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  1. sstgermain

    AC, R12

    That is getting expensive. A 20 pounder is around $500 to $600 last time i checked
  2. sstgermain

    Creating your own Network

    I use a peplink Surf SOHO Router. It gives me the ability to go into the configuration and wirelessly connect it to a hot spot or campground wifi. That way all computers and printers stay on my internal network and the router connects to the external network.
  3. sstgermain

    Coolant in the oil

    Egr cooler comes to mind. Really need to do a pressure test. Dont run it as antifreeze will eat the bearings real quick like.
  4. sstgermain

    Flexsteel Seat Damage

    I'de put in a call to Tiffin. Maybe a defective batch. Play it up a bit. They may even repair those for you for FREE. Tiffin does stuff like that.
  5. sstgermain

    Annual RV Insurance

    They have to pay out for all those RV's damaged in the storms while maintaining their profit margin.
  6. sstgermain

    2006 Monaco Dynasty Dash air conditioning problem

    Is that on a Spartan Chassis . . . Maybe a call to them could help.
  7. sstgermain

    Thousand Trails Membership Worth It ?

    From what I've read on some of the internet reviews the parks were run down and needed upgrading.
  8. sstgermain

    Confused and scared newbie

    Vehicle does not rack up miles while towing. Using a tow dolly is a lot more work than flat towing.
  9. sstgermain

    false low air pressure alarm

    That is what I was thinking but could not remember module name.
  10. sstgermain

    false low air pressure alarm

    I know there was some discussion some time back and the air module in the back with bad solder joints or something like that.
  11. sstgermain

    Aqua Hot 450D

    You are not correct. Stop giving mis-information. From the AQUA HOT web site Aqua-Hot heating systems use either the Camco (pink color) or the Century (green color) brand products. The color your system has depends on the coach manufacturer and the model year of your motorhome. What Brands Of Boiler Antifreeze Are Recommended For Aqua-Hot Heating Systems? Aqua-Hot heating systems typically use either the Camco (pink color) or the Century (green color) brand products. The color your system has depends on the coach manufacturer and the model year of your motorhome. TIP: Don't mix colors in your Aqua-Hot system. Mixing pink and green boiler antifreeze produces a brown color that maybe confused with corrosion, creating unnecessary service expense. I'm not gonna argue with you. Nuff said.
  12. sstgermain

    Aqua Hot 450D

    Yes but he OP is asking how does he winterize the domestic hot water portion of the Aqua Hot. For that he can run regular pink RV winterization antifreeze through that loop. If he has a 50:50 mix in the boiler/heat loop he needs to do nothing. If it is not 50:50 he would need to add the Aquahot Boiler andifreeze in either pink or yellowish depending on what is there now.
  13. sstgermain

    Aqua Hot 450D

    The boiler antifreeze is for the boiler part of the Aquahot. You can use regular RV antifreeze in the domestic hot water section when you winterize.
  14. sstgermain


    An 8k Grand Cherokee. Specs are 4600 to 5300 lbs
  15. sstgermain


    Almost sounds like a bad egr cooler.