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    HWH Active Air

    We only have the HWH air leveling. We do notice minor movement as we move around, or the washer is spinning, but it is easily adapted to. It does re-level itself regularly. On our system the calibration board is somewhat rinky dink! I do check the calibration after each trip as it does get knocked out of whack on rough roads.
  2. Well, I also use Corelle plates, bowls, cups, etc. and have never had one break in hot water. All have gone through our dishwasher numerous times. None have faded or cracked, and come out sparking clean.
  3. We are FT, so cannot speak to someone just using the coach 6 weeks per year, but we would NOT be without the dishwasher. We started out washing all dishes by hand, but after several months doing this decided to use the dishwasher on occasion. Now we use it at least once per day. It generally takes at least 2 meals to fill the dishwasher. Think about it, how hot do you have your water when washing by hand? Most of us do not wash our dishes in hot water. We use water we can stand to hold our hands in. The water in the dishwater is HOT! We flush off loose food in the sink (we catch the loose food in the basket and put it in the trash rather than in the grey tank), then put the dishes in the dishwasher. We feel this does a better job of washing and sanitizing the dirty dishes. Plus this is easier on my hands. My DW does most of the cooking, and I do most of the cleaning. Now that we have an outside kitchen, that may change some, because I do most of the grilling. If we have guests, quite often we use paper plates because we always eat outside with the guests. We feel that with a large coach, we have plenty of storage in the kitchen, and would really miss the dishwasher. We will ALWAYS look for a replacement with a dishwasher!
  4. We called the Good Sam insurance and the agent actually quoted National General and Blue Sky. The Blue Sky was over $300 less than the Blue Sky insurance directly from Blue Sky agents. National General was more, and were all others we got quotes for. Bottom line is that Good Sam agents are not tied to National General eqlusively and can quote other companies. We stuck with Blue Sky since the increase was much less than we originally thought it would be.
  5. This time of year might be hard to get something longer than a week or 2. It does seem the snow bunnies are a little late this year.
  6. I had not thought of that method Herman. It did not come to mind. I guess I was assuming (I know, bad thing to do) that other coaches had the water fill port as mine does. Good advice.
  7. I have not had much good luck with Coach Net either. The only time I needed them, it took many hours to get the help I needed, and then it was over the phone. Thank god for a great neighbor that helped to temp. fix my problem allowing me to move on to the dealer for repairs. The big problem with all these companies is they have to rely on local companies to supply the work. They do not employ the mechanics themselves, but call local companies for this. Since my only time needing help I was actually sitting in an RV Park, it took a while to get any help.
  8. My coach has a port in the wet cabinet (similar to the ports to allow the grey and black tanks to be flushed) that allows me to use a section of hose to dump bleach or water freshener into the tank. I would search for this on your coach. Just running this chlorinated water from your tank through the water lines should suffice. When you smell bleach from all faucets they should be clean. After that, run all the water out of the tank, and flush the tank and lines with fresh water until all the chlorine smell is gone, then refill the tank with fresh water.
  9. Our registration renewal in Florida is $60.10 for one year for coach and $46.85 for Jeep. I like that. The cost actually decreased. Now if I can find insurance that is reasonable that would be great.
  10. I am able to fit into our neighborhood gas station with my 45 footer. The diesel pumps are behind the building in the backside pumps. There are entrances in front and back, plus the diesel is MUCH cheaper than any other station (yesterday it was $2.70 per gallon. You read that correctly, $2.70 per gallon.) The next closest station in price is well over $3 per gallon. I did find a couple of parks that we had to maneuver a little to get parked, but we did get in. I'm sure there are many SP or NP we would not fit, but we generally do not spend a lot of time in those parks. I have found that the roads into a site, with tree cover, etc., are more challenging than getting into the park. Google Earth does help with this.
  11. Wait until your renewal. BS went up drastically this year.
  12. We have a 45 and one time I screwed up setting my GPS. I drove the coach around and through downtown Gettysburg while towing the Jeep. It was slow going, but I made it. If you don't know downtown Gettysburg, it's an old, civil war era town with everything close. With careful driving you should not have a problem. The larger coach will be much smoother on the road and will give much more storage space. It sometimes takes a little bit more pre-planning of your routes.
  13. This year Blue Sky premiums went up drastically. Our best quote was through Allied RV Insurance (A Nationwide Company) through the fairly new FMCA Insurance plan. We have just under a month to decide. The Allied quote was several hundred dollars less, but did not include Adjacent structure coverage, which we need on our lot in Florida. I am checking on this coverage elsewhere. I also have to get Allied to give me a quote for our toad, which is insured through Allstate.
  14. Welcome to FMCA. Nice looking coach, congrats!
  15. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Stop by for a visit every now and again.
  16. Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Great looking rig. Enjoy!
  17. We retired in upstate, western NY and left for Florida in Oct., 2013. We bought a lot at Wilderness RV Resort in the Preserve Estate section in April this year. We arrived back at our lot in mid August this year. We call this home during the winter, and for now attempt to travel during the summer to get some relief from the Florida heat and humidity.
  18. I often operate my slides while the engine is off, but each RV may be different. It might be appropriate to follow the instructions in your manual. Just running the engine for 15 or 20 minutes is not enough for most engines. They have to be exercised (driven) to get the engine temp. up to operating temps. and get the oil adequately dispersed. Plus this is good for the tires as well. This also allows the transmission to get adequately oiled and warmed.
  19. Please know that "Residence" is different from "Domicile". There are discussions in many different forums on the Domicile question. Domicile is the legal, permanent address where you have your registration and voting rights and more than likely your driver's license. Residence is anywhere you are presently located, but is generally a temporary place. Three states are most often mentioned in Domicile discussions. These are Florida, Texas and SD. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Look at your needs and explore all possibilities. Taxes, insurance, fees, cost of living, etc. are important considerations.
  20. The only caveat was the $85 limit per fill up (approx. 25 gallons). I used my credit card twice, then switched to a different card to finish (the pump would not accept the credit card for a third time. I needed about 60 gallons to top off the tank). At these prices I will gladly go through this process. This was $.40 per gallon cheaper than most other stations around here. If I had been near empty it would have been a pain (my coach has a 150 gallon tank), but I still would have gotten as much as I could from them. A couple of days ago the price was down another few cents. With the recent OPEC decision prices will most likely go down even more. Perhaps this will put more cash in our pockets, which we can then deposit in retailers pockets for Christmas presents. These prices might very well impact our decisions on taking a long trip this next summer. We were somewhat hesitant due to our heavy expenses last summer, but this might very well make it possible next summer.
  21. I filled up at Shell in Silver Springs, Fl. the other day (yes I could fit my 45 foot coach at Shell) for $3.199 per gallon. It's now a few cents lower.
  22. Thanks for the info. I'm sure there are many that will be interested in this.
  23. Most if not all today's coaches have generators to allow electric when the power is out. One less system on the coach (LP delivery and storage) is one less system to maintain. It's also one less system to install. Perhaps this is the thought process. The all electric coaches are generally using induction cooking. This is a quicker and safer way to cook. The cook surface stays cool to the touch, but heats everything quicker. For those of us that still have LP systems, many are considering or have actually purchased induction cook tops (Nuwave is one brand).
  24. Our neighbor is above reproach. He is quite wealthy having run a business for many years and selling it a few years ago. His only problem is he would not negotiate much. He did indeed loose that much after the paperwork was recorded the day of the sale and the next day he traded the Eagle for the high end model. This is however just one example. You drive off the lot you will loose thousands since the coach cannot be sold new any more. It has already been registered. I have no idea which state he bought his coach in.
  25. This issue has been discussed before, quite often. In fact there is another thread right now comparing the 2. There are a couple of factors that might make a used, late model coach look better. It seems many new coaches have lots of little issues and perhaps some bigger issues that have to be fixed under warranty. Fortunately there is a warranty, but how much time do you wish to spend at the dealer getting things fixed. It seems manufacturers are putting their efforts into pushing units out the door with the thought that the problems can be fixed later. As soon as you close the deal on the new coach and take possession it will loose thousands of dollars in value compared to a used late model coach. The new coach depreciation is considerable. A story one of my neighbors related. He and his wife bought an American Eagle and stayed one night at the dealer. They did not like the American Eagle and the next day traded it on an American Horizon (the highest level coach American makes). They received $50,000 less in trade in value for the American Eagle than they had paid the previous day!. This sounds like an extreme case, but is most likely a good gage at what a new coach will loose in value. Both of these items lend me to lean toward the late model used coach. However if I had the money and planned on keeping the coach for enough time, at least several years, then the depreciation factor may not be a large consideration.
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