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  1. We've been using Your Best Address for the past two years since our previous service, MyDakotaAddress, went out of business rather suddenly. The folks at YBA were great in helping us through that mess and their service has continued to be excellent since then. I especially like the "Virtual Mail Service" which allows me to view my (rather few) pieces of mail and decide how to disposition them all without having to speak to anyone. My requests for scanning, forwarding and disposal have always been handled promptly. Joel (AKA docj)
  2. I can attest to the fact that noises that sound like they are coming from that valve may actually becoming from other parts of the parking brake "system". Because of a problem that I don't need to bore everyone here with, I had multiple opportunities to have my airbrake valve make noises like it was leaking, when, in fact, the problem was a leak at the air actuator that applies and releases the brake! The OP's problem most likely has nothing to do with mine, but I simply wanted to caution not to assume that the valve was the source of the problem. I, too, replaced my brake valve to no avail.
  3. The tires I have on my MH are 22.5 truck tires--Hankooks. They replaced Michelin truck tires which I rode on for 7 years. I'm not sure who even makes a "motorhome tire".
  4. With all due respect, with few exceptions, almost all North American on-highway truck tires are rated for 75 mph. In contrast, most trailer tires are speed rated at 65mph.
  5. I don't know why you consider this FlexSteel's problem. It sold Thor furniture that met its price specifications and lasted through the warranty period. That's the extent of their obligation. If Thor drove subcontractors to use substandard materials to meet cost objectives why is that the subcontractor's fault?
  6. With all due respect, that's why we have never gone with an organized tour. We've done >65,000 miles around North America over the past 9 years all on our own!
  7. This was the third summer we've been on PEI. We happen to enjoy the area east of Charlottetown where there are far fewer tourists. We hang out at an RV park called Seal Cove which is on the River near Murray Harbour North. Most of the people at the park are locals who leave their RVs there as weekend "cabins." The town of Montague is ~12 miles north and has grocery stores, etc. It's about an hour's drive from Charlottetown so it's not such a bad drive if we need to do more "serious" shopping. IMO with the exception of Charlottetown, it's difficult to think of PEI as being much other than agrarian and pretty rural. By rural I mean "not urban." To me, miles of rolling farmland is rural.
  8. As you noted this is a very common problem. RV manufacturers establish "price points" that they wish to pay for subsystems purchased from other vendors. Vendors such as FlexSteel have to meet those price points in order to stay competitive. That means cheapening either the upholstery material or the furniture frame or both. Three years ago we purchased brand new deluxe FlexSteel captains chairs from Bradd and Hall of Elkhart. The ~15 year old chairs we replaced were still in reasonably good condition and weren't peeling. Our new ones were upholstered in Ultraleather which retails for $60-70/yard. Unfortunately, there are lots of lower cost and lower quality imitations of Ultraleather and, in addition, there are a lot of poor quality "bonded leather" fabrics out there.
  9. One small difference I noticed was that FMCA limits winch out to $500 whereas Coachnet provides for 2 hours of work. Last summer we needed winch-out service on Canada Day in a rather rural area of Prince Edward Island. I have no idea what the cost was but the wife of the truck owner told me that she had been given a credit card to charge everything to even before the truck reached me. I paid nothing. One other thing I want to clarify with Coachnet is that a couple of years ago they had to dispatch a mechanic to me. At the time it was explained to me that they would cover the "dispatch fee" and mileage charges while I was to pay for labor hours and parts. I can't find reference to this on the CoachNet website but I'm going to call.
  10. docj

    Inverter Died

    With all due respect, I suspect he's recommending this because the "form factor" will be the same and it will be an easier install for him. As has already been said, there are a lot of devices that simply don't like MSW inverters. Induction burners and microwave ovens are among the devices most often affected. But, in the long run, it's your MH, you are free to do as you wish.
  11. docj

    Inverter Died

    With all due respect, I believe the Freedom 2000 is a modified sine wave (MSW)) inverter. In today's world, I'm not sure I'd want to replace an MSW inverter with another one when pure sine wave (PSW) inverters are pretty common and not all that much more expensive. JMO
  12. Sorry, that's what comes of writing posts late in the day. The post has been edited to now read that I have 6 "Hankook" tires on my MH. The first two were installed ~4 years ago on the steer axle and the rear four were installed in early 2018. The Hankooks on the steer axle resulted in a significant ride improvement and less road noise.
  13. I'm not at all sure why you consider Hankook tires to be only for those who don't drive all that much. Hankook tires are used all over the world in heavy trucks and autos. They simply aren't as well known in the US as Michelin. Therefore, they don't command the premium (inflated) price of Michelin tires. I now have six Hankooks on my MH and have driven over 65,000 miles in 9 years of full-timing. FWIW I purchased my Hankook tires at a lower price than was available through FMCA.
  14. With all due respect, over 10 years we have traveled over 65,000 miles as full-timers. In all that time there have been a couple of instances where we needed the services of a mechanic on the side of a road because of mechanical breakdown. IMHO towing the vehicle would have been a rather uneconomical approach to problems that were resolved with an hour or two of work at the vehicle. As I said in my post, CN has found us an available mechanic and, in the past, has paid for the mechanic's service call and mileage fees. I paid for the mechanic's time and any parts or supplies that were needed. FMCA is entitled to adopt any terms and conditions it wishes for its roadside assistance plan. All I was doing was pointing out the differences between the FMCA plan and my personal experience with the CN plan.
  15. In MT any MH older than 10 years gets permanent plates. No annual fee.
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