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  1. I just had to replace my toad as it was totaled courtesy of unlicensed and uninsured 18 year old illegal with CA ID Card. Fortunately my insurance covered some cost for my vehicle. I am still in process of doing the conversion to my Frontier. There are two primary tow bar sources to choose from; Blue Ox and RoadMaster. Then it is a matter of selection. Then there are two different braking systems for the toad that go under the hood; SMI Air Force One (Air) and SMI Duo Vacuum Assisted. I found the prices thru E-Bay and Amazon.com offered a great savings over getting tow bars, Brackets and braking system from a RV/Truck Dealer/Manufacturer. I prefer coated coiled safety cables over chain cause of weight and rust. Wiring cable is also coil cable with plug that matches the RV. Tow Bar w/brackets can be $1,200 +/- and the braking system about $1,600.00 installed. I expect to stay within my budget of $3K.
  2. I looked and examined them at an RV Rally. We all bought or RV's for comfort and looks. If MPG was your primary consideration in a RV, you'd be driving a VW Van with pop-up top. They are ugly, difficult to wash and wax. Since I added anti-sway bars and rear trac bar, wind from passing big rigs is no longer a factor. I figure I can save more then 1/10 MPG by maintaining my tire pressure, watching my speed and reducing weight wherever I can.
  3. Ground has just been broken for a Vietnam Veterans Memorial at College of the Ozarks (near Branson) in MO. Your help is NEEDED if YOU or a friend knows someone from Missouri whose Name is on the Vietnam Wall? Needed is a contact person for each KIA, before the dedication each contact person whether it is a relative or friend will be notified prior to the Vietnam Memorial dedication with an invitation to attend the dedication ceremonies . If you know of someone that lost their life in Vietnam please send their contact information to: Paul Frampton, VFW MO Dept Inspector so they may be notified. You can mail it to Paul Frampton at 105 Southview Dr.. Branson Mo. 65616 Or send him an email at plframpton543@msn.com. Time is of the essence and the need is great. Pictures, drawings and more: http://vfwmo.org/mo-vfw-news/vietnam-veterans-memorial-at-college-of-the-ozarks/
  4. As we know camera systems vary in quality, color, monitor size, lenses [wide angle, narrow, mirror] and other options. I have six hard wired cameras on my RV that are monitored independently. My monitor is 7" and in color. Both side cameras work automatically with the turn signals and alone if desired. Both nose cameras that cover the front and corners of the RV are great in negotiating tight turns and objects in the blind zone. The indoor camera is like a rear view mirror allowing me to look behind me to talk with someone or look to see if a cabinet or refrig opened. The rear camera is flush mount and gives a180 degree view left and right, moves up over the tow vehicle and down to the hitch by a simple button. My camera system is by Total Vision. Photos of the cameras installed on my Outlaw are at the bottom of this site. http://www.totalvisionproducts.com/products/RV.html . These cameras have saves me their cost and more. RV accidents usually begin in the thousands plus an increase of insurance premiums, hotel expenses, lost time, and give you memories and something for your DW to remind you of.
  5. I have a Damon Outlaw Class A Toy Hauler. I moved the exterior b&w rear camera to inside the garage to view my Harley. I added a 7 inch color monitor and a Total Vision camera system. Wiring traveled thru the firewall to the rear and up the rear behind the tail and brake lights to the cap at the roof. Now I have a back up camera that tilts and moves side to side 180 degree view. http://totalvision.qwestoffice.net/ I also have side camera mounted in the mirrors, nose cameras, and on inside like a rear view camera. The cost of a qualifty camera system is less than the body & paint repairs of a OOPs.
  6. In CA there is a 4 second rule and sign requirement of photo camera. While out of my licensed state, a camera caught what could/could not be me and my vehicle in Tucson AZ going over the speed limit. I received a photo and a letter by regular mail saying "this is not a bill" but asking if I knew who the operator and could identify the vehicle, and was asked to call a telephone number or website. I did neither, no self incrimination here or trail back to be on purpose or accident.
  7. I have a 08 Damon Outlaw - Class A Toy Hauler, with a Ultra Classic Harley in the back.
  8. In dealing with Progressive Ins dragging their feet, You might consider contacting the State Insurance Commissioner who controls the license for Progressive to operate within the State.
  9. Some engines have computer chips in them that record information that may be of interest.
  10. Time to read the small print in the contract between you and the motorhome rental company. Some people have a fear of flying and drive long distances in short periods of time. In the United States I do not know of any place you can rent a truck or an RV for more than one day that offers an unlimited milage option. For example: Cruise America RV Rentals applies an estimated mileage charge to all rentals. The charge will be a per night charge based on 100 miles for a local rental and 250 miles for a one-way rental. The rate is 32¢ per mile. At the end of the rental you will be refunded for any excess mileage charges, or be charged at the rate of 32¢ for additional miles in excess of the estimated mileage. Cruise America does reserve the right to modify the estimated mileage charge based on the type of rental. In Canada, the nightly charge will be 160 kilometers for a local rental and 400 kilometers for a one-way rental. The rate is 32¢ per km. Road Bear Rv Rentals offers a "500-Mile Packages" for the motorhomes to be purchased and prepaid in any number at $190 each to suit the individual travel needs. No additional mileage packages will be sold at time of vehicle pick-up and additional miles driven are payable at a rate of $0.39 per mile plus local sales tax, due upon vehicle return.
  11. I know of the ROVER which will break down and ride on the back of a Jeep or any vehicle with a receiver.
  12. It appears the RV Dealer failed to inspect the water system prior to or at time of sale which most likely they documented doing so and provided you a copy. I would put it back in the hands of the dealer if he is still in business ASAP for 100% inspection of testing of the system under pump and shore water keeping in mind other options. Have you contacted Coachmendirect?
  13. I ordered and installed my Clean Dump system months ago. Top of the line and made in the USA. It is a permanent system and it is great. I still keep the old 3-inch stinky slinky as a backup and in case a fellow RVer needs to borrorw it.
  14. If a pet does NOT exit an RV for a walk, I would not declare the animal as a pet. This includes birds, rabbits, and other critters that remain in cages if and when outdoors.
  15. From all that I have read in other forums, and what I have found out asking questions and listening to Banks distributors at RV Rallies ... The extra horsepower is great if you're towing or have lots of hills to climb, but the 8.1-liter engine has enough power for most people unless you're racing up a hill. None of the Banks representatives would guarantee greater fuel mileage, which is the only way the system could ever pay for itself. IMHO, the Banks system is overly expensive for what is offers. It's not for me. I am considering the Ultra Power System, which costs much less.
  16. I contacted Michelin and asked the question; If large truck and RV tires come in the same sizes, what is the difference? THEIR REPLY: Thank you for your email. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Joseph, We would like to first thank you for your question. Michelin offer many tires that are used for both applications such as the Michelin XZA1, XZA2, XZA3 and the XZE. These tires listed are used on some of your larger recreational vehicles even though they are classified as truck tires. The Recreational vehicle tires we offer like the XRV has emollients in the tire that will slow down the aging process. The Michelin XRV is one of our most popular tires used for recreational vehicles. Again, it really depends on the size of the tire in question because the majority of our tires can be used for both truck and recreational vehicles. It is our goal to ensure that your issue has been resolved or your question answered to your satisfaction. If we can assist you further, please respond to this email or call us at 1-800-847-3435 (toll free) between 8:00AM and 8:00PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday or between 8:30AM and 4:30PM Eastern Time on Saturday. Michelin North America Consumer Care Department (Please Do Not Delete the line below.) Case number: 2275007 --------------- SO MY summary is: RV tires have more emollients in the side walls so the tire will last 7-10 years as the tread is not likely to wear out within that time, WHERE AS truck tires usually will wear out their tread before the side walls deteriorate. SO if one does not put a lot of miles on their RV every year, RV tires are recommended.
  17. When traveling about, there are always places to purchase souvenier glasses. Why have souveniers if you don't use them. Just extra weight and clutter, and if they break, just grab another.
  18. Here is a for storing anything
  19. In addition to that problem, we have the increase of state motor vehicle registration fees in many states. In California my RV registration increased $650 from last year and the vehicle is now a year older. The state of Florida recently jacked up their fees too.
  20. RESCUED BY THE BOY SCOUTS I had reassignment orders for my family and I to fly out of JFK on 3 July 1976. We miss seeing the tall ships and the centennial celebration at NY harbor. We flew commercial - reimburse at the MAC rate and landed in Frankfurt Airport in the early afternoon on July 4th. There was a military van and driver waiting for us and two other couples couples coming in on a military flight landing in neighboring Rhein-Mein Air Base. The temperature was in the 80s and the van had no AC. We all had orders for the same unit, loaded our bags in the van, ourselves (6 adults, 3 children) and the driver. We got on the Autobahn and headed south. About 40 minutes into the drive the cab started to fill with smoke from the transmission. Fortunately we made it near the entrance of a Rasthof (service area) along the autobahn and walked to the service area that has vending machines but no phone. It was hot, the wives were upset and the children cranky. After about 10 minutes an Army bus marked Boy Scouts returning from dropping boys off at Scout Camp saw our smoking van and pulled into the service area. We hitched a ride and got dropped off at our unit in Neu Ulm (Bavaria) near the Blue Danube River. We all had sponsors and temporary quarters awaiting us. We dropped off our luggage in the quarters and headed out to the beer tents for beer , brochen and sausage to celebrate the 4th of July. So this day of travel had a happy ending..
  21. DoggyDaddy


    You may want to get a felt marker and write on your legs, Yes on the one to be cut - and NO on the good knee.
  22. So True! As I recall 0300 hrs is also 6 bells. I turned down the offer to be a cook because they have to get up too danm early. Likewise I turned down being a Chaplain's Assistant because I liked my weekends off.
  23. In the Army it was common to send those with officer potential all over for bed stretchers and sky hooks to hang things on. Sometimes it was a can of prop wash, and items that are LEFT handed such as a M-16, training grenade, and pencil sharpeners. - PLAYING SANTA - I was past the 18 year mark when I returned from Turkey to the Pres of SF as the US was sending troops to Kuwait. I was working for the AG and had lots of free time to roam around and visit other sections. A Christmas Party with cake and ice cream was planned before we went on holiday schedule. That morning I wore a Santa Suit to work. I wore it all day, roamed around the headquarters, passed out Hershey kisses and let ladies sit on Santa's lap. Surprisingly, I never got questioned about my uniform that day. I attended the office party and was cornered by a Col of HQs 6th Army Chief of Staff office. Unknown to me, that evening the Post was having a Christmas Party at the NCO Club for all the children whose parents were in Kuwait. I was asked to play Santa that evening and pass out gifts. Santa is not Santa without his reindeer, so I donned my dog with a red vest and antlers, and we all had a fun evening. Doing that, coordinating and performing military funeral honors, and helping the widows of active duty soldiers as their Survivor Assistance Officer were the most self rewarding duties I did in the Army.
  24. Welcome to the FMCA. Looking forward to your posts.
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