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  1. This guy (Steve Burgess) has been banned in at least one other forum I am aware of. Sure sounds like a crook to me.
  2. Thank you for this warning. When I was looking at these policies, ACC was the cheapest. Now I see why. This company seems to be a fraud. I am sure glad I did not go with them!
  3. I am using FF with the 2 forums in question. Unfortunately it would be nice to solve this problem as well. The icons all look fine, but do not act fine.
  4. That is such a poor post it barely deserves a response. I will NEVER have an overpriced, underperforming Apple product in my coach. Please, valid responses only wanted here!
  5. Just so you are aware, the Links and Image icons in the Taskbar do not work properly in Win 8.1 with IE 11. I have switched to FF for now in this forum. The Link Window opens, but looks wrong, with the OK button grayed out. Plus the Window will not close with the X in the upper right corner. I either have to use Task Manager to close IE or go back a page to get rid of the Window.
  6. medico

    Dog Licenses

    X2 We were told by the people who run the rescue where we got our new family member that no license is required. Also many municipalities no longer require licenses for permanent residents.
  7. Good info to know. The FMCA mail forwarding division in Cincinnati has a 15 site camp ground with full hookups (including 50 A) right at their mail forwarding facility that is available to FMCA members for free, I believe 2 nights per month. If you are passing through Cincinnati and need a place to stop, and are an FMCA member this is a great opportunity for a free stay. It was a great alternative to Wal-Mart this last Memorial Day for us.
  8. Congrats on the new rig. Enjoy it!
  9. I had Max Air 2 covers put on our Fantastic Fan covers. They work fine.
  10. I would check on the Roadmaster wiring kit and a 7 wire to 4 wire Flexicoil from Roadmaster. Here is my towing system. 2012 Jeep Liberty with RM EZ baseplate. RM Stowmaster tow bar RM wiring kit RM Flexicoil RM Brakemaster proportional braking system. With the wiring kit with diodes, you can easily use the existing lights on the Jeep. Automatic, put the transfer case into Neutral, transmission into Park and key removed (not sure if 2006 Liberty has the steering lock or not). With an automatic and transfer case, the transmission is left in Park. In this manner miles do not add up on Jeep.
  11. Our 2012 Liberty does not have a steering lock. This allows the key to be removed. Many later model Jeeps have had the steering lock removed. Do not know exact year this happened.
  12. Just points out the need to do a good walk around and check more than the coach. You never know what you will find. The entire tire and wheel was gone from the brake rotor. The brake rotor was touching the ground. Indeed, it appears the lug nuts were intentionally loosened. If I hear more from him I will pass it along. Sorry that was not clear on my original post.
  13. We have a Jeep Liberty. Love the space it gives us, and can be used off road. It is flat towable. Do not know if the mini is or not. A later year (approx. 2004 I believe) 4 WD Jeep with a transfer case (Grand Cherokee, Wrangler and Liberty, not Compass or Patriot) can be flat towed with the transfer case in neutral, the transmission in Park and the key removed. Does not add any miles to odometer, and gets great mileage while being towed, LOL.
  14. Just wanted to relate a story friends of ours passed along to us. This was a valuable lesson for them. While traveling from OK to TX suddenly a big rig passed them and started flashing his lights and slowing in front of them. John looked in his mirror and saw smoke coming from the toad. Once he pulled over (the big rig also pulled over to help) John discovered a tire missing on the left, rear side. The driver stated the tire flew off about a mile back. John mentioned there were some kids hanging around the toad at their last stop, and they all ran off when he approached. Did not think anything of it. Their car was towed to a repair shop and they are awaiting their insurance representative for the repairs to begin. They have yet to pass along the total damages, but you can imagine after dragging the toad on the wheel (less the tire) for over a mile. Moral here is inspect or check the toad lug nuts as well as the rig lug nuts. This could easily have turned out much worse for them.
  15. Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Glad to meet you!
  16. This also will "exercise" the tires as well as the engine. I would also run the generator under load about once per month.
  17. Making Florida your Domicile Domicile Guide Setting up domicile in Florida as a FT RVer State of Florida: Tax Guide Florida DMV These helpful guides can be a treasure.
  18. The mail forwarding service I use, St Brendan's Isle, has all the forums you need right on their web site. I believe you do need to be a member to see the forms tab. Using a mail forwarding service gives you a physical address you need to do so. They can be of great assistance in the process. At the same time, they provide a service that all FT RVers need, so take a look. We are also heading to Fl. on Oct. 20th. We are due to arrive at Ocala Sun RV Resort on Nov.1st.
  19. Escapees RV Club forum also has a RVs for sale category in their forum. I have to agree on Craig's List problems. Ever since I listed some items there I'm getting many emails per day from these "bottom feeders" wanting to meet. I've never had that problem with eBay.
  20. I would try the iRV2 Forum as well. They have a classifieds section near the top of the home page and have many members. I have also read about PPL being a good place to list.
  21. Enjoy the lifestyle, it only gets better. Congrats on joining the FT ranks.
  22. I guess it would really depend on which models you are comparing to the Anthem. Since this is a mid range Entegra, which Winnie or Tiffin models are you comparing? Even the Allegro Bus from Tiffin has a much lower price point than the Anthem. You really should be more specific to be fair on the comparisons.
  23. I was going to say this is prime time in Fl. I would be hesitant to do it all without reservations. Good luck. There are many of us going to Fl. for the winter. I know I got the last seasonal spot in Ocala Sun RV Resort. My plan is to spend the 6 months seeing the sights, including visiting other resorts for future use. In this way I'm assured a site while looking.
  24. When you are staying at a particular RV Park for a couple of weeks, just ask for their mailing address and have the kids send it to them. We have had our mail forwarded to the RV Park we have been in this summer with nary a hitch (no pun intended). Most RV Parks will accept mail for renters who are there for a while. Just ask them.
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