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  1. From a Google search: "The Allison shift controls have what we call "Shift inhibits", These are circumstances when the transmission ECU prevents the transmission from going into gear to prevent damage. The most common one is the engine RPM is to high and we inhibit range to prevent shock loading the transmission when it goes into gear. So your transmission is working as designed, anything over 900 RPM can cause the inhibit. The way to tell when this is happening is the keypad digit will flash." For sure too high idle and too low battery voltage will prevent proper transmission operation.
  2. I left a message 2 months ago and still waiting for a response
  3. Bad or shorted bulb. Also does it have a signal light combiner at the trailer hitch. That could have gone bad.
  4. It varies . . . Depends on if there is an accident or not. Some days you go through fine and other days you can't Like any other highway in the US. Pick a day and a time and just go . . . Otherwise take one of the routes other than 75.
  5. We use the Sprint/Tmobile hotspot from FMCA. It is an INSEEGO unit and works great.$50 a month no throttling. I have it tethered to a Pepwave Surf SOHO router and can use cellular modem or even have it set-up to connect to the campgrounds wifi if it is good. Also there is NO contract required. I just connect my equipment to the Surf SOHO's wifi.
  6. When I had this issue it ended up being algae in the fuel and plugging the filter. Had to change it 3 times before all the crud was out. This was on a used rig we had just purchased and drove 800 miles before it started happening. Does a 2005 have ABS. I don't think my 2006 Journey had ABS . . . Could be wrong.
  7. We have 2 different methods. we have a Toshiba Smart TV with all the apps like Hulu, You tube, etc. We also use Apple TV which connects via HDMI to the TV.
  8. He's talking about an auto former that compensates for low line voltage coming into the rig.
  9. Buy yourself a code reader and when it happens again you will know why the light came on and it went into limp mode
  10. Maybe they were not locked??
  11. I have seen good locksmiths with the right tools read the tumblers on the latch locks and make keys right there in about 5 minutes. Maybe a different locksmith. Also if you take one apart you can get numbers off it. Are they possibly ch 751 keys.
  12. Do you have a Toad charge in the system. Mine regulates the charging and never had an issue with our MKX. Maybe that auto-resettable breaker is constantly tripping and not charging like you think it is.
  13. I believe they can be reset with a magnet, If you're talking about that little black box they threw on them. At least the early ones could be reset that way I remember vaguely.
  14. Yea . . . You're getting now what we had a few hours ago in Tallahassee. There also might be one of those re settable push button breakers for that. Not sure if it is in the outside panel or the interior one.
  15. Fuse on control board outside behind refer access panel
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