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  1. Eric in the past I have several issues with jacks I remove them and bring them to a hydraulic repair shop and for under $200 get them repaired or rebuilt. It is an o ring or seal bad and a good shop should have what you need. Much cheaper than a new one, worth giving it a shot.
  2. Stan went that way a few years back and 12 very winding road and climbs to 10k feet if memory serves me right. Not a fun ride but nice views.
  3. I second Air Force One easy hook up and works flawless had it 3yrs and almost 15k miles.
  4. I went to Wally World and got the rubber covers used on hitch balls like for boat trailer hitches. A little tight but a little lube and they will go on. Used for 2 yrs never lost one.
  5. Just a thought, what if someone is fueling with gas near you and happens to be near you propane flame? Just a little food for thought.
  6. Bad cooling unit mine did the same thing.
  7. I have 15k miles towing my Jeep with AF-1 and no problems works flawless. Can't comment on other systems ROY
  8. Hello I am WD5DBV just wanted to chime in. If your windows are tinted it is not a very good place an antenna. On my Tropi-Cal I found a vertical beam next to my driver window and wall mounted a 2m antenna there and just drilled through the wall and ran coax down behind the windshield curtain. Seems to work fairly well My buddy has a through the glass on his windshield and does not work as well as my side mounted antenna.
  9. Thanks for all the info did it many years in a 28ft and no toad. Older now and not a good as I once was. Again thanks everyone for help.
  10. How safe would it be to travel 550 frpm Durango going north? Running 40ft dp with wrangler toad. ROY T396 TROPICAL 350HP ALLISON 3000 2015 WRANGLER AIR FORCE 1
  11. If memory serves correctly, California Highway 101 is a fairly windy road and it seems not suited for a 40-foot motor coach and toad. I will be traveling south out of Washington, headed to San Francisco. ROY and PEGGY T396 TROPICAL 350 HP CAT AIR FORCE ONE BRAKING SYSTEM BLUE OX BASE PLATE 2015 JEEP SAHARA
  12. My hot water heater has edge connectors (plugs that plug into the side of the board) when I removed the plugs there was a white oxidation on the edge of the board. Cleaned the edge connector with a eraser and the plug. Plugged in and the unit worked. By the way the unit would not work on gas or electric. Roy & Peggy 2005 TROPICAL T395 CAT 350 HP 6 SPEED ALLISON 3000 2015 WRANGLER SAHARA AIR DORCE ONE BRAKE SYSTEM
  13. WILDBILL308 You are right read op too fast and did not get the brack was dropping. Sorry

    ROY & Peggy

    2004 TROPICAL



  14. There are also sets of bushings on sway bars and sway bar end links near the front axle that maybe bad. I had a metal on metal sound when hitting a bump, the bushing were all bad. ROY AND PEGGY 2004 TROPICAL T395 350 CAT AIRFORCE ONE 2015 JEEP WRANGLER
  15. ROYBON

    Inverter Type

    I would upgrade to a pure sine sine wave. It is a much cleaner output, some electronics do not like the modified sine wave.
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