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  1. I have a Samsung house type fridge also. I shopped intensively for the lowest amperage possible, for inverter reasons. Only one with a lower amp draw was an LG, which I did not like some features. That is why I chose Samsung, not a plug for sales!!!! 3.9 amps maximum draw. Anyway I have used this fridge over 10,000 miles, and it is never shutdown for any reason. I dont know why rep didn't think it to be a good idea, but as mentioned in another post, I would ask that rep for reasoning, maybe Kitchenaid (also known as Whirlpool), might even void the warranty if it is used in motion. Otherwise, enjoy it. I would not like the hassel of turning it off and back on. Happy trails, Kay
  2. Another late tidbit to this post. Like desertdeals69, I love a challenge. My third motorhome, is a retired dog, bought her on e-bay, drove her home, then started the conversion. Cut the holes in the roof for ac, wired her, plumbed her and all the makings for a complete unit. Have turned down 100 grand. Just basic 101. I have been watching desertdeals69 accomplishments for a good while, and am impressed. Kay
  3. Pretired, Most lights in coaches are 12 volt, and some other operations, such as your camper style refrigerator. If all of these go out when unplugged from shore power, but work when plugged in, then the 12 volt must be working on the 12 volt converter. If you crank the coach, do any of these items work then? There should be two sets of battery/batteries. One battery or sometimes two batteries for the coach to crank and run. Now that said, there usually on most coaches is, another set of batteries, this is for house use. These are not normally in the same area of the coach as the battery used for cranking the coach. As Rich suggested, find a manual, if possible, for your model coach. Knowing what I have described above, you should look for house batteries, versus chassis batteries. I hope this tidbit will help relieve any confusion about the 12 volt wiring. Kay
  4. Beautiful coach, congratulations, happy motoring. Hope you have as many pleasurable moments as we have had in ours. Welcome to FMCA. Happy Trails, Kay
  5. I swithced from Sprint to Verizon 5 years ago. Sprint's push to talk was great but the cell service sucked then. I switched to Verizon because they offered push to talk, but that portion of Verizon was the pits, but the cell service is far superior to Sprint, and here in Alabama and so far all of the states that I have traveled. Mostly in the eastern portion of the US the service is very good compared to any others. For my 2 cents worth, Kay
  6. Danielle, Welcome to FMCA. I don't quite understand your question, but if you are asking if it is legal to run a gas or LP generator while driving, then as far as I know it is legal if the generator is properly vented to run either while driving. Most of us do this while driving our motorhomes, for either the air conditioners or many other reasons. It is advisable to turn them off while refueling at any type of refueling station, and usually posted to do so. You mentioned that you are planning an inspection of your food truck, I don"t know the laws concerning this kind of vehichle, so I would certainly ask someone who is associated with that industry, or possibly a call in advance to whomever is going to do the inspection. Good luck, and Happy trails. Kay
  7. After downloading manual as Rich suggested, find location of start capacitor and at least have it checked. If this is bad it will not start the compressor, and will time out normally. Kay
  8. Jaime, As Brett said, welcome aboard. Most all have have nutty impulses, but sounds like you put careful thought into your venture. Buying a used motorhome would definitely be a wise choice, as you probably should be able to recoup a lot of your investment, or possibility have some gain. We are not yet fulltimers, but have a good bit of vacation time, and every weekend. I started with a 27 foot class a, then a 34 foot class a, then built a retired Greyhound into a 41 footer. So what I am telling you is that we have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of RV'ing, and hope you will as well. FMCA has definitely the best forum that I have read, with many knowledgeable contributors. Good luck, and Happy Trails, Kay
  9. This Yorkie home is absolutely adorable. I'm sure the two are spoiled rotten. Have four Yorkies, mom, dad and two 8 month olds, all spoiled, and bossy. Good work on the replica, something to be proud of. Happy Trails Kay
  10. The correct name for this switch is, 6 pole double throw. Only to make it easier when ordering a switch for this purpose. Happy trails, Kay
  11. Hello Charles, Calculating the axle weight as you have described, combined axle weight on right side is not 21820, it is 10240. The total gross weight is 21820. This all sounds pretty good. You did net describe whether this coach is gas front engine, or diesel pusher. If it is a gas, as I looked up monarch se, a 2014 model, it appears that that one is, the weight on that coach is 18,500 at time of manufacture. This weight should with no fuel, no water in the holding tanks, and no camping gear as you probably have, also no passengers. Add all of these weights, it will easily add 3000 lbs. If it is gas front engine, the weight on the front end sounds accurate. You have at two slides on the left side, this would account for the additional weight on left side. No more than that much weight an left side should not be an issue, as manufacturers have taken these weights into consideration, and actually plan for a little extra weight on the left side due to the natural crown of the road. A quick look at the tires, you will find the correct pressure for your tires on the tires. Everything being said, A trip to a reputable tire store, ask for a tire inspection, they can steer you to the correct size. Also please be aware that your absolute worst enemy on any vehicle, especially a motorhome, is dry rot in your tires. Most motorhomes are not driven enough to wear out these heavy duty tires, so please don't think that tread wear is the only thing to worry about when assessing your tire. If you just recently acquired your coach, and don't know tire history, then drive to a tire dealer and have them assessed. They can find date of manufacture and inform about this issue. You are wise to be inquisitive about tires, this could save lives, especially your family's. Hope I haven't been too long in my response, and hope questions have been answered reasonably. I googled your coach and was not able too find where your data is located, I'm sure another FMCA member will answer that for you. Welcome to the forum, and happy motoring. Happy Trails, Kay
  12. Hello DickandLois, Just thought I would mention, most Walmart stores carry a limited line of cargo, and or tow dolly tires. I can't say that they are the best money can buy, but sure comes in handy in a pinch. Happy trails, Kay
  13. Thanks for the laugh Rich, Takes one to know one. I have told number 5 many times, all the others are new. Incidently, have been electronic / computer engineer for the past 30 years, and still enjoying it. Kay
  14. Turn one ac unit electrically off, ie. flip the breaker to that one unit, before the thermostat turns it off. Let the other turn off by the thermostat. If the two trying to start together, are overloading the generator, the generator should start the one ac OK. If this does not occur, there may be a problem with other sources, if it does start OK, then the generator overloading with two trying to start together. This problem could be solved by installing a time delay circuit on the second ac. Hope this helps! Kay Smith
  15. Welcome to FMCA and to rv'ing. A very good investment, if you haven't already done so, is a good gps. I mean one that is made for your motorhome, not the standard across the counter, made for your car. A reasonable one can be purchased at cw, or many other camping stores. I have found this to be very helpful, especially when traveling to places unknown. With the one that is made for your RV, you plug in the height, width, length, and weight. This will help keep you out of places that could be potentially hazardous. Also the program will have all campgrounds, and service points for your motorhome. Good luck on your first long trip, and HAPPY TRAILS, Kay Smith.
  16. It does sound as though the 12 volt is not charging when on shore power. The ac should not be shutting down due to low 12 volt, as the ac is run on 120 volt ac. A ground issue may be the problem with the 120 volt ac, or simply a blown breaker. In the coach. Is this a 30 amp circuit, (3 prongs on the shore power), or is it a 50 amp circuit, (4 prongs on the shore power cord)? It really, so far, sounds as though there is not enough current entering your coach to supply everything inside. You can acquire a 12 volt charger and attach to the house battery, and charge these, just in case the converter is not working. Also the inverter, may very well be the only thing powering the whole 120 volt circuit, which would explain why the power dwindles pretty quickly, and the coach must be started to recharge the house batteries. Any additional info, as mentioned above will certainly help in trouble shooting the problem. Good luck, hope you find the problem soon. Kay Smith
  17. The cable coax must be connected to the tv, and I assume that is. Most newer TV's have an input button on the remote control, and normally on the tv where all the buttons are located. You must set the input to cable, then go to settings in the menu selection. Once you find this, go to cable, and select autoscan channel selection. Choose this setting, and let your tv scan for available channels. When this completes, your tv probably will set itself to the lowest channel number. You should be able to go to any cahnnel from there. Also in looking through the manual, look for any possible switch that must be set to cable. Hope that this is helpful. Happy trails, Kay
  18. Welcome aboard. I, too, am new to FMCA and really enjoy the warm hospitality shown by FMCA. Happy Trails Kay and Sue Hueytown (racing country) Al
  19. I too am a little puzzled at your wording of fresh water getting into the holding tank when the valve is closed. Although, Herman probably has the correct answer. The check valve that he is referring to should be installed after the water leaves the pump, and some motorhomes have a check valve built into the pump itself. If the check valve is not working correctly, then the pressure of cg water will certainly fill the fresh water holding tank from the reverse end. Good luck Kay Smith
  20. Just wondering what has happened with your awning issue.
  21. Sorry, I didn't realize the picture was of empty bedroom, that was the carpet and the wardrobe. I have attached the picture of bed here.
  22. The bed is an adjustable, queen size with memory foam mattress, adjusts both head and feet. My wife has back problems, and an esophagus hernia, and requires sleeping in an elevated position, which makes this kind of bed worthwhile. Also good for viewing tv in bed. Ha-Ha. Medico, your coach looks like a beauty also.
  23. I've had very good luck on e-bay, buying many RV items. Simple to type in RV water heater, and bam nearly always something shows up, some buy it now, some you can actually bid on. I built my coach, including buying the bus and nearly all of the parts this way, and saved a good deal of money that way. Good luck, Kay Smith
  24. I don't really know about Gerard awnings, but I have had a similar problem with led lighting. While trying to isolate the problem, I found the inverter had an issue with grounding. Solution was to make sure that no ground wire in the coach accidentally bonds with the coach, or that the ground wires do not bond with the neutral wires. When I refer to ground wire, I mean the green wire, or any bare copper wire. And the neutral wire is of course the white wire. Your coach and every appliance should treated as an appliance. I was having an issue with led lights being partially on when the inverter was on. When I found the culprit, there was a bond in the transfer switch at the generator terminal, I removed that bond, and everything works correctly now. Hope you find your problem soon, and it is an easy fix.
  25. Here is a few photos of my newest ride. She is an MCI 102A3, 1988 model, Retired Greyhound, then retired Vermont Carriers. Took 2 years to complete all inside and awnings. Full body paint is next on the agenda, but we plan to travel and have some fun for a little while. New to FMCA, and really enjoy reading the forums.
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