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  1. Any outcome as to what the problem was with the engine??
  2. I don't believe the date on the forum is correct as I responded to this a month or so ago and I did not have Sprint in 2018
  3. Rv Park Store I believe has lots for sale or lease for Rv's
  4. Just jumper across the 2big terminals with a big screwdriver. If it turns over the internal contacts on the solenoid are bad.
  5. Almost sounds like a bad starter solenoid with just the click snd no starter motor engaging
  6. You need to go into your FMCA account and then your tech connect dashboard and you'll see a button in the upper right corner to migrate to ATT
  7. Just got my new ATT FMCA Hotspot. It is $59.99 a month and runnung at 25 mbps right now and it didn't cost me $750 for the unit.
  8. I have a 43 QBP with the kitchen in the front. I had to unbolt the couch and move it out of the way. I then had to unscrew the frame behind the couch and take it out of the way. Then I unbolted the floor cabinet next to the couch with the 1 bolt holding it in place and remove that. Then everything was right there.
  9. I just repairtd a problem with a blocked drain in my kitchen sink. The flex tube for the drain in the slide got kinked where it connects to the non slide part of the rv. Cut out the kink and installed a barb coupler with clamps and all is fine now.
  10. They really dont use OBD 1 or 2. For a diesel it is J1939. The bluefire dongle plugs right into the J1939 connector.\ And it reads all the codes.
  11. I use a Bluefire for Motorhomes. It plugs into the OBD connector, and you can use an android phone, ipad, iphone and set up gauges and check and clear fault codes.
  12. Add a Toad Charger to the circuit from the rv to the toad. It will keep the battery charged while pulling it down the road.
  13. When I had our Journey the tv plug had 2 wires going into it that was ignition sense. When the ignition was on it turned off tv. Basically sending 12 volts to a circuit in the plug which shut it off. Cut one of the wires and all set. Im not sure if they still do it that way but its worth checking out.
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