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  1. Sounds like a bad head or head gasket causing blow by and water getting into cylinder.
  2. There is also a module that controls the air gauges that goes bad.I remember reading about it on several forum threads.
  3. Ours has no cap and we have NEVER been throttled. We stream all our TV on it and have used up to 500gb a month with no throttling.
  4. Depends on the equipment. If it is a Travellr it can be but you need to buy a conversion kit.. If it is an older dome unit they have dip switches inside to make it go from direct to dish.
  5. So why don't you go traveling and make an appointment with the factory in Red Bay and enjoy the ride there.
  6. It has worked for us everywhere we have been. We went from Texas to Mass and Florida. We use it for TV streaming and have since cancelled Dish TV and use nothing but Youtube TV. Works fantastic!!!
  7. One real nice campground is Village Greene in Brimfield. That is where we stay for several months before we purchased a home in Mass.
  8. Going to Yuma in the summer is like going to Alaska in the Winter . . . WHY??
  9. We use my rv mail out of Florida. Recommended by passport America. very inexpensive and great service. We were with America's Mailbox out of SD but they were always bombarding us with emails we didn't do this right. This piece is being returned for this or that and they always wanted $$$.
  10. What you need to do is bypass the low pressure cutoff to get the refrigerant cycling through the system then charge it with it running. Icing is generally low R134
  11. From a Google search: "The Allison shift controls have what we call "Shift inhibits", These are circumstances when the transmission ECU prevents the transmission from going into gear to prevent damage. The most common one is the engine RPM is to high and we inhibit range to prevent shock loading the transmission when it goes into gear. So your transmission is working as designed, anything over 900 RPM can cause the inhibit. The way to tell when this is happening is the keypad digit will flash." For sure too high idle and too low battery voltage will prevent proper transmission operation.
  12. I left a message 2 months ago and still waiting for a response
  13. Bad or shorted bulb. Also does it have a signal light combiner at the trailer hitch. That could have gone bad.
  14. It varies . . . Depends on if there is an accident or not. Some days you go through fine and other days you can't Like any other highway in the US. Pick a day and a time and just go . . . Otherwise take one of the routes other than 75.
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