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  1. Actually, I do supply heat to the aquahot via the engine while driving and not the hydrohot burner. I just happen to leave the electric element on, as well. As far as efficiency, Brett, the alternator turns regardless while driving, does it not? While I understand that using a heating element would use electricity, it would burn more diesel to run the hydrohot burner than to use either the engine bypass or the electric element, wouldn't it? Bill, as far as whether it is powered by the inverter or not, I'm not sure. I do know that the switch light is on. I have yet to find a plug that did not have 120v power while the inverter is powered (in this coach --- not true on previous coach).
  2. I run my inverter while driving all the time. In my case, it powers the microwave, residential refrigerator, electric to the hydrohot and any outlets we may choose to utilize while driving. Obviously, if I needed to run the overhead AC units, I'd have to power up the generator.
  3. Go to the unread content, then select mark site read Unread messages
  4. I'll be curious to see the limits after a couple of months and unlimited users increases.
  5. After reading the fine print, I'm not liking what I see. Apparently, there definition of unlimited doesn't agree with my definition.
  6. My front tires are 315/R80 22.5's. Rears are 295/R80 22.5. Really don't want to use valuable cargo space to carry a spare, much less 2. Rely on Pressure Pro and Coachnet to get me through the day. Worst case is I sit in the coach and have a beer while I await the truck.
  7. Had a 40 foot DP that I routinely backed out of our driveway, requiring a sharp turn which put the front wheels going over a steep portion of the drive. Did it many times without an issue. Buy a 42 foot DP, same manufacturer, different model. First trip out, I back it out on the same path and ground the front end on the steep slope of the driveway causing significant damage. In retrospect, I should have raised the front end when I first heard it, but............ So, yeah....I feel your pain.
  8. I did a quick search and didn't see anything using the keywords I tried. You might contact chapters@fmca.com to ask if any chapters exist or how to perhaps start one. Welcome to FMCA and the forum.
  9. It certainly can be done...as long as one is aware of the way the compressor cycles and at what pressures.
  10. Your coach's air compressor is not a constant 137...it decreases as air is used and doesn't start again until at a pressure much lower than the air pressure you're trying to establish in your tires. You need to cycle the compressor to keep it above the desired tire pressure. If you go to RVGEEKS website, they have a very good video on this issue and offer a viable solution to the problem for little money. Personally, I prefer using a portable air compressor and chose to use the ViAir RV 12v compressor.
  11. I used TM on my last coach. Worked fine.
  12. The TST batteries, as well as the TireMinder, are user replaceable .... Pressure Pro are not.
  13. You have to purchase an interface (and the sensors, of course). Link
  14. It only takes once. I agree. A small price to pay for safety. It doesn't remove the responsibility to do your tire maintenance, but it does make it easier. I have Pressure Pro tied into the SilverLeaf system on our coach.
  15. No, I will not be attending Chandler.
  16. Congratulations on a fine looking coach. Welcome to the forum and FMCA.
  17. I believe they're for active duty and retirees only ... but don't quote me. You should be able to go to the website of one of them to check the requirements. I've used several of them in the past. Some are great, some not so much. King's Bay Georgia is excellent!
  18. Welcome to the show Sounds like you're learning quickly!
  19. Does your Magna have Silverleaf? If so, check the generator options.
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