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  1. I see the exact same temps in my Winnebago with the same engine setup.
  2. If it were me I would get a Cummins tech either out there or get it into a Cummins shop. As far as the computer I would think Cummins would be able to supply one. At this point I doubt the ECM is bad at least till you get it trouble shot properly
  3. I agree 100% Its all about the Benjamin's and no professionalism at all.
  4. Thats where I got mine on Amazon. Arrived next day and all is well
  5. Also short the 2 contacts on the capacitor with a screwdriver to be sure there is no residual charge in them
  6. Go out and spend 50 bucks and replace the capacitors in the unit. That’ll fix it
  7. Sounds like a partially plugged radiator. I don't think any amount of flushing will fix that. I notice with mine pulling a grade on a hot day it will hit 210 to 220 but I will not get a warning light. I would definitely look for Cummins service and not a RV shop.Also usually when doing a coolant flush and change there is a air bleeder on the motor to get all the air out. That can cause it too. They most likely have seen this before.
  8. We have the Rand Mcnally Overdryve RV. I like that i can create a trip on computer and drag my route how “I” want to go and go over to GPS and load it and go.
  9. Our current coach has General's on it. They are a good tire. Previously we had Dayton's which we purchased through Love's. Dayton is a Bridgestone tire and by purchasing at Loves' got roadside service anywhere in the country under their warranty if there were any issues. Those were also good tires. Our rig before that had Toyo's M144 on it. To be honest I did not notice any difference in noise in any of them. I agree with the poster above that they will need to be replaced in 5 to 7 years so don't spring for the big buck Michelins
  10. sstgermain


    Rand McNally overdryve 7 for rv. I like it because i can plan a custom route on pc and just sign into tripmaker and it is on the gps and ready to go. Can drag to route of my liking
  11. Does the Energy Management system monitor the current draw after the main breaker?? Seems possibly like the circuit that monitors the current draw possibly went kaput. Do you have a clamp on amp meter you can put on the 2 legs and see if there is a draw there. Are batteries bad and maybe converter draw. Try unplugging it.
  12. We had one that did the same thing and it was the fuel pump.
  13. Don't you have an air tap in front and a hose?? I can run my 50' hose from my air tap in front of the rig and fill the tires or anything else needed with the engine on the RV running
  14. Generally with the Winegard systems you can take off the cover on the satellite dish on the roof and change dip switches from DirecTv to Dish.. If you have a Travl'r system you will need a conversion kit which is a couple hundred bucks to purchase. You will need to obviously change receivers. We have the Wally Receivers. Also a good thing with Dish is that they have an App for your phone where you can change your local channels right on the app while traveling . . . No charge to do so. We have a pay as you go account with no contracts. I never have to call dish for service.
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