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  1. Country Coach I agree that a call to CC is appropriate. I do not agree with what the dealer told you.
  2. Some say you can spread a dry powder (Ortho Fire Ant killer) or spray (Home Defense) all around the coach, but this will not help for those that spring out under the coach. I just look around every day and treat those areas that crop up as they do so. You should be able to reach areas under the coach with the spray. Fortunately we are now on a concrete pad so just have to spray around the coach as they crop up.
  3. Have fun with your project.
  4. Ray, With no wind on straight level roads I can get up to 7.5 + depending on conditions, but my overall average mileage is 6.5, and that included driving Rte. 77 over the Blue Ridge mountains from Asheville, NC on the way south to Florida. I did not consider that too bad with this bad a _ _ engine. Yes it does pull the hills quite nicely.
  5. The other factor, I believe, is that the mesh type covers also allow air circulation around the tires thus preventing moisture accumulation on the tires. If you are parked for several months at a time, as we do, this air circulation can make a difference along with the UV protection afforded by these type covers.
  6. I also do not wish to drive a manual shift any longer. I went through many years driving cars and large trucks (CDL A) with manual shift and I'm done with that. The Jeeps that are automatic with a transfer case to shift to Neutral work VERY WELL as evidenced by the numbers you see being towed all over the country. Jeeps have to be one of the largest group of vehicles being towed 4 down, many with auto transmissions, and trouble free!
  7. I believe I am in 6th. I will check again in a couple of weeks when we head out. My GPS speed agrees exactly with my Silverleaf speed and my odometer speed. The mileage I get is taken directly from the Silverleaf computer. My large, heavy coach gets around 6.5 mg towing our Jeep Liberty on fairly level roads. It generally does not vary much with wind, but does vary with speed.
  8. The Finger Lakes wine tour and a visit to Letchworth SP would be very nice. Then a stroll along the Erie Canal or a bike ride if you are so inclined. Letchworth is called the Grand Canyon of the east. There is camping near the south entrance and great canyon and waterfall views. I suppose a side trip to Niagara Falls for a day would be worthwhile adventure. Stay close and spend the day. Definitely visit the Bridal Falls on the stairway and do the Maid of the Mist. If you like gambling there are casinos on both sides of the falls (US and Canadian).
  9. I agree kingfr on this. The Jeep sets up super easy, tows nice, can take something of a licking, and can be used for a great time off road when the time for play rolls around.
  10. The ratings I showed were, as stated, on a new coach. I did not have any specs for an 06 Bus. I figured they were probably close.
  11. I set my cruise on 62 or thereabouts to get the best mileage on my coach.
  12. I was able to get the 2014 guide today when I signed in. Are you a paid member of FMCA or just a registered member of the forum? I believe the towing guide may be for paid FMCA members only.
  13. If that is the case, then the tags would have even less weight on them with the drives having more weight. The weight distribution seems way off. I would also suspect there are some heavy objects up front that should be moved toward the back. I might check with a dealer to see why the tags are so lightly weighted with the drives and steers handling too much, especially the steers.
  14. This same discussions appear in various threads and various forums numerous times. Many of us like the versatility and easy of setup of Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler and Liberty. Be cautious on choosing 2014 Jeeps as Chrysler has changed the specs and only the high end transmissions are flat towable. 2013 and down any with a transfer case can be towed 4 down.
  15. According to Tiffin, on new 43 foot Allegro Buses, the front axle rating is 15600 pounds, rear is 22000 pounds and tags are 13300 pounds. It appears your front axle is within limits although starting to approach the limits. Redistribution of the cargo might do enough. I am unsure how to change the tags to put more weight on them. It appears they should be adjusted downward toward the road surface which should add more weight to the tags and take some off the front.
  16. We just put a Roadmaster Dual Hitch receiver in the MH receiver. This allows the toad to be connected in the bottom receiver and a bike rack in the top receiver. They make both a 2inch and 4 inch drop. The 4 inch drop seems the better choice for us. Very slick.
  17. The LED lamps should theoretically solve the problem. Many LED bulbs will allow much lower wattage to provide the same lumens. (Wattage (Power) is a function of voltage, current and resistance in a circuit. The simplest equation is P=I*V where I is current and V is voltage. P is also equal to I squared *R where R is resistance. As resistance increases the current squares to calculate power.) I suspect your problem may have been caused by resistance increasing due to a poor connection that ultimately fried the circuit board. You may want to check connections to ensure everything is tight as much as possible.
  18. medico

    New Diesel Owner

    We are taking a several thousand mile trip in less than a month. I decided to have the oil and filter replaced and the fuel filters replaced. The service also included greasing all greaseable joints. I believe the cost (it was not cheap) is small in comparison to an engine failure. Maintenance is cheap, breakdowns are not. Since you do not have maintenance records, get it done. I did not do the generator since it was fully serviced less than a year ago.
  19. We presently use St. Brendan's Isle in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Very reasonably priced and great service. We used their physical address to establish our domicile in Florida. They also have all the form on their web site to do so. Very helpful if you are planning on a domicile in Florida.
  20. I found a Class A is easier to drive than a Class C, you can see better out the windshield and around the coach. Plus you definitely get more room. I'm not really sure how much with such a small Class A, but more.
  21. medico


    You might also check on the iRV2 Forum for Newmar owners.
  22. This same question has been repeated many times in several different forums. A search of best toads or toad brake systems will most likely turn up several discussions. Any of several forums will also have these same discussions. That is one of the reasons why the owners have placed a search function near the top of the page.
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