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FMCA Roadside Assistance

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Dkontz6234, Sorry to hear of your experience.  I too had a need just over a month back to call on FMCA Roadside Assistance for help with a tire issue.

My experience was the complete opposite of yours.  On the initial call they promptly took my info, called me back about 20 minutes later saying the tire service provider was on their way.  Within about 2 hours  from my call the tire was fixed and I was back on my way.  

Prior to FMCA Roadside Assistance I had GoodSam.  About 5 years back I had a tire issue just outside of Washington DC on a rush hour interstate.  After waiting over 6 hours for assistance, a friend traveling with me was able to put on the spare.  Don't think GS ever showed up.  

To me all Roadside Assistance providers are similar.  Sometimes it works well, others, not so much.

Still think that FMCA Roadside Assistance at $69/year is one of the best values out there.


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On ‎10‎/‎22‎/‎2018 at 3:48 PM, dkontz6234 said:

I just got off the phone with FMCA roadside Assistance, and it was one of the worse experiences of my life.  I need my coach towed to a certified Cummins diesel repair facility for a major repair.  I explained everything to the dispatcher and told her where I have an appointment.  She said it would cost me $220 for the tow.  I asked why and she said there were closer repair facilities.  When I asked for the list she gave about 4 car dealers and a couple of Mobile RV Repair companies.  I explained to her that these companies would not be able to do the work she said that is what the computer shows.  I then asked to speak to a supervisor and she basically said the same thing.  I told her in my contract it states the vehicle will be towed to the nearest qualified repair facility, she said she had no knowledge of what my contract said.

So do not switch your Roadside assistance, because this company is really bad.

I had a similar issue recently.  A couple of months ago, my Cadillac DeVille had electrical problems and I made an appointment with a repair shop that I trust and know does good work.  I called FMCA RoadSide Assistance and they towed it to my shop of choice.  Nice.  My repair cost a little over $1000.

Then about a month later, I had another issue (loss of brakes) with the same vehicle... but this time when I called RSA, they told me I would be charged $72.00 for the tow (the same shop from the same location, my home) because I specified a "custom" repair facility.  I ended up calling a local Meineke and found they would tow me to their facility for free (max 5 times a year) and got the repair done there ($1003.00).

With the response from FMCA RSA being catch as catch can, I will more than likely go back to CoachNet when my current policy expires next year.  Never had such inconsistent responses from them all the years I was with them.

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Yes but coach net delivers you to whom they wish not  your wish...Think I will give AAA a shot as am with them already with the cars. They should be ok as long as I am not toting the big trailer. If I am using the much smaller flat bed "utility" trailer the Jeep can handle it unloaded. I have also considered Good Sam again with out the big cargo trailer.

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