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  1. sstgermain

    Stranded in Suffolk

    Start by turning off the house and chassis batteries for a minute or 2 to reset the controller. Then turn them back on. Start the coach and wait a minute. Red error light should be gone and slide should move. This happens all the time with our Tour
  2. sstgermain

    Single Phase Electrical in Coaches, Why?

    It's 240 vac coming in. Two 120 legs.
  3. sstgermain

    Heater motor runs when plugged in to shore power

    Is the fan switch on the thermostat set to "on" . . . Should be set to "auto"
  4. sstgermain


    There is 1 thermostat that controls water temp. There is no AC specific thermostat which is what you posted. The other thermostats you mention are high cutoff thermostats. Those VAC control thermostats are used on the older 430 series. If he has a 400 or 450 There is only one and it sends signals to the control board. So I guess we are both right depending on the model
  5. sstgermain


    There is no thermostat for the AC side. There is only one control thermostat that detects when water is too cold. It signals the control board . . . and depending what you have selected . . . diesel or electric . . . It will activate that circuit till temp is satisfied.
  6. sstgermain


    If your Aquahot stinks up the whole campground you have issues. I run mine on diesel all the time and never use electric and no complaints about stinky diesel smell
  7. sstgermain


    It should be a fairly easy fix. The control Thermostat calls for heat and when AC mode is on it will activate a 12 volt relay which will put AC to the heating element. There is a high temp cutoff in line.Check the AC flow from relay to element if AC is there then check element resistance. If relay does not engage controller is bad. . . . Ask me how I know. I've been through mine inside and out when I had an intermittent head issue.
  8. sstgermain

    AC, R12

    That is getting expensive. A 20 pounder is around $500 to $600 last time i checked
  9. sstgermain

    Creating your own Network

    I use a peplink Surf SOHO Router. It gives me the ability to go into the configuration and wirelessly connect it to a hot spot or campground wifi. That way all computers and printers stay on my internal network and the router connects to the external network.
  10. sstgermain

    Coolant in the oil

    Egr cooler comes to mind. Really need to do a pressure test. Dont run it as antifreeze will eat the bearings real quick like.
  11. sstgermain

    Flexsteel Seat Damage

    I'de put in a call to Tiffin. Maybe a defective batch. Play it up a bit. They may even repair those for you for FREE. Tiffin does stuff like that.
  12. sstgermain

    Annual RV Insurance

    They have to pay out for all those RV's damaged in the storms while maintaining their profit margin.
  13. sstgermain

    2006 Monaco Dynasty Dash air conditioning problem

    Is that on a Spartan Chassis . . . Maybe a call to them could help.
  14. sstgermain

    Thousand Trails Membership Worth It ?

    From what I've read on some of the internet reviews the parks were run down and needed upgrading.
  15. sstgermain

    Confused and scared newbie

    Vehicle does not rack up miles while towing. Using a tow dolly is a lot more work than flat towing.