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  1. You might try to rent an RV for a trip to see if you like the lifestyle. Unfortunately it is not quite the same, because the availability of different type units is somewhat limited, but it may give you an indication if you like it. Personally, I like the freedom it gives us. If we do not like a particular area where we are, we pick up and leave, without leaving a trace behind. If a severe weather alert threatens, we pick up and move out of the path. The biggest drawback, as I see it, is that you have to live with less space, and consequently less stuff than you might be accustomed to. Downsizing can be traumatic at first! You do adapt quickly however. Humans are very adaptable. Good luck! We love this lifestyle!
  2. Thanks for looking. I got all the info I needed elsewhere. This thread can be considered closed.
  3. Has anyone ever volunteered at Crawford State Park in Colorado? I'm particularly interested in how it is to work as a Camp Host or ANS there. Working conditions, how many hours, the area near here, etc. Any one have any ideas on the best route to get to Crawford from the south east? Will be coming out of Florida, through Memphis (to see family). I'm particularly interested in going from I25 north. MS Streets and trips routes me on SR 69 to US 50, then catch SR 92 north of Crawford and head south (Catching SR 92 south of Crawford goes through about 20 miles of wild, rough, difficult and sometimes bad roads) I am driving a 45 foot DP with toad. Wondering if the 100 miles extra out of Denver is worth taking rather than 69 to 50??? This looks like beautiful country but I'm concerned about the roads we will be traveling. Comments please.
  4. I do not know about Michigan, but I do know in Florida a Class E license specifies "any commercial vehicle less than 26001 pounds or any RV". This was actually printed on the driver's license application. My wife and I just got our Florida driver's licenses on Monday, so the process is relatively fresh in my mind (I often say my mind is like a steel trap, although it is slightly rusty at times, LOL). The very kind young lady that assisted us in the process said that yes that is correct. The process does not specify a weight limit for RVs or MHs. This may be slightly different that the terminology on the Florida web site, but is the interpretation of the clerks in the various DMV/Tax Collector offices (yes the DMV offices are also the Tax Collector offices in Florida). Once we obtain our Florida insurance we can go to the same office to register both vehicles. It appears Florida does not require a vehicle inspection, but does require a VIN number verification. We had a deputy sheriff come to our site and sign the appropriate form (provided by that same very friendly and helpful young lady). She also provided the appropriate form to have signed by my physician to allow the use of a Florida handicapped person plate. Our new licenses are good until our birthday in 2022 ( a full 8 years).
  5. Very nice. Should be fun. Congrats!
  6. The Itasca is similar to the Tiffin Allegro Bus or Newmar Dutch Star. It is the Itasca version of the Winnebago Tour. These are all very fine mid range coaches that I would very easily accept as my FT coach. You should be pleased. I believe the QD version is the bath and a half if I'm not mistaken. Very good layout. Have a ball!
  7. I believe with a tow dolly you would have brakes on the dolly???? This would most likely qualify as the brakes because many states do require it. Also, if something does happen, even if not your fault, without brakes, when required, it could become your fault, and your insurance company (or should I say former company because you would probably be dropped) could give you a hard time about paying a claim if you are not following the brake requirements. Also, many camp grounds, RV parks, RV Resorts make you store the dolly somewhere other than your site.
  8. I also have nothing but praise for Tiffin. I spent an hour talking with Bob Tiffin at Hersey 2 years ago, and was seriously thinking of a new Phaeton. These are fine rigs. And Tiffin service is top notch. That said, with the OPs budget, he can definitely find a higher end coach than the coach he mentioned. If he were talking 2008 Allegro Bus for that budget, then perhaps, but not the Phaeton for that money. But then again, perhaps a strong negotiation might get the Phaeton for less money. I would not say no to a Phaeton for the right dollars. The statement about buying brands no longer in business is somewhat out of line. As stated, parts are pretty generic on most of these coaches. Country Coach for example is still very much alive and well with parts and service and consignment sales. They have not made new coaches since about 2009, but are looking to start building coaches again next year. Others have simply been bought by other manufacturers.
  9. The Phaeton is a mid range coach from Tiffin. It is their best seller because of it's price. I suspect you could find a Phaeton in the 2008 range for less than $150K. That seems high for a coach that sells new for about $250K (MSRP $330K but no one pays MSRP) for a 2013 coach. The Tag Axle will give you a much better ride (I have driven Phaetons in 40 foot non-tag and 43 foot tag and the ride is very different). You will also get more carrying capacity with more storage area. For $150K you can probably find a Country Coach Magna in the 2004 to 2005 range. This will get you a High End coach in your price range.
  10. I have removed it, and have joined the hoses. Unfortunately the heat exchanger is at our site in Florida and we are on our way to Memphis for a couple weeks. Meeting our kids for Christmas. Weather looks livable for now. Of course, now the front exchanger is blowing cold air again so when I get back I will check the pump and check valve again. Both were replaced during the initial go around at the dealer. I'm just a little disappointed with the whole situation. We have been fighting this since September. The dealer sent the replacement heat exchanger to the wrong address (our old house which we sold in July) so they are working on a replacement for the replacement. And the saga continues.
  11. I wish the tapping fixed ours, no such luck. Oh well, we'll see what happens when we finally get the replacement heat exchanger.
  12. Red Gate RV Park Open sites that easily fit our 45 foot coach.
  13. I was told if there was no 12 v to the pumps it was the control board and the pumps would not turn. If the pumps turn, the pumps might still not be pumping, but since both zones are not working, it is probably the control board. As stated previously, I doubt both check valves are bad, and also doubt both pumps are bad. in my system, zone 1 was not working. It was traced to a plugged heat exchanger. Since both zones are not working, I suppose it's possible there is a plug in both zones. A plug will prevent the hot boiler liquid from being pumped around the system.
  14. Since you purchased a site, no matter how it is listed, you can use that address as your permanent address for purposes of drivers license, registration, voting, etc. If you bought your coach less than 6 months ago and paid less than 6% sales tax, you will owe Florida some tax money. Also there is a one time "transfer" fee for Florida registrations that my neighbor told me yesterday cost him almost $1000 for his coach and toad. Yearly renewals are about $120 for him. Without owning a Florida site, you can still change your "domicile" (residence is where ever you live, domicile is your official residence for all the purposes we are discussing here) if you have a mail forwarding service (we use St. Brendan's Isle in Green Cove Springs) you can use that just as easily as a physical address.
  15. You have a VERY nice CC. I am also very happy with my CC. The Zepher is definitely not at the same level as these 2 CCs, but then again it is high end for Tiffin, and the first year depreciation is over. It would depend on the price.
  16. Here's hoping the next phase in your life is as happy as the last phase of your life. Take care and best wishes for Rita!
  17. Very nice, congrats on the new ride.
  18. As with all coaches, there seem to be a number of problems, but all seem to be easily overcome. The Zepher is at a similar price point to the Newmar Mountain Aire. I was contemplating an Allegro Bus before I found my used coach. Depending on the price I would have considered a Zepher at or near the top of my list.
  19. I also have the Roadmaster. Quite often one side or the other does not lock in the extended position when I first connect the toad. As I begin to pull forward the Jeep automatically follows and straightens itself and the other side just naturally slips all the way out and locks itself. In fact after hooking up the towbar to the baseplate, even if neither side is fully extended, as soon as you start to pull forward with the coach, both will automatically fully extend and lock without any operator intervention. I almost NEVER get the Jeep positioned exactly right to fully extend and lock both sides when first hooking up, but both sides ALWAYS fully extend and lock when I begin to move the coach.
  20. Could even be a switch problem.
  21. Already done. I use IE 11 for most sites and FF for the couple that do not play well with IE 11.
  22. I used those thin, rubber grippers people use to open stuck jars. Just put them up to the surface of the flange and appy upward pressure and twist them. Worked every time.
  23. According to this dealer an Anthem can be had for about $344K. When I was checking the Allegro Bus (MSRP of $415K) I was seeing offers in the $350K range. I could not find a price this morning on my quick check, but I suspect they are very close. They are far closer than the $60K you mention.
  24. The Cornerstone is the top of the Entegra line. I do not however think it compares to your CC. The Affinity, in 2006, was probably $770K or more (My Magna was $671K and the Affinity in a small step up from the Magna) What you will gain is newer electronics, etc. But what might you have to give up?? The CC is one step away from the Prevost/Foretravel group of coaches. New Cornerstones can be had for $450K to $500K.
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