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  1. Tiffin is the older business. Entegra is newer. The owners were Newmar people and left to start their own coach business. I personally like the Tiffin better. There is not much you can change on the new Entegra. I have heard you are stuck with whatever their vision of what your coach should be. I also had the opportunity to sit down with Bob Tiffin for almost an hour 2 years ago at Hershey. He has a very clear vision of what a coach should be. Tiffin does stand behind their products, even when the warranty has ended.
  2. I have had good luck with a Cat C13, 525 HP diesel. Both Cat and Cummins are good choices. I believe Cat has discontinued engines on new coaches, unsure why. My C13 gets about 6.5 MPG average while setting my cruise at about 62 on the highway. For my size and weight coach this seems quite good.
  3. That's a pretty old rig, 38 years old. I will be surprised if any chassis manuals are available anywhere. Even the systems are so obsolete that manuals may no longer be available. I would definitely go through ALL systems completely. You do not want any surprises while on the road. Even in SB houses, appliances do not last 38 years on most cases. Be very careful in checking everything!
  4. Mine are also screwed to the front bumper alongside the license plate area, and to the rear access engine door with license plate type bolts. Works well for me. They were already there by previous owner.
  5. The last time I thought my batteries were bad it ended up being the terminals connecting the batteries to the coach. Cleaning the terminal worked wonders. Perhaps this might help you!!!
  6. Plus many of the problems do not show up until the various systems are used for a while. A delivery guy will not, or should not have, used the various systems on the coach.
  7. You know what, ALL manufacturers seem to be having more of these problems as they shift more toward putting out new product as fast as they can. We had a neighbor in March who had a 2014 Newmar King Air. They were on the way to the factory with a list of 34 problems, and this was their second such trip. We're talking about a $800K+ coach. If you read the Fleetwood forums, you see as many or more complaints. I think they all are saying, "Just get them out the door, we'll fix any problems that crop up later!" What a poor attitude for we consumers. I think the solution is buying used rather than new in our case. In this way hopefully all these problems have been worked out before we get the coach.
  8. I have to agree with Bill. Attracting new customers is MUCH more expensive than getting a customer to return when they are pleased with their first experience. Repeat customers are what gives profits as they cost almost nothing in advertising, whereas new customers are what business spend advertising dollars to attract. I have also had an emergency while on the road and had to cancel a reservation with a short notice (2 or 3 days). I believe this happened to be at a KOA in Arkansas. My entire prepayment was returned. Guess what, when in that area I will use this park again! Their assistance in a difficult situation will be remembered.
  9. Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous RV Parks out there. I would write a review on RV Park Reviews. Don't just put your complaint as it will not be published. Write everything you found, both good and bad. Include you complaint as a part of the review.
  10. Which is closest to your home base? Closer means less travel to warranty the little problems you find. It seems ALL RVs have problems that are covered under warranty. I have heard good things about both, but have no first hand info of either. In our case Lazy Days would be considerably closer so probably the best choice for us.
  11. There were also notices displayed on the FMCA club web site. I do not go to the site often, but did see the notice. I believe there was also a discussion and posting in the forum. Perhaps the admins felt this was enough of a notice to those using the service. For those who are FT or do not have neighbors or family that wish to assume the responsibility of mail forwarding, there are several respectable services to use. Escapees also have a service with offices in Texas and Florida.
  12. There actually were notices posted on the site a few weeks ago if I'm not mistaken. There are several other mail forwarding services worth looking at. St. Brendan's Isle in Green Cove Springs, Florida has a special for FMCA mail members right now.
  13. After leaving Maine, head back to I90 west (toll road) to Buffalo, then I290 north to Niagara Falls. There are several parks in the region. I have not stayed at any so cannot comment on the pros and cons.
  14. When I checked the Prevost forum for a Love's card there was a $25 charge per year to have the card. Is this still the norm? I guess if so I will just continue using my free RV Plus card at P/FJ.
  15. I might consider Rte 70 all the way. Take Rte. 15 north to Rte 70. The views through 15 and 70 in the mountains are breathtaking. It has however been several years since I traveled this route. I cannot attest to the smoothness of the ride now.
  16. Some people have bad things to say about CW and GS but their upper management seem to come through when it's called for, and usually fairly quickly. I once put a post on the Open Roads forum about an installation cost that had been sent in an ad. Even though I had not purchased the item from CW they stood behind their ad because there was no statement about the item having to be purchased at CW even though that was implied. The National Service Manager contacted me to discuss it and agreed to the installation cost advertised. They were quite responsive to my needs. I am not sure if they have some franchises or not. Hmmm, good question. I know that they have acquired quite a few smaller dealerships that have had some "growing pains" to build up their service reputations. I also know that some of the management and service techs from Syracuse NY were transferred to the Churchville, NY location when several complaints were lodged about Churchville in the Open Road forum. And this happened within a couple of months.
  17. Go to the GS Open Roads forum and lodge a complaint there. The GS admins do monitor and answer questions and complaints on that forum.
  18. In many states, such as New York, it gets put into the General Fund. Most of the funds in the General Fund go to welfare.
  19. We just stayed at River's end RV Resort at Tybee Island just east (yes east) of Savannah. We liked this better than Red Gate. It has more trees and the sites are all crushed stone. The only problem is the need to drive through downtown to get there. This was a minor inconvenience.
  20. Thank you so much for following up on this. It has corrected the couple of problems I was seeing with the forum S/W and my IE 11/Win 8.1 systems.
  21. Link to test new patch http://community.fmca.com/topic/7331-found-out-i-was-wrong/ testing copy and paste
  22. http://www.invisionpower.com/support/kb/_/ie11-copypaste-and-quote-issues-r58 This page has a fix to a problem with this forum's S/W. The admins would need to implement this. This problem was discussed in the RV Network forum which uses the same S/W. This patch fixed the problem. http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=112318#entry714004 Admins, please take a look.
  23. I have seen several RV's that successfully put a trike in a P/U bed. Just shop for a P/U that does not have a crew cab.
  24. On RVNet (Escapees) I have the same problem, but not on iRV2 or GS Open Roads. It is more of a nuisance. I can always switch to FF if I wish to add a link or Image or copy/paste, etc. I have adapted Win 8.1 and IE 11 because I am pleased with the extra security measures.
  25. Windows 8 and IE 11 have been out for a long time. Many of the functions in the editing toolbar at the top still do not work with IE 11. In order to get all the functions, ie copy/paste, add links, add pictures, etc. to work I have to use Firefox. Any idea when this Forum S/W will be updated to work properly in IE 11?
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