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  1. What did Coach Net say when you called and asked the question?
  2. manitraveller, While you have successfully towed through many states overlength there is an issue that you may have not considered that may be more important that a simple ticket. If you happen to get into a wreck and are sued the opposing lawyer will eat your case alive.
  3. I agree completely. Only an OEM can offer a warranty. These things are service contracts.
  4. Amazon sells RV slide locks, however when my motor failed I did the same as you except I used two 2X2s.
  5. Of course it works both ways. If you had purchased from a dealership and was scheduled for maintenance but were bumped for someone passing through you would be upset. You are never going to be a repeat customer so you will usually go behind those that might be.
  6. I am impressed with it so far.
  7. Haidenger, I can't speak to the 182 day limit but there is a International Rally in Wyoming this July. That is hardly the East or Central.
  8. I always look for what has changed. Works fine while parked doesn't work while moving. What is different? Airflow.
  9. For the wiper I use 303. For the actual seal (inside) I use talcum powder on a rag. I retract the slide part way and then useing a small step ladder I can reach the seals from the inside. I got the idea from the owners manual of a previous RV. The talcum powder stops the sticking sound when the slid starts to move. If you can't find talcum powder, baby powder is 100% talc but is usually scented.
  10. I just flip it with the awning rod if I think about it. It is no big deal. I have heard of people putting a bead of sealant on the side of the slideout to flip it but I never cared enough to do that.
  11. Pure snake oil. They love to throw in buzz words. Nano is one that is currently hot. One of my first jobs as teenager back in the early 60s was for a car dealer. My job was to was wash and then wax the recently purchased cars. I was putting on the special treatment that the dealer sold for a $200 upcharge. It was guaranteed for 5 years. What I actually used was Future floor wax that was also used to do the showroom floor. That upcharge was pure profit. The only difference between 60 some years ago and now is that the prices have gone up.
  12. They don't kid about the tunnels under the Baltimore Harbor The fine is large and the ticket is "must appear". That means you can't mail in the fine. You must travel back to Maryland and appear in court. The 695 bridge is an easy an option. If you are in an all electric coach with no propane you may still get pulled over to prove that you have no propane. They assume that all RVs have propane.
  13. tireman9 and others having problems. Synching the motors is an easy DIY operation. No need for a dealer. Before I give the procedure one thing everyone with Schwintek slides needs to know. Always, without exception, when opening or closing the slide keep the button pushed of a minimum of 5 seconds after the slide stops. This will keep the motors synched. To synch the motors: 1. With slide in. 2. Press Slide Extend button three times very fast to get in program mode. 3. Immediately press Slide Retract button and hold until motor stops making sound. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 five times. You can reverse these procedures If the slide is out.
  14. Our 32 SA Allegro at Country Waye (Now KOA) in Luray, VA. showing our Magna Shade.
  15. I know that the Tram drivers were volunteers as I talked with many of them and they along with the other volunteers did an amazing job. But someone had to coordinate getting the trams and enough of them, arrange for fuel, set up schedules, etc. And the trams were, I am sure, only a small portion of the coordination required to put on the event. In a past life I was involved in coordinating a much smaller event and the amount of time required and headaches encountered were substantial. That was why I was so impressed with the GEAR . I am sure that they had issues to overcome and yet to my eye everything went off without a hitch. These people are good!
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