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  1. Maybe they were not locked??
  2. I have seen good locksmiths with the right tools read the tumblers on the latch locks and make keys right there in about 5 minutes. Maybe a different locksmith. Also if you take one apart you can get numbers off it. Are they possibly ch 751 keys.
  3. Do you have a Toad charge in the system. Mine regulates the charging and never had an issue with our MKX. Maybe that auto-resettable breaker is constantly tripping and not charging like you think it is.
  4. I believe they can be reset with a magnet, If you're talking about that little black box they threw on them. At least the early ones could be reset that way I remember vaguely.
  5. Yea . . . You're getting now what we had a few hours ago in Tallahassee. There also might be one of those re settable push button breakers for that. Not sure if it is in the outside panel or the interior one.
  6. Fuse on control board outside behind refer access panel
  7. The way i would start troubleshooting is to follow that power wire back from the port through the harness. That is really the only way you’ll find the problem
  8. We have both and do not use the Verizon one very much. They require a contract where Sprint is a month to month. We have driven from Florida to New England and out to Quartzsite and only found 1 or 2 times where it didn't work. They do not throttle like Verizon does. Hope this helps
  9. I see the exact same temps in my Winnebago with the same engine setup.
  10. If it were me I would get a Cummins tech either out there or get it into a Cummins shop. As far as the computer I would think Cummins would be able to supply one. At this point I doubt the ECM is bad at least till you get it trouble shot properly
  11. I agree 100% Its all about the Benjamin's and no professionalism at all.
  12. Thats where I got mine on Amazon. Arrived next day and all is well
  13. Also short the 2 contacts on the capacitor with a screwdriver to be sure there is no residual charge in them
  14. Go out and spend 50 bucks and replace the capacitors in the unit. That’ll fix it
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