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  1. 2000 Allegro Bus Freightliner chassis

    So you jack up the rear of the RV . . . Have to put it in neutral and hope you can turn the rear wheels till you feel drag??? . . . Then back off. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Maybe done that way if you are having a brake job done and that is initial adjustment.
  2. 2000 Allegro Bus Freightliner chassis

    I thought they were automatic on the Rv chassis
  3. Adventurer Whole Side Slideout Finger Pointing

    Not the same system. You have the GOOD system pre Shwintek system
  4. 12v system question

  5. 12v system question

    It would be the positive side
  6. 12v system question

    I guess what you need to do is find out which one of those cables in there powers the house lights and put it on the house batteries. Should be easy to figure out by disconnecting one at a time. Usually slides run on the chassis batteries. Mine needs to be running to operate the slides and levelers.
  7. 12v system question

    That looks like the jump start solenoid. I think if that failed he would have interior lights on house and chassis batteries.
  8. 12v system question

    The interior lights and stuff should be on house batteries and not chassis batteries.
  9. Hot water shuts off

    Stuck check valve in the hot outlet or line of the water heater.
  10. Adventurer Whole Side Slideout Finger Pointing

    It is a common problem with those years 2013, 2014 ,2015. They finally got it right in 2016. When I purchased our Tour I stayed away from those years because of that. It really bites that Winnebago won't repair it--- knowing they've had these problems. Their customer service is getting horrible. If it were a Tiffin it would be a no issue for them to make it right. Good luck in your Battle . . . Hope you win
  11. Toad Charging

    You can also purchase a LSL ProductsToad-Charge which will regulate the charging to the toad. It is fused at 10 amps. We've been using one for years.
  12. Auxiliary Air Tank

    According to the OP that was his problem " The coach is now located at the REV service facility in Decatur, Indiana. The issue we have found is they have never seen a system like this or who manufactures them. Does any one have any knowledge of this type of system as we are not even sure just what this system would be used for as it is not original to the coach. "
  13. Auxiliary Air Tank

    Have them remove it. That setup is for the Airforce 1 brake system for a towed vehicle that is towed 4 down and you do not really need it.
  14. Auxiliary Air Tank

    Car pulled behind an RV is called a toad
  15. Auxiliary Air Tank

    I knew there was a Toad Braking system that used that but couldn't remember the name??