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  1. My wifi went down once and I had to spend time with the family. They seem like nice folks. :
  2. You didn't state the year, but a quick check with Remco indicated that you might be able to tow it 4 wheel down with a lube kit. Go to http://www.remcoindustries.com/Towing/Store.php and fill in the data when you select "tow my car" I have the pump kit installed on my 07 Cadillac CTS and have been towing it without issue.
  3. In all likelihood, the dome at the front end of your coach is the satellite. You should find a control panel somewhere near your electronics. In my coach, the satellite controls are in the panel above the entry door. My satellite dish is outdated, so it's useless (2006) as far as I know. Not sure I want to spend the money to replace the dome with a newer technology dish. We rely on cable and over the air transmission mainly. The ordinary antenna looking thing is an ordinary antenna
  4. I'm not surprised with the need to increase dues. Inflation affects all businesses. Increased labor costs, increased insurance, increased taxes and more. They have to raise dues to maintain services. Easier to absorb the increase by spreading it across the members than by trying to reduce expenditures or find places to cut back. Still a good deal, IMHO. I had just sent in dues for 5 years a couple of months back, so I won't see the increase for awhile...by then, it may need to be increased again.
  5. Sweet! We just had our coach up at Oregon Motor Coach to talk about remodeling ideas and estimates. Enjoy your Country Coach!
  6. http://www.fmca.com/benefits/75-motorhome-trip-routing.html
  7. Thanks....we considered it, but didn't see the value....you've just confirmed it.
  8. We always check with RVPARKREVIEWS.COM ... There is a book out called Big Rig RV or something like that. Expensive book. I don't have one, so can't comment on how good it is or isn't.
  9. The Toad Charge works great for me. Only complaint is the poor quick disconnects. Plan on changing them to 2 pole trailer connectors for better connections.
  10. @Manholt Yes, Ron Lee built just one for his personal use as a prototype http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Photos-of-the-2016-Country-Coach-Allure-480.html?soid=1107007864668&aid=Ssl0dTCm7dQ. He wanted to get CC going again as a viable player in the field, but finances likely prevented him from going forward and he sold to Winny. Hopefully, Winnebago will seek to keep the quality of CC going and produce them as the high end coaches they're known for. As far as I know, they plan on continuing with the CC name (as a division of Winnebago).
  11. Actually, CC is still somewhat alive. Ron Lee bought all of the property rights and inventory and continued to operate in Oregon, even going so far as to produce ONE new Country Coach recently, as well as providing parts and repairs/sales of the brand. They just recently sold everything to Winnebago. It's still a bit unknown what Winnebago's plans will yield. http://kval.com/news/local/winnebago-to-open-plant-in-junction-city-revive-country-coach-brand Although this info has nothing to do with the OP's question I just happen to own one of CC's lower end coaches, which is still a fine coach in its own right....heading to Junction City next week to get remodeling ideas and quotes. Bill: What time is dinner?
  12. Where are you located? There are several really good RV remodeling shops in Oregon/Washington that I'm looking at for some work on ours. Beaver Coach Sales (above post) is an excellent facility for Beaver coach work if you're in the area.
  13. http://www.procarcare.com/includes/content/resourcecenter/encyclopedia/ch25/25readtirewear.html http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/how-to/g810/10-things-your-tires-can-tell-you-about-your-car/ Is it consistent wear or scalloping?
  14. I use Griott's Rubber Cleaner then apply 303 protectant. I also use tire covers.
  15. CarlAda

    Tire Insurance

    Coach-Net is a great company, but I don't have any experience with their Tire Insurance policy. I have been with Coach-Net Roadside Assist for a number of years and have been more than pleased with their service.
  16. I'm using the WashWaxAll products. It works well for what it is. Obviously, it's not a Carnuba Wax application, but it does a decent job fairly easily if you use the mop applicator (or something similar) and/or microfiber cloths. I bought just the mop head because I already had a pole. Pricey, but really works better than climbing up and down a ladder. I'm too old for that stuff
  17. I'm guessing this guy didn't get the memo on safe towing, tongue weight, towing capacity....and a host of other things!
  18. Update: The battery load tested fine. The last 2 days of travel, I didn't experience problems, but I was starting the car every stop. I suspect that the ground connection was questionable, so I rewired it to ensure that I had good contact on the battery post. Hopefully, I've fixed the problem. Won't fully know for a few days when we hook up and leave Florida en route to South Carolina. Again, thanks to those that offered thoughts and ideas.
  19. And if you don't have air brakes, the SMI Stay In Play Duo is another good option. I'm using one on my DP simply because I transferred it from my Super C when I traded coaches. https://smibrake.com/index.php
  20. Check with http://www.remcoindustries.com/Towing/ ...just enter your vehicle data. I tow a Cadillac CTS using a transmission lube pump.
  21. Enjoying reading this thread. I typically top off around the 1/2 full mark, and certainly never let it get below 1/4.
  22. I have Progressive, but I just moved over to them from Good Sam's this January so I can't really comment. The price for me was about the same, but I get a bit warmer fuzzy feeling of security with Progressive (perhaps without reason) and the coverage was a tad better.
  23. Thanks for the replies, folks. I'm reaching a stopping point for a bit when we hit Florida and will have the battery checked out/replaced.
  24. I'm towing a 2007 Cadillac CTS behind my 40 ft Country Coach DP. I have a Toad Charge installed from the coach to the toad. It's been in use for about a year and I'm starting to have issues with it (new this week). Traveling X-country and the first day no issues. However, my battery has not been getting charged the last 4 days. I've measured 13.8 amps while idling the coach at the Toad Charge module just before the toad battery, but the battery keeps getting run down. My particular setup requires that the key be left in and all the way to the left while towing (car in neutral, obviously). Remco recommends pulling 2 fuses (not readily accessible) but that's without the charge line. As I said, it's worked fine in the past. I am able to jump the car with a Genius Jump Start and charge it using the charger. When driving the car, I see the alternator output around 14.4. Next day towing and the battery drains. I've checked to make sure nothing out of the normal is running and even powered off the auto headlights and auto AC just in case. So, my question is, if the battery is on its final legs, would this type of behavior be typical? I'm not sure how old the battery is, but I know it's more than 3 years old (AC/Delco battery). My only other thought is that the physical connection of the charge line to the battery posts isn't making good contact, but it seems to be firmly fixed. I'm about 2000 miles into the trip, en route to Florida, then to SC, then NC, then returning home to Oregon. Just for info, the CTS uses a Remco pump in order to tow 4 down. The Toad Charge is this one: http://www.lslproducts.net/ToadChargePage.html Thoughts? Carl BTW, seeing a lot of fellow travelers on the route and been waving when possible. Most return the wave or initiate it first. Having a ball on the trip. Other than the charge issue, the only problems I've had is that the dash air seems to have lost a lot of its charge and doesn't cool like it did before we left on the trip. The overhead AC is doing a fine job of keeping us cool in the afternoon (no real issue with discomfort in the morning hours). Seen quite a few fellow FMCA members in the campgrounds and on the road!
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