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  1. I'm using Chrome and can see the signatures. I prefer Chrome, but for some reason I continue to have issues logging into FMCA at times, requiring me to uninstall and reinstall Chrome. Not sure what or why and can't seem to find any switches to set. Doesn't happen all that often, but it has happened at least 3 times. Never have log in issues with other browsers when the issue happens in Chrome, nor do I have issues with other sites. Very odd behavior.
  2. CarlAda

    LED Light

    It's a standard wedge base LED ... should be able to find them any place that sells 12v LED lights. I like M4 and CabinBright for my source for LED. Not the cheapest, but all high quality stuff.
  3. Raining all day, windy, and a bit cold, but we're gathered here in Salem Oregon with a few other like minded individuals with the Northwest Country Coach Chapter. Had a marvelous meal with some great people.
  4. Then again, the ladder mount does not work for all ladders. Hasn't worked on either my current or my previous coach. Zip ties work great, tho
  5. Some good articles on detailing found here.
  6. Yes, not quite as simple as the video on their website implies. Thanks for the ideas....soon as the winds die down, I'm going to go mess with them a bit. edit: Unhooking one of the sides as you suggested worked much better. Thanks!
  7. Just got my MagneShades in yesterday and had a difficult time getting them on due to tight clearances on my front tires. I understand that they just changed the design for the straps that hold them after June of this year. As my coach sits now, I believe the leveling has left the front end lower giving me little room to get my hands in the wheel well to get the strap behind the tire. Am going to have to play around with different ideas getting the straps properly in place before giving any further comments.
  8. I have 2 of the MagneShade tire covers coming for my 315 80R 22.5 tires tomorrow. Will report back. I have the Adco Deluxe covers from Camping world on my rear tires (strap with velcro to fasten similar to the ones nitehawk talked about. They're okay, but get dirty very easily and the strap is a pita.
  9. You should be able to just replace the lock with another one.
  10. Just sitting here at Seven Feathers RV Park, browsing forums, and watched a Marathon bus pulling a Jeep come into the park. As he turned into his site, he must have realized he turned too quickly and the rear wheels and toad would be cutting across the left edge of the site. Next thing I see is his unit backing up, toad and all! He only backed up 5-10 feet or so before getting out, surveying the situation, moving a picnic bench, then pulling in to his space. Not sure what kind of tow bar he's using. Seemed to pull the car forward alright for the short period and he has yet to unhook it. Hopefully no damage to his bar! On another note, that coach is gorgeous!
  11. On my door contact, there were 3 buttons together (that was on a 06 Inspire) with alcohol and exercised them several cycles. Yours will likely be different, but you get the idea.
  12. First thing I'd check is the ground wire. There's a green wire from the motor to a ground. Remove it at the point of contact and completely clean the contact area then reinstall. Mine had significant amount of road grime built up that was preventing a good ground. Next, take some Isopropyl alcholol and clean the door contacts and make sure that they operate freely. Hopefully, one of those steps may solve your issue.
  13. OK, I'll bite....WTH are "scare" lights?
  14. Don't know much about Demco, but I don't think you'd go wrong with either Roadmaster or Blue Ox...they both make fine products. I'd just look at the mounting plate for your particular toad and figure out which manufacturer (a) has the available plate and (b) is the most concealed when not being towed.
  15. I wanted to add a dual hitch to my setup, but I use a drop bar to lower the tow bar height properly. I use Roadmaster equipment and they have the necessary parts to do the setup. I contacted Roadmaster as to the feasibility of this setup and they strongly cautioned against it, even though my equipment exceeded my towing needs. They don't recommend multiple attachments like that. They suggested a dual hitch with a bigger drop, but there isn't one that gives me an 8 inch drop. I suppose I could have one welded, but have put it on the back burner for now. I'd suggest calling Blue Ox for their recommendations.
  16. The price of propane is insane. We have plenty of it and it's not dependent on the price of oil, yet when the price of crude oil rose and gas prices went upwards of 4 bucks/gallon, some genius figured they could go ahead and raise propane prices along with it. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it
  17. Obviously, old retired pharts do things slowly....LOL
  18. The Siskiyou Pass at the Oregon/California border can be very iffy. Can't tell you then number of times that I've had to change plans due to snow/ice on the pass. Keep an eye on the forecast. The passes between Eugene and Medford can also be a bear. I'm not sure how the coastal roads would work.
  19. I'd be complaining about 8-10 hours of driving regardless of the chassis/engine configuration. As I've gotten older, I drive shorter distances and just enjoy the ride and then relax at a site earlier in the day. Guess we all do things differently and whatever works for one might not for another.
  20. More proof that RV people are good people! Very nice offer!
  21. Roadmaster (as well as Blue Ox and others) will have light kits and instructions for your vehicle's lights and also custom base plate for your particular vehicle. I prefer Roadmaster, but that's purely a personal choice. With regards to auxillary braking, in most states it is required. IMO, you'd be foolish not to have it. I use SMI braking system which, once installed initially, does not require setup and takedown every time you tow. I have the SMI Duo, but if you have air brakes, I'd opt for the Air Force One.
  22. Carl C.....it's a 42' . We won't be taking delivery until the end of October, but will post pictures when we get it. The '16 Dutch Star we drove was VERY nice, drove very well, but when we pulled in the slides for driving, there was only a few inches of floor space in the coach. Not very friendly for our dogs to have a place to walk/lie without crowding us out in the front of the coach. Lots of bells and whistles, but the quality of craftsmanship just wasn't the same as in our 06 Country Coach we currently have and not near what we found in the newer coach at 1/2 the price. Back to Frank...you're going to be hard pressed to find the quality of your Magna in the Entegra. I liked a lot about the Entegra line when I was looking at them, but when it comes to the quality found in the woodwork of Country Coach or Beaver, Entegra falls short.
  23. Look closely at the construction of the Cornerstone. I was just at Premier RV services in Junction City (granted, very pro Country Coach). They had little good to say about Entegra. There was a newer Cornerstone sitting out in the parking area and the manager was telling me that it's spent more time with them than with the owner for some very serious manufacturer weaknesses, including a large window that had poor structural support and actually wobbled in the wind and leaked. We we previously considering an Anthem and I had spent a lot of time on the Entegra forums, where many sang the praises of the company. My wife and I decided to stay away from newer coaches, even though I had test driven a 2016 Newmar Dutch Star that drove like a dream. We found a very nicely maintained 07 Country Coach Intrique that we will be taking delivery on next month.
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