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  1. Wolfe10 is absolutely right!
  2. It is a 10 year old unit. Most businesses don't have the room nor assets to tie up into old and slow moving parts. It's not that they don't care it's just a business decision. RV junk yards have better deals for an OEM used part.
  3. As a previous Auto dealer that serviced Sprinters and Sprinter RV's I agree with BCHAMPTON. Always tried to accommodate 1. travelers and 2. specialty vehicles. I have found the same frustration with RV dealers that they can sell them but can't really service and repair them. What an opportunity for entrepreneurship! I have found that most dealers sub out the work and mark up the work. AND they really do a lousy job of scheduling!
  4. That's why I changed to Blue Ox. Blue Ox attends all FMCA rallies. They service and repair on site. Generally it's a $30.00 charge. CW COULD NEVER SERVICE MY ROAD MASTER FALCON TOW BAR. I was able to keep my base plate for my Jeep BUT I did have to use my old hitch pins. I went to Tractor Supply and bought some new ones any way. The old ones were a little beat up.
  5. TXUSGUY (Gary N Gibson) and TXUSGAL (Vickie L. Gibson) are attending out of Ft Worth.
  6. Usually covered by plastic flap so is hiding from you in plain site under the dash.
  7. Drive for a while first. Analyse the ride and drive. Then go for the appropriate mod/correction.
  8. Blue Beacon Truck Wash or any truck wash. Just ask them to back off the graphics.
  9. TXUSGAL drives and does very well. But won't drive in large metropolitan areas (makes het really nervous). Otherwise no restrictions on road or weather and yes we tow a Jeep. Classroom and non-related instructor would be a good idea. I basically told TXUSGAL 4 things. 1) Keep it between the two lines and look out front and see about where you ride in the roadway. (Even where your line on left hits on the windshield. In our case it aligns with the edge ofan inspection sticker.). 2) Stay in your right lane until you are really comfortable. 3) Do the speed you are comfortable with and let others pass you if they don't like it. 4) Taught her how to make left and right turns. It's not as hard as you one makes it to be ...IF you use your head , practice, be proud of your newly acquired ability. After all, God forbid, you may need to know how to drive someday in an emergency. GOOD LUCK to her! and GOOD LUCK to you in learning to keep quiet when she does drive and give lots of encouragement.
  10. WELCOME! You will find the world of RVing fun, fantastic, relaxing and full of great people. People that are willing to share their experiences, knowledge, and support.
  11. I was having trouble with my Dometic not getting cold enough. Adjusted Thermistor all the way to the top but it still struggled. Also have battery operated fan inside. Took the RV to my local Tiffin dealer. They monitored and ran tests. They discovered the screens on my vents. Yes, yes the Camco type designed for it. Their test results were that they restricted 40% of my air flow??? Anyway, we removed the screens and installed a second fan in the vent flue. Tiffin covered the modification. Thank you Bob and crew. Testing it out ourselves this weekend.
  12. We have a 32' Tiffin Allegro Breeze and just LOVE it!
  13. I served over twenty years. I agree with you guys 100% and don't think Fonda deserves anything from this country. What she did was treasonous. We had a pot for the fighter crew who could take her out. I am proud that I too was able to serve our country in a time of need. I agree that it is an insult and a slap in the face for anyone to want to honor an outright traitor to our nation especially in time of war. Many may have forgotten about Ms. Fonda's exploits in North Viet Nam, but I haven't & never will. I fly the American flag 365 days a year and I am not ashamed to say GOD Bless America and GOD Bless our Troops!
  14. Great thought provokers! Allegro Breeze 32Br. I was concerned about the change in the dynamics of the MH. Yes I do have a trailer but looked at the fact that I could take my golf cart and tow my car. HERMANMULLINS, you wrote "There trailers out there that can carry two motor cycles and a car." Any references? I have a 12 ft trailer to haul the golf cart by itself but don't want to drive a triple train. Maybe I'm just trying to cover too many bases.
  15. Does any one have a motorcycle or golf cart lift installed on their motorhome? I'm interested in finding out your experiences, approximate cost, and other things I should be aware or wary of. Looking at Hydralift. What other brands are out there that work well?
  16. Don't know what happened to my "THANK YOU" posting from yesterday but I'll try it again. It is humbling to think that you, Wolfe10, chucknewman and Paul Dubois, yes, Paul Dubois the National Vice-President for the Northeast Region of FMCA, wrote or called me personally to help out with my dilemma. Currently I am healing from cracked ribs and partially collapsed lung so I can't get up or down very well. I noticed a pool of red fluid under the rear of my new 2011 Tiffin Allegro Breeze MH. I wasn't sure what to do or what it was since this is my 1st diesel pusher. These guys came to my rescue with hints, suggestions, and phone calls. CAN ANYONE SAY THAT BELONGING TO FMCA DOESN'T COME WITH BENEFITS BEYOND IMAGINATION? Who am I??? No one. Just a loyal member of FMCA from now to eternity.... Thanks again.
  17. Just a follow-up to my "scared me" coolant leak. Based on my current medical situation (cracked ribs & partial collapsed lung) I called my friend from church, who is a mechanic by trade, and asked him to come help me with pressure checking the cooling system. I wanted to make sure I had tightened the compression sleeve hose clamps and stopped the one known leak. Especially in light of the fact that my selling dealer said they haven't been able to locate ROTELLA ELC 50/50 for several weeks ANYWHERE! GOOD THING I DID! I tried several phone calls to locate Rotella ELC Coolant and got answers of "we don't carry or we don't sell that brand of coolant or Rotella is only oil not coolant . Then at the urging of my friend I called an International truck dealer who said "I have a warehouse full of it." The Parts guy was in disbelief of the "supply" difficulties. So I went and secured 8 gallons because I didn't know how much had actually leaked out. The first thing I discovered was that the "cheap" radiator cap that Tiffin installed was bent and deformed. It was EXTREMELY difficult to remove. I replaced it with a new one. Works great now like it should. So we started the pressure test and pumped it up to 16 lbs. HOLY COW! NOW I HAD 5 ADDITIONAL LEAKS!!! Anyway, a good thing we checked. My friend was able to crawl underneath, locate and tightened all the additional hose clamps. The alarming thing was that every hose clamp was NOT even tightened. A couple of the clamps were barely even threaded into the worm gear of the clamp!!! How the other hoses hadn't started to leak yet is beyond me. After he tightened them all, we re-tested the system and NO LEAKS. Ok, so we started to add coolant. IT ONLY TOOK 1 GALLON and filled the sight glass to 3/4 of the way between LOW and MAX. Started the engine to make sure of no air locks. But that's ok. Guess I'll save the additional Rotella Coolant for a future date. Makes me wonder if I should report this to Tiffin or would they even care? WHAT DO YOU THINK? I did get a call this afternoon from my selling dealer who told me that Tiffin agreed to sell them a case (6 gallons) at $5.89 per gallon higher than what I paid for it. Plus they are having to pay express freight! Can you say "Selling dealer is kinda dumb!" I called the Parts Dept Mgr of the selling dealer and gave them the Shell distributor's name in Houston as well as the info on where I bought it locally. SO I AM READY FOR MY CHAPTER'S DEC RALLY! THANK YOU AGAIN EVERYONE !
  18. THANKS! I was able to get a better look (despite my "not fully healed" cracked ribs and partially collapsed lung). It does not appear to be oily so figured it must be radiator fluid. It uses Rotella Extended Life Fluid and it is leaking from a radiator like hose that is fitted inside another radiator hose. There is a black box on DS with the radiator fluid sticker and it has the sight glass I refer to. I stuck a paint stick into the box and got "0" fluid :eek: so this is probably the problem. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP AND THE HELP FROM PAUL DUBOIS OF FMCA (who telephoned and coached me). Who says it doesn't pay to belong to FMCA?
  19. Emergency help needed - 2011 Tiffin 32BR Breeze Maxxforce 7 (Navistar) engine -Leak of red fluid from driver side rear of vehicle. Looks to be seepage from a radiator type hose. I checked transmission and oil dipsticks and levels appear fine. Looking in the engine compartment there is a site glass on driver side in front of radiator. It has a thin red line in center of glass like a thermometer. It shows no fluid level or anything. What is that for and how do you read it? What is the red fluid? Can I drive the vehicle to a repair center. What action should I take? 817 300-0349
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