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  1. It is probably on a high idle as it is warming up. My car does the same thing . . . High idle for a few minutes before it settles down.
  2. sstgermain

    New tires

    I usually go with Toyo's or last RV was a set of Dayton tires made bt Bridgestone. Got them at Loves and they were 2800 out the door.
  3. It is a called an Air dryer. If you have a Freightliner chassis it will be mounted on the inside of the chassis rail on the drivers side by the rear tires??? Do you ever pull your tank lanyards to get rid of moisture??
  4. This depends on the rig and what the manufacturer required from Freightliner. Might help to know what rig and chassis you have.
  5. If you are talking about the black material that is the stuff they use to seal the underside of mobile homes. Should be able to find it on Amazon or an online mobile home supply store.
  6. Did you fill the filter with diesel before installing??
  7. T Mobile dumped the FMCA and the Hotspots. You'll have to call them and get the new one for ATT.
  8. Any outcome as to what the problem was with the engine??
  9. I don't believe the date on the forum is correct as I responded to this a month or so ago and I did not have Sprint in 2018
  10. Rv Park Store I believe has lots for sale or lease for Rv's
  11. Just jumper across the 2big terminals with a big screwdriver. If it turns over the internal contacts on the solenoid are bad.
  12. Almost sounds like a bad starter solenoid with just the click snd no starter motor engaging
  13. You need to go into your FMCA account and then your tech connect dashboard and you'll see a button in the upper right corner to migrate to ATT
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