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  1. Ted Wiens keeps track of my mileage as well as I, feel free to contact Rick @ Ted Wiens 702.271.7646
  2. I run Michelin on my Heavy Haul Truck, Ride difference, Mileage difference ( 220+ on steers, 240+ on Drives and over 200 on the Trailer), yes even with the little sidewall cracks that everyone is consumed with....Our DS had Firestone Tire when we bought it so I took it down and had Michelins installed all the way around as expected the RIDE was like day & night...piece of mind is priceless, so you save a buck with a cheaper Tire? but do you really.....
  3. The Turbo spools faster during re gen to keep the manifold pressure up for Engine Performance, this is why some have Turbo issues later in the Engines life.
  4. Let em cool and set the rpm @ 1000 when fueling (60 lbs on the oil) 864,000 miles on Cat Acert Turbos, OEM, Hauling Heavy Equipment....
  5. Does your key need to be on for the steering to be unlocked?
  6. 2015 is in "Off " position, steering unlocked with key left in, no draw....
  7. Your good, we tow a 2015, turn it off leave the key in, N, parking brake off
  8. One of the yokes could be out of round....seen this on a Truck.
  9. Our Old School Dutchstar has plenty storage, The Tag if for all the unnecessary bling they push on the "New" buyers...Parked with a couple that own a Winnie Tour (new) they had it for 7 months, it spent 4 in the shop, they weren't happy! Less maintenance with a side radiator.
  10. Freightliner, most of them do good work, not many choices in Flagstaff.....
  11. Purchased one from shop4seats, ours came in 3 parts, easy install.
  12. Bilsteins on our Spartan/Newmar, I hear some of the Konis need an adapter on some ...I hear good on both though.
  13. You were not alone......I mentioned the 2nd amendment (positively) and received a note from one of the eagles.....
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