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  1. This is exactly why I went to RV Glass Solutions 3 hours from my home rather than letting a local auto glass shop do the install for my RV. When I talked to RV Glass and asked the procedure, I knew that I didn't want the local guy to do it in his parking lot!
  2. My Progressive Roadside Assist is $26 also (with policy, of course). I haven't used it either. I have used CoachNet for towing and was pleased with the service. That was 2 years ago. Progressive policy: If you pay the premium for this coverage, we will pay for our authorized service representative to provide the following services when necessary due to a covered emergency: 1. towing of a covered disabled vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility; and 2. labor on a covered disabled vehicle at the place of disablement. If a covered disabled vehicle is towed to any place other than the nearest qualified repair facility, you will be responsible for any additional charges incurred. Additionally, there are exclusions. Read the policy.
  3. CarlAda

    Tag axle Weight

    Thanks for the reminder, Bill. Yes, I'm aware and use the 10% margin of safety, as well as basing it on the heaviest side. The drive and tag are Michelin XZE and replacing with Continentals. Wanted to go with the Michelin Energy X2A , but they're on national backorder. Probably could have waited for availability, as the current tires "look" to be in very good shape, albeit at the 7 year point. I realize that I can stretch the time up to 10 years with inspections, but I tend to err on the safety side. I can afford the new tires and the safety of the wife and I, along with the dogs, is worth doing them now to me. Others mileage may vary, of course.. Spending a few days down in Mesquite, NV then trekking back to Medford next week. Upper 90's in the afternoons, but I'm off the golf course by then and all 3 AC units keep the coach comfy. We're staying at the Solstice Motorcoach Resort. I think the original idea for this resort were grand, but have failed to live up to the potential. It was originally for motorcoaches only, but the economy has likely played a factor in their decision to bring in 5th wheels (and likely trailers) as well. But it's a clean park with large spaces and a grand view of the city. The Cadillac does make for a nice toad .... just have to figure out why my charge line has decided to quit charging the battery all of a sudden. If it ain't one thing, it's another! I'll report back on the Continentals once I've had a chance to drive them.
  4. CarlAda

    Tag axle Weight

    Okay....that's what I suspected. Thanks all.
  5. CarlAda

    Tag axle Weight

    Yes, I have one that will work not too far from my home. I'm just questioning, is the best way to get the tag axle weight to do as Bill suggested and try to get just the drives on for weight and then just the tag? Or, is there some odd formula to figure it out with both tag and drive on the scale? Pretty sure I can do them individually, just want to make sure that will give me a reasonably accurate weight that way. Just looking for a quick solution until I can get to Henderson's or some other shop that can do 4 corner weighing. Just drove some rough roads today and jarred my teeth ... currently fronts are at 125# and drive/tag at 105# as per mfr placard.
  6. CarlAda

    Tag axle Weight

    I'm not sure. I'm thinking of a single platform scale. I might be able to do that. Carl.
  7. CarlAda

    Tag axle Weight

    If one doesn't have access to a scale for individual weights, what's the best way to determine tag axle weight using a truck scale. I can easily access a roadside truck scale in Oregon to get front and rear axle weight, as well as getting one side. With that information, I can determine tire pressures for front and rear axles, but what I'm not sure how to determine is the tag axle. Until I can get to someone with individual tire scales, I'll have to determine it this way. As of now, I'm running pressures according to the placard and the ride is a bit harsh. Would like to lower pressures to whatever safe pressure I can to help with the ride. Will be replacing my 7 year old Michelins with Continentals when I get back from this current trip. Thanks in advance Carl 42 foot Country Coach Intrigue 2007
  8. Why would anyone want an open line from the sewer to their living spaces? I keep my valves closed until dumping. Your mileage may vary.
  9. Carl, no, I have 315s on the front, but they're new. The 295s are on the drives and tag. Carl
  10. The Michelin XZA2 Energy in the size I need (295/80R) are on backorder (again). I'm going with Continentals rather than wait for the Michelins to be produced.
  11. I also prefer to use Pilot/FlyingJ with the RVPlus card. Quick, easy, and reliable. Might be a few cents more per gallon than the station 5 miles off the interstate, but I'm okay with that.
  12. I owned an 08 Seneca, but that was on a different chassis and with a different engine than is found on newer Senecas. As far as the quality of the house, I thought it was well built with good quality construction. I have not looked at the newer models, so have no comment.
  13. I just looked at a 2017 Tour that just came from the Junction City factory (Old Country Coach facility) and the newer models sport a side radiator (45 foot model with 450 HP motor) I believe that this is a change for the new model year.
  14. I can do my own maintenance. I choose not to. To each their own. Neither is wrong, IMO.
  15. It's not even something that I would have thought to be an issue before! Sorry to hear it!
  16. You're likely to get a variety of answers anytime you ask which is best. In my opinion, AFOne is top notch. I have the lesser Duo Play n Stay, only because when I first set up my toad, I didn't have air brakes on my coach. If I were doing it over, I'd go with AFOne. Many advantages....set up once and forget about it. Reliable. Good support. It is transferable to a new toad (with work, of course).
  17. We currently own a 2007 Intrigue 42 foot Quad slide. Prior to that, we owned an 06 Inspire 40 foot Triple slide. We were thinking of doing some major upgrades and work to the Inspire when we came across the Intrigue and fell in love with the floor plan. Made more sense to upgrade coaches than remodel and fix the existing one. I'm impressed with the build quality of Country Coach and the overall interior attention to detail. I think you'll be happy with your Magna. What area of the country do you live? We're in Oregon and belong to the Northwest Country Coach chapter. If in the NW area, let me know and I'll give you some info on NWCC. Otherwise, look into your local CC chapters, as well as the national ones. Bill...thanks...I have that one bookmarked (as well as printed out and kept with the rest of my manuals/info)
  18. Anytime! And welcome to the forum, as well as Country Coach ownership. I'm on my 2nd Country Coach
  19. Here's a link to a pdf that covers several Country Coach tech tips, including winterizing (and I think dewinterizing). If not, still good info for CC owners.
  20. Welcome to the more civil forum! I believe you're going to enjoy your stay here better. Hopefully, you'll be joining FMCA, if you aren't already a member, and take advantage of all it has to offer.
  21. I believe you are doing it the best way. Indeed, you don't want flow through black water as it does lead to solids accumulating. The only time I leave the grey water valve open is while the washing machine is in operation as that tends to use a lot of water. As I'm getting closer to departure date, I do ensure that I get as full as I can in the grey water tank to ensure a good hose flush after flushing the black water tank.
  22. Carl -- Monaco was never the parent company for Country Coach, as far as I know. Doug -- the only comments I can make about Beaver is from personal observation of looking closely at several different models and years of the brand. Very good craftsmanship and high quality build. There is a dealer in Bend Oregon that still has a lot of parts available for the Beaver and I'm guessing there are others in Oregon, as well. Bear in mind that many of the parts are not brand specific and are readily available (disregarding any obsolete components, which can happen to any older coach). When we were looking, we focused on two brands -- Country Coach and Beaver. We looked at others, but those two brands set our standards.
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