factory it had installed ALCOA MAGS Max air pressure 80lbs cold. Tires Michelin LT 225/75R16 tire pressure 80 lbs cold. Place Card on door is 80 lbs rear duals 75 lbs front. Weight on tires unknown. But, am I thinking just put eighty in back 75 front and forget about weight. If anything maybe take weight out of vehicle. See class C motor home maybe we can not apply this tread to?????????????? Thanks for reading Tim
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    I-70 between St. Louis and Indianapolis

    Zeboray Hello, I just return from a trip to the Ozarks . I would strongly tell all to stay off this section . Sections of open road are good "BUT" every bridge or underpass was the worst mistake of using this RT 70. I live in Northern upper Ohio on the Sandusky Bay. MCD shades do not like this road. Pad all storage areas to keep from breaking your treasures. I lost a couple of springs inside the MCD Shades. The road is falling apart . In talking to the truckers who drive this road, do not have anything to say good about it. Every thing vibrates off tables and counter tops. I just return home a week ago from a round trip to the Ozarks. You see all kinds of retreads tire laying off the side of the road way. The pot Holes you can not avoid. Tim
  24. mailman

    Tire Inflation

    Please note, The factory installed ALCOA rims are stamped Max pressure 80 lbs. The Michelin load range "E" tires are stamped Max pressure 80 lbs. So if I weigh the camper, check tire pressure via the way explain in the first part of this post at each wheel , i have to take weight away because I can NOT be above 80 lbs at the tire. To make matters worst , I tow a car at about 4000 lbs. SO, IF NOT TO WORRY, the answer is to buy a Class "A". OR take your bodies and food and clothes and leave all the rest in the garage. I just do not understand, you can't do four wheel weight check do pressure check via mention way at the start. Most class C are over weight to start by design. I have Firestone Air bags at the rear and move weight forward with air in them bags. Of course than comes the problem with Toe at the front end. So, I think we will weigh and clean out camper. Because there is no other way. Thank everybody two cents and I hope this post will make it clear enough the problem is. Mailman retired 40 years of service Vietnam vet disabled. Winnebago Class C 32 ft. Cambria 2014 Time for some fire side chat at the fire ring. Tim t
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    Black Tank Pressure Cleaning

    Carl, I had a blog about Gray Tanks but alot of people read it but no suggestions. I have 6 gallon hot water heater. So If I empty the whole tank into gray tank, how much dawn would you think is enough . I would drive to next camping location and drop tank, when I arrive. Food and grease would break up and drain. Tim