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  1. We'll have to have the girl's basketball team decide on that one
  2. As I recall, my biggest complaint about when the slides were in was focused on our dogs being able to move about. While my DW could maneuver back to the bathroom and reefer with some effort, it was just a tight fit and there was really no room on the floor for the dogs to lie down because of the deeper slides and the way the slides raised up to retract. I believe it was the 4369 model that we were considering. Guess I'm spoiled by my current coach.
  3. Assuming you're a member of FMCA, simply follow the instructions here
  4. Exactly why I have 2 dash cams mounted on my front window!
  5. I recently drove a 2016 Dutchstar and I have to say that I was very impressed with the comfort steer system. The ride was a bit firmer than I'm used to with our Country Coach, but very acceptable and a treat to drive mainly due to the steering. It handled curves well and was relatively quiet, even with the generator running while we were driving. I didn't care for the lack of walking space with the slides retracted in the Dutchstar that I was looking at (don't recall the model).
  6. Thanks...never noticed that before. Probably because when I first ordered the brackets I didn't own a Country Coach and already had the brackets when I got this coach. Thanks again.
  7. That isn't an invoice. It is a screen shot of the Michelin Advantage price quotes.
  8. Personally, I'd prefer to see FMCA remain as a Motor Coach Association. JMO.
  9. Welcome to the forum and FMCA. Great story and nice coach!
  10. Anyone have any personal use info on FullRIver AGM batteries? I saw them at the battery store when I was having the battery replaced in my car.
  11. Off the top of my head, I'm not sure. I believe they're group 31s. But, they're quite good right now and no need to replace. Thanks though!
  12. Sure hope the lithium batteries fare better than the ones in the Samsung Note 6 or the hoverboards
  13. I have 4 GPL-8DL house batteries. Not looking forward to the bill when I have to replace those babies. My chassis batteries are wet cell and it's a pita to get to the cells just due to the wiring. When they go, I'll be looking for sealed batteries.
  14. I sure like the maintenance free environment of my LifeLine house batteries. Expensive, but .... Guess it depends on your needs. Lots of people don't mind the battery maintenance ..... for me, it's worth paying extra to not have to concern myself with that.
  15. I think that's what I'm going to have to do with mine, Don. The Kiley ladder mounts don't work with my ladder. In the front, I have it suction cupped to the windshield.
  16. Welcome to FMCA and the forum. Here's to years of enjoyment in your coach!
  17. Sorry, might not have been clear....the steer tires are new (Mich 315/80s) ... it's the drive/tags that are showing the years and they're Mich 12Rs.
  18. Motorhome fees in Oregon are the plates and off the top of my head, I don't really remember that cost ... I want to say about 200/year, but don't quote me ... no other fees associated, including no sales tax if resident. However, our other taxes are not favorable. I'd move, but it's a PITA ... lol
  19. My coach was originally designed for 315 steers and 295 drive/tag. The previous owner installed 12R on the drive and they're hitting their 7 year time frame this year. I plan on replacing them with 295s. Is there ANY reason to go with 12Rs again? I haven't checked availability yet, but I do have a local truck stop that deals with Continental (haven't done much research yet).
  20. Have to agree with the above comment. Sounds more like an insulation issue than the working of the AH unit. Do you utilize any sort of thermal barrier on your windshield at night (beyond the flimsy curtain)? Might try placing some thermal foam sheets or windshield sun visors between the curtain and the windshield on those cold (or hot) nights if that is not something you've already done.
  21. I use the following link when I read the forum https://community.fmca.com/discover/unread/ . This way, I see the posts that I haven't read and in the upper right hand corner is "Mark site read". Makes for much easier use for me.
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