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  1. In my Beaver the leveling sensor is located under the velcro attached "dash plate" just ahead of the steering wheel. It's very easily accessable, and placed in a clean and protected area of the coach.
  2. I was told that several years ago a truck had problems near Pendleton, Oregon. The drivers took the truck to the Woodpecker service outlet West of town. They pulled the truck into the service bay and the technician slid underneath... to be greeted by feces and its smell spread from the front all the way down the chassis. Come to find out the pair of drivers had installed a john in their sleeper with a straight tube going down through the floor to the road... just like the trains in Europe had in the early seventies when I was there. lolol The technician slid out... told the shop manager what he found... and the drivers were told to "Get the **** outta here. Come back when the truck is cleaned." People in a hurry do the weirdist things.
  3. I found this reference to Beaver hinged TV problems on the BAC website. There isn't much there pertaining to fixes, but there are a few names of people who you might contact for help. http://forum.bacrallies.com/m-1356975033/
  4. When we bought our Verizon JetPack a week or two ago we were told it would add $10 per month to our plan's monthly cost. Our plan allows for 4gb of data. I think we were also told that running over the 4gbs would cost another $10 per gb... but before running over our 4gb plan restriction we would receive notifications at 50% used, 75% used, and 90% used. Soooo... all we had to do was call in to have the 4gb plan restriction raised BEFORE exceeding the 4gb restriction. I think we were told that adding to the 4 gb restriction would add another $10 for adding 2gb. Please understand this was waaaaayyy last week and alot of water and golf balls have gone under the bridge since then. lol
  5. Hey hey... another Chevy Chase movie?
  6. We just got the MIFI unit ( also called the JetPack) from Verizon last month. Ours cost $50 net up front and will cost $10 per month additional on our plan on a 4gb per month usage basis. It is good to hear the Verizon system works well... or better than ATT. My brother has ATT and the Air Card.
  7. Do you have a cell phone? Most cell phone providers also offer internet access through the cell phone service. We have Verizon - two cell phones (andriods) that have all the bells and whistles. We can use our cell phones for a wifi connection between our computers and the internet. We recently added another device, called a JetPack, that is a Verizon device added to our plan that is a separate and specific wifi device for internet access. These cell phones are not cheap, and the monthly service fee is also not cheap. But it provides access to phone service and internet access wherever they have cell towers within range - which is almost everywhere you will find main roads. Also, if you have a satellite dish for TV reception, then you can get internet access. I believe DISH has internet access for an additional fee. Plus you can get satellite dishes specifically for internet access - like HughesNet.
  8. Try this site: http://rvservicereviews.com/Index.asp
  9. I-90 through Montana is a regular freeway you could see anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. It has mostly 4 lanes (2 lanes each way), has some steep hills and a few sharpish turns, mostly when passing through a couple mountain passes... like just East of Coeur D'Alene... and in the passes the roads have some damage due to rock slides. You will be traveling slower than most traffic because Montana has a very fast designated speed during daylight hours... upwards to 80 and 90 mph. Traveling at night can be a problem - lots of wild animals in Montana and they cross the roads frequently, and mainly at night. The speed enforcement is more closely watched at night due to animals on the roads. I have traveled I-90 from Seattle to Billings... more frequently in Washington, not so much in Montana. Driving across Montana and Idaho on I-90 you will see about everything... except skyscrapers... lots of sage brush on the flats and lots of timber in the mountains.
  10. It's the politicians' mindset at work - MORE LAWS, MORE REGULATIONS. We need to be electing politicians who have the opposite mindset - make a law, erase five... or ten. You can bet that if Florida places an International Driver's License requirement, then Canada and other countries will place the same requirement on us who want to drive in their countries. Politicians can be smart, but usually are pretty self-centered and thoughtless.
  11. Perhaps this type of adaptor (see link below) is wired into/within the campground's pedestal... two 30 amp lines going into a 50 amp plug... but two 30 amp lines would result in a useful load of 60 amps, breaker permitting. My understanding is a 50 amp plug on the pedestal is the same thing, except that the breaker allows for 50 amps on each side for a total of 100 amps useful load. I am told a 30 amp plug allows for a combined total of 30 amps used as the sum of load from both sides of your coach's panel. A 50 amp plug allows for a combined total up to 100 amps, with a limit of 50 amps' load on each side of your coach's panel. Thus, I would suggest the 60 amp panel is an allowed load of 60 amps combined over both sides of your coach's panel. ****, I don't know because I am not an electrician, but it could also mean you get 60 amps on each side of your coach's panel, but I doubt that. http://www.campingwo...x-adapter/25774
  12. That looks like a class A coach in your associated picture. Most class A coaches have heating systems with vent points located in every room. Could it be you need a "New Owner's School" on your coach? I have two coaches - the old one is a 1976 Bluebird Wanderlodge. It has six heater vent points - with at least one vent in each room and all use engine heat for their heat source.
  13. Your engine won't heat the coach while traveling? Mine does. If you choose to use a plug-in 110v portable heater, then you might call your insurance company to ask if your loss coverage will cover a partial or complete loss due to such a heater. I was told recently about a fellow who left one plugged in and running while the coach was parked. He suffered a complete loss of his coach and his insurance denied his claim.
  14. I see this sentence twice in the preceeding entries, "There are advantages to volunteering and registering early." Yet, I see nothing stating what the advantages may be... other than, I would guess, the obvious personal gratification for volunteering. What are those advantages? I can see where showing up early may mean less traffic enroute, less waiting while registering into the camping area, perhaps a better/larger campsite and closer to the activities,... but what else? Are there any cost savings for volunteering and/or registering early?
  15. Sorry, Steve... I assumed Vesta was an RV park. Its name in Google is listed as "Vesta Mobile Home & RV Park."
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