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  1. The lincoln will do that without a Toad Charge. We had 2 different MKX and they needed to have the battery charge off the rv while going down the road http://www.lslproducts.net/ToadChargePage.html
  2. I just put 8 tires on mine and got rid of the 8 year old Michelins. I went with Dayton tires which are actually Bridgestone. They were done at a Loves service center and was out the door mounted and balanced for $3600. Also I would not do regional tires on any RV. I put the D510S long hauls on mine. I have so far put 2000 miles on them and can't tell the difference between them and the Michelins other than I have more cash in the pocket to play with. Michelin must have "gold" belts in them.
  3. For the money you want to spend I would not even look at a Thor Aria or any Forest River Product.In my opinion JUNK. You can get a nice 42' tour for under 190k like we did. Ours is a 2012 and had 26k on the odometer. Look on RV Traderat Winnebagos, Newmar's and Tiffen's
  4. My dome . . . Which was from 2012 . . . Received both SD and HD but the dish had to move. Right now the Travel'r is in manual mode and locked to just 61 as it would not see 119,129 due to trees and I get everything HD. Old dome would only receive 1 eastern arc satellite
  5. I am on dish and just upgraded to the Travel'r antenna. Get HD and can watch separate shows in the living room, bedroom, and outside with our 3 receivers. r
  6. Sounds like the same problem I had once with a Winnebago Ultimate . . . Turned out to be a bad connection in the transfer switch.One leg burned and had to replace wire.
  7. It says right in his post . . . 2007 Tiffin Phaeton
  8. First thing I would do is shut ff the battery disconnects . . . Wait a minute then turn back on. Did a wire drop down in the compartment that did not get reconnected???
  9. Yea go to Dish pay as you go service
  10. Looks like the edges of the plywood lifting. Is it every 4'
  11. I have them on mine and had them on other motorhomes . . . Good Tire. A lot less $$$ then them Golden Michelins.
  12. Start by turning off the house and chassis batteries for a minute or 2 to reset the controller. Then turn them back on. Start the coach and wait a minute. Red error light should be gone and slide should move. This happens all the time with our Tour
  13. It's 240 vac coming in. Two 120 legs.
  14. Is the fan switch on the thermostat set to "on" . . . Should be set to "auto"
  15. There is 1 thermostat that controls water temp. There is no AC specific thermostat which is what you posted. The other thermostats you mention are high cutoff thermostats. Those VAC control thermostats are used on the older 430 series. If he has a 400 or 450 There is only one and it sends signals to the control board. So I guess we are both right depending on the model
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