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  1. Oh for sure! Got to keep that radiator and cc clean or all the air in the world will not keep 'er cool!
  2. My Cummins ISL 400hp was overheating on hills, radiator/cc were clean, turned out, fan clutch was faulty and not kicking into high, had a Freightliner shop replace and I'm makin' ice cubes now even on hills!
  3. I'm replacing my two steer tires due to age and a cut in the tread of one of the tires. I don't think Michelin makes the exact same tire any longer Michelin XZAR3 275/80 R 22.5 Looking at the price list in the FMCA tire program, I don't see anything close in numerical name.. I like the current tires, what's going to be the closest that I can get to the original? Sticking with Michelin tires... THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  4. I know this is an old thread but I'm having same problem, actually slide will neither go out or retract. I've successfully "jumped" the motor to do the work until I find the cure. I've verified that it's not the relays, I switched the other side slide relays with the inop side and they work, I've also verified that the switch works, still not getting power to the slide motor via the connection to the switch. I've not seen a controller for either side but will continue to search.. coach is an '07 Sportscoach legend 40qs
  5. What model camera/monitor did you get? I want to do something else back there as well. Currently have color camera but it's pretty well useless due to lack of clarity.
  6. You said front cap is damaged/gone, is there still the possibility that a wrecker could pick up the front, remove the drive line and tow it on the rear wheels? Might be a lot cheaper to get it towed rather than having a specialized trucking firm tow it on a lowboy.... you are still going to have height issues on a very LOW boy trailer with your 12' coach sittingng on top!
  7. Dental floss has SO many uses! I've had broken plastic connectors, where the break allows multiple winds, as well as on off knobs for washer/dryer! wrap around the stem many many times, then a dab of super glue to keep it wound, knob stem will NEVER break, works on cracked one's too....
  8. We wound up having to stay in a TT campground next to a vacation rental property we own, I wound up with pneumonia and we had to extend our stay, total cost (as non members) for our stay was about $250. We decided to call about membership, they applied our current fees to the membership... to make a long story short, between that stay and a 14 day stay in a beautiful park in WA state (Crescent Bar) between the two stays, we're at break even for our membership. At only about 45 days into our membership, I'd say it's excellent value... I'll post more after the year is up and we take a longer trip
  9. Isn't it legal to license your coach in a different state than where you reside? I thought I'd seen this advertised somewhere in the FMC magazine...
  10. Only been doing this two years, but went cross country last year. I found that in stations that limit you to 100 bux or so, you have to go inside first... hope this helps
  11. I do not think a complete cover both ears headset is legal, that said, you can, as far as I know, have a headset that only covers one ear... I've damaged my coach enough in tight conditions that we now are not doing any maneuvering unless we're connected via earphone and cell connection, the independent headset would be very nice, since my hearing aids make me have to turn them up quite high to have a decent conversation in a pretty darn quiet pusher....
  12. It is extremely too bad that the pusher is out for you, I have a buddy who bought a gasser and he's had to modify and modify again his suspension in order to make the coach feel secure for him on inclines and when he's in a cross wind.. I bought after him, and after working on his to get his suspension closer to where he wanted it, when we looked at coaches, I insisted on AIR BAG! The ride is so much better that I would never be able to be a non-bag salesman! I could not lie to someone and say there was even a comparison that could be made between the two! My suggestion would be, try to rethink not being able to get the bagger and indie suspension. Another thought... mine currently has a single actuator for the front bags... one goes down, they both go up. I've been bottoming out a bit and Freightliner just found that the bag mount is bent two inches... We're currently in the process of building up the components to swap to independent front bag actuation... (and, of course, fixing of the bent bracket!) I feel your pain, sorry my comments probably only make things worse and don't really offer an answer to your question...
  13. Are we perhaps talking about what I know as "Fantom Tape"? It comes in several colors, you pull it off the roll, it is not tacky but clingy, pull it tight, wrap whatever you are wrapping and each wrap bonds to the last making a seal that can even withstand (in come cases) hydraulic pressure! Stuff is magic, AFAIK, it was developed by the defense department as a solution to protect the wiring in the old F4 Phantom military jet. Stuff is absolutely a must to have on hand! Neat to have a tape that actually becomes a high strength mass when wrapped under pressure... meaning wrapped with a lot of stretch.. Wish I had some pictures but my toolbox got stolen and I lost my supply... Just looked up URL for product http://www.f4tape.com/
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