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  1. You can get batteries for most hotspots from Amazon. You can have your replacement in a day or two.
  2. Although some Samsung models have this capability most Android phones don't. However, with iPhones a small adapter will permit HDMI output while still allowing for charging. Apple charges an outrageous price for its adapter but I've been told you should avoid the cheap ones because they don't all comply with Digital Rights Management issues and don't always work.
  3. Michelin engaged in an extremely successful ad campaign when radial ply tires were first introduced for passenger vehicles. I think they've been riding that wave ever since to command a price premium relative to most other brands.
  4. We had a 2000 Versatile on the Dodge chassis and we really enjoyed. Of course, unless it has been upgraded the TV and other electronics will be totally outdated. The original TV was an old analog unit and I think it operated on 12V so you will have to find a similar 12V one or use a small inverter.
  5. An excellently written explanation of the current situation! My wife and I had our Pfizer vaccine shots a couple of months ago and we're ready to hit the road to see grandkids. The only thing keeping us from doing that immediately is the fact that I'm supposed to get a new knee next week. Although I know the process will involve some pain, it is sort of akin to getting new bushings installed on your automotive front end! One thing that often seems to be overlooked is that it's important to get the virus to an endemic level from a pandemic one because that will reduce the likelihood that a truly bad variant can propagate. The virus is constantly mutating as it spreads. Statistically, most mutations aren't particularly harmful to humans and can even result in "harm" to the virus's ability to replicate and infect. The danger is that some small percentage of mutations can make the virus more transmissible or more serious once you catch it. In an absolute worst case, some variations could even give the virus a pathway "around" the vaccines that were just developed. That's why it's important to establish enough of a herd immunity that dangerous variants don't find "hosts" that they can infect which is why it's important for as many people as possible to get vaccinated. There's a big difference in having 75-80% of the population vaccinated vs just 50%.
  6. I just had Miller Insurance in Oregon write a policy on my RV site in TX. I had previously used a different company; Miller's quote is significantly less. I strongly urge you to contact Roxanne at Miller; she's very competent. ROXANNE M. SUTTON5805 SW Willow Lane | Lake Oswego, OR 97035(800) 622-6347 toll free | (503) 636-6347 main | (503) 699-9348 fax
  7. Thank you for that explanation. I have a "sister" coach, a 2000 Beaver Patriot Thunder, and I've always puzzled over the location of the salesman switch relay. There probably isn't one!
  8. Although I haven't heard of anyone doing this, I know that Rixen Enterprises in Sandy OR had been installing a German-made hydronic heating system. Jim Rixen is pretty knowledgeable about these systems and might know the answer to your question.
  9. The Hurricane was the predecessor to the Oasis and both are made by ITR in Vancouver WA. Ours has two zones and, as delivered, didn't have an electric backup. We had a Comfort Hot electric system installed by Jim Rixen in Sandy OR so our functionality is now roughly the same as an Oasis.
  10. It was at Maker's Mark that we were given the chance to taste the "white lightning" that they actually market. It's just that hasn't been aged! As they say, that will definitely put hair on your chest! 😅
  11. We can get that bourbon cream at one of the liquor stores here in coastal TX. The supply isn't regular so I usually buy several bottles when they have it in stock.
  12. I'm pretty sure they offered tasting when we toured there some ~15 years ago.
  13. We stream all our video and spend a lot of time on our laptops. I estimate our usage is in the 200-300 GB/mo range. I now have two of the 100 GB T-Mobile plans along with a grandfathered prepaid unlimited Verizon SIM. I'm currently looking to replace my now-dead AT&T unlimited SIM.
  14. IMHO you can't make generalizations and comparisons between two different hotspot devices on different plans and in arbitrary locations. Cellular service is highly location and plan-dependent. That having been said, the new state-of-the-art T-Mobile hotspot is the 5G Inseego M2000 which T-Mobile is providing at 50% off MSRP. I have two of them and two 100GB/$50 T-Mobile plans. I've never been a fan of T-Mobile but these are working well.
  15. With all due respect, the Jim Bean label is only one of a number of labels produced by this distillery. Try any of the >100 proof Knob Creek labels; I doubt you would call those rot gut. That's one of the benefits of taking the Bourbon Trail IMO. You learn about labels you never would have tried. The quality of bourbon I drank improved significantly after we took the Trail. And we still love the bourbon cream produced by Buffalo Trace that we discovered on the Trail.
  16. From Wikipedia: Tennessee is home to other major bourbon makers, although most prefer to call their product "Tennessee whiskey" instead, including giant Jack Daniel's. It is legally defined under Tennessee House Bill 1084, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and at least one other international trade agreement as the recognized name for a straight bourbon whiskey produced in Tennessee. In other words there is bourbon made in TN, but it's call Tennessee Whisky!
  17. My new T-Mobile Inseego 5G M2000 hotspot covers both T-Mobile's bands as well as those legacy bands that used to belong to Sprint. I know that because one day I was getting fantastic download speeds and discovered that it had connected to Band 41 which is a Sprint band at ~2.5 GHz. Unfortunately, the connection didn't last and hasn't been repeated. But it evidence that T-Mobile is using the old Sprint spectrum. What I've read is the T-Mobile expects to bring out a lot of what's being called "<6GHz 5G" because Sprint had made a large investment in that part of the spectrum.
  18. Lots of smartphones can make WiFi calls without any need for Magic Jack or similar devices. Just go into settings and activate WiFi calling.
  19. According to the NY Thruway folks there is a 5% discount when using EZPass if and only if you have a pass issued by NY.
  20. The actual link for FridgeFixer is here: FridgeFixer It works better than any homemade solution I had tried.
  21. With speakers a key question is always "how much do you want to spend?" For sitting outside listening to Pandora after dinner, we're quite pleased with a ~$60 Bluetooth speaker set that we bought from Amazon. We think the sound is pretty good, but if you're the kind who likes to buy JBL or similar stuff they probably won't meet your standards.
  22. It was announced in July 2020 that both GA and FL would join EZPass probably in 2021. https://www.thetrucker.com/trucking-news/the-nation/floridas-turnpike-enterprise-georgias-state-road-and-tollway-authority-to-join-e-zpass-network
  23. I've had Visible for nearly a year and it's so-so at my location in rural coastal TX. Typically, during the day I get 5-10 Mbps downloads but in the evening it is often <5 Mbps. Even though it is owned by Verizon, it is considered a prepaid plan in the Verizon hierarchy of plans which puts it near the bottom of the list. But for the price, it's not a bad deal IMO.
  24. Greetings to a fellow owner of a 2000 PT. It's a small club! Does your Silverleaf system still work? What does it say the voltage is while the engine is running.
  25. Thanks for the info. At the moment we aren't going anywhere because of the COVID situation. We're going to stay in TX over the holidays and will Facetime with the family instead of being with them Our MD transponders aren't costing me anything at the moment so I have no urgency to change.
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