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  1. With 9,385 confirmed cases your second place position in TX isn't threatened.
  2. In my experience, T-Mobile's coverage map has to be taken with a grain of salt. If you expand it way up you can see that there are "shading" differences in the regions that get 4G coverage. The darker shading is is supposed to be "really good" coverage and the slightly lighter shading is "not quite as good". My home is in that second, lighter shading and the service here is pretty poor!
  3. I'm not aware of any coverage map provided by T-Mobile that shows where Band 71 is available. Here's a map from a year ago created by others. I don't know how much the coverage has been expanded since then, but it was pretty limited at that time: T-Mobile Band 71 coverage
  4. If your countertops and sinks are a solid surface material (the generic term for Corian) you can use this kit to polish them up and remove nicks and scratches: Corian repair kit In addition, my wife uses a mild bleach and water solution to remove surface stains when she does her weekly cleaning. Just put a bit of bleach in a sinkfull of water and let it stand for half an hour. FWIW, normally Corian is not polished to a high gloss finish because it is an inherently soft material and the finish will rapidly dull. A "satin" finish is easier to maintain.
  5. If you're looking at an Aspen without LTE functionality then you might as well save a few dollars and buy a Spruce. The processor is the same in both. All these routers can connect to hotspots using WiFi but many people like the sense of stability provided by a hardwire connect. More importantly, if the hotspot and Ranger are communicating via a tether the WiFi broadcast from the hotspot won't interfere with the Ranger even if you leave the SSID enabled. When they are linked via WiFi there can be a risk of interference if all your electronics are close together. Through the use of an inexpensive USB hub, WiFiRanger products can USB-tether up to 3 cellular devices and use them all in a Load Balanced connection. As for the use of USB 2.0 rather than 3.0, the max rated throughput speed of USB 2.0 is 480 Mbps. I haven't encountered any internet connection lately that would be anywhere near that fast. 😂 This is a case where there's no practical need to upgrade the spec and no particular benefit to doing so.
  6. I don't see what's so unusual about what your're looking for. In your Variation #1 you use a cellular hotspot device as your primary method of connecting your "local network" of devices to the internet. In your Variation #2 you use the park's WiFi. At present, I use my WiFiRanger Aspen router for both of those purposes. I have three cellular hotspots connected to it via USB and Ethernet tethers and I have our park's WiFi connected via 2 GHz WiFi. Rather than limiting myself to your two cases I use all of my sources in a Load Balanced configuration, but I could easily use them one at a time as you propose in variations 1 and 2. If I'm missing some aspect of your situation, please explain. There are a number of other brands of routers with WIFi as WAN capability that could do the same thing. I'll mention Pepwave and Cradlepoint as two examples
  7. Herd immunity requires that, at a minimum, >60% of a entire population need to be immune to a disease for future outbreaks not to spread. That's because transmission of a disease is a probabilistic process and when herd immunity is achieved each infected person transmits to fewer than one other person. In other words, if you're a sick person what are the odds that the people you will meet and potentially transmit the disease to are already immune? This is pretty standard epidemiology; it's not "new thinking" created for the current COVID-19 situation.
  8. Those anecdotal examples have no significance with respect to what benefits any individual person will receive.
  9. I'm not sure why you treat this as a 7.5% chance of contracting the disease. The infection rate isn't static--the number of infections increases daily. Herd immunity doesn't take place until at least ~60% have been infected. Given the higher death rate of this virus compared to the flu, that means that a significant number of people are yet to die as the virus continues to spread.
  10. The trouble is that using anecdotal examples doesn't provide a basis for being able to know what any specific individual's benefits would be. Just because you know of two people who were treated this way, doesn't provide a precedent for any future benefits for others, particularly since that's not the way the benefit language is written. I, for one, sure wouldn't want to make the assumption that I would receive those benefits since they exceed what the plan is obligated to pay for.
  11. Verizon assigns numeric codes to all its plans. Make sure that the folks at FMCA give you the plan number. That's what you need to give the next Verizon CSR you speak with. Calmly keep telling the CSR to look up the plan by number regardless of whether or not they've ever personally heard of it.
  12. As noted previously, the table is secured to the sidewalls with large screw eyes and heavy-duty zip ties.
  13. Now that we have a storage shed on our own property in TX we have taken so much out the of the MH that I'm not the least concerned about our load capability. 200 lbs is the weight of a person; not a big deal IMO.
  14. What's not all that visible in the photo is that there are two large shelves under the counter on which we've placed a set of large baskets which provide a huge amount of easily accessible (just slide them out) storage. The counter itself has a hinged "breakfast bar" which hangs out over the edge of the "platform" which provides us room to eat meals. The massive weight of the entire piece makes it very stable even with the cantilevered section. The biggest challenge was getting the counter top into the MH. Thank goodness for a somewhat younger neighbor! 😂
  15. I realize that this probably isn't most people's way to redo the dining area, but it works for us. The counter-height work surface is a superb addition to the kitchen work area. The butcher block is solid inch and a half maple. It stands on 3x3 posts and weighs >200 lbs. I'm not at all worried about it tipping over but it is anchored to the wall to keep it from sliding.
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