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  1. Going to grill ribeye steaks Monday evening, I'll try lemon juice. I'm going to make my own rub from a salt-free recipe I found on the web yesterday. I've got to stay very mild, DW can't take spicy foods or toppings, shoot she won't even eat peppered gravy. Me OTOH am willing to try anything hot as long as it has taste too.
  2. According to this thread on irv2.com FMCA is storing our passwords in clear text: https://www.irv2.com/forums/f53/fmca-warning-change-your-password-asap-533881.html#post5725010 Is there actually cause for concern?
  3. Alll advice is correct. Norcold says the same things. To further explain; up/down is supposedly the fine adjustment, moving one fin at a time left is coarse adjustment. The main thing is to make sure there is no corrosion between fin and retaining clip, when continuity is lost the thermister cannot function. If the thermister goes bad it causes the control board to switch to default mode =constant cooling at maximum rate. Norcold N82x service manual: http://bryantrv.com/docs2/docs/ncoldnnewnseries.pdf Testing a Norcold thermister: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wpoBcACzZQ
  4. We bought our MH in 2013 and have yet to encounter an RV park that denied us site rental. It was built in April 2000. We have been in 46 of 50 states, 11 Canadian provinces. To DCrawf; IMO the first decision may perhaps be floorplan, if one of you don't like the floorplan it will never get better later. As we got older we realized the value of 1½ bathrooms. Some gas model MH's have a small cargo carrying capacity. Gas engine MH's usually have a 5,000# towing capacity, later years of some models may have 7,500# towing capacity. Diesel pushers have a 10,000# towing capacity, later years of some models have a 15,000 towing capacity. Both gas and diesel will get you there safely, they just have different limitations. We chose quality over newer and have never regretted the decision. In 2000 our MH was Winnebago's top of the line, limited production model. Were we to make the decision today we would look at older Newmar, Foretravel and other similar quality brands.
  5. Thanks Carl and Bill! My salt-free diet is so strict I'm not allowed to drink any milk due to salt content. Now the heart Dr. has taken away my bourbon and brandy because of the heart meds., orange juice and ice water are my go-to drinks. He did tell me I may have one beer a week, but to monitor my BP. Next visit to the heart Dr. I may get some leeway, my lower legs and feet have stopped swelling enough I can wear my Lucchese boots again. I'll look at those salt-free steak seasonings, thanks again.
  6. Mike Uncle Cris' seasoning sounds good, wish I could try some but i'm on a salt-free diet-hypertension. Does that company make a salt-free alternative or do you know of one? I couldn't find any salt-free steak seasoning on the website.
  7. I"m still one, mom is 98. She always called me her Ray of sunshine.
  8. The reason for the corrosion is DC electrrons flow from negative to positive.The original thinking was positive ground reinforced the vehicle frame, negative ground weakened the frame. Same basic reasoning.(corrosion) How things change over time. That process is the basis for electrroplating; ie: transfer metal from negatively-charged anode( plating material) to positivly-charged cathode.(material being plated) I don't think I've discussed electrical theory much since college, kinda makes my head hurt today.
  9. Hope she gets home soon erniss, that place is full of sick people. I spent a month there last Christmas.
  10. I have one -1932 Chevrolet Confederate BA 2 dr, sedan. My previous Harry Ferguson TO30 tractor was 6V pos ground too. What is more elusive was the reasoning for positive ground. I remember, do you?
  11. Our MH has ceramic tile except for living room and bedroom, We've never had an issue arise. Heated ceramic floor would be great in cold weather.
  12. First we need to understand exactly what happens with a Soft Starter: https://www.raymondinnovations.com/blogs/news/induction-motors-and-soft-starters A Hard Start Kit defined:; https://georgebrazilhvac.com/blog/what-is-an-air-conditioner-hard-start-kit Now we know why a Soft Start kit is generally inadvisable, and why a Hard Start Kit is beneficial in some instances. Neither will help alleviate your particular situation IMHO.
  13. It's odd you mentioned that, I just ran across this article from a supposed "expert" with RVtravel that is completely wrong IMO. https://www.rvtravel.com/diy-safe-way-to-test-the-ground-wire-bond-to-the-rv-frame/ Here is an article by a staff writer pretending to know of which he speaks; guess he never studied electrical theory.:https://www.reference.com/science/negative-ground-electrical-system-c4985d1ab3eab6c
  14. FWIW over 80% of all 12V problems are the result of a poor/missing ground.
  15. This is after-the-fact, but that's why the cabinet cleaning instructions say to only use a damp cloth. It's possible the Pledge softened the finish enough to cause those smear marks. A quick search of the web found these possible solutions. https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffnt&q=How+to+remove+Pledge+polish&atb=v228-1&ia=web
  16. After about 1 hour of study I've determined that Prin load/inflation chart is so mixed up almost everything I did was a guess at what the author meant vs what they printed. I recommend you look at tire brands with load/inflation tables that are understandable OR simply run them at sidewall listed pressure. Not a recommendation only a reference: I run Sailun truck tires, 275/70R22.5 LR H. the load rating is 6,940 lbs @ 130 psi. I could never do that though, my rims are rated for 120psi. Sailun does not recommend running less than 80pi., at 80psi the load rating is 5,205lbs on EACH tire. I'm confident other better known brands read about the same.
  17. I will third the recommendation to read the owners manual! Ignore what anyone tells you, I have seen within the past 6 months were the two leading publications for flat-towing were incorrect, only the vehicle mfgr. actually knows for sure. No-one should care more about your money than you. BTW, in owners manual it's usually called recreational towing.
  18. rayin

    coolant change

    Some versions of the Cummins ISC require a coolant filter with built-in additive, others have an ordinary coolant filter, you buy the additive in pre-mixed coolant.. I always use pre-mixed coolant, this way I know the mixture is correct, plus DI/distilled water can cause metal leaching if the proper additive is not used, or proper filter selected. Either method, you should use a coolant test strip annually to insure the additive is not depleted as this additive's main function is to protect the cylinder liner from cavitation damage The best source of information for YOUR specific engine is Cummins Quick Serve website. You must have your engine serial # to register on Cummins website.
  19. You received several excellent replies on escapees.com too.I'll not bother to retype mine again.
  20. You're right of course it's one or the other in this specific situation.
  21. Locate the nameplate/dataplate on your CPAP machine, write down the total wattage draw for each function, add them together. This is the absolute minimum inverter size you require, not including starting draw of anything with an electric motor. Now you must know the battery size, total amps available and how many batteries are in the rental before you can calculate how long you can use your CPAP machine before the house battery bank is dead. Welcome to the FMCA discussion forums, please return often!
  22. not quite Chris. The air pressure over the correcponding tire load is the MINIMUM acceptable air pressure to support the load. That means that tire is operating at 100% capacity, no reserve capacity. As I previously replied Tireman9 recommends adding 10-15% more air to create that tire reserve capacity. You asked about one tire being very close to maximum capacity; yes ALL tires on that axle should be inflated to sidewall listed pressure. Never run different air pressure in tires on the same axle.
  23. Yep, I posted the link for other retired folks. I had my first Moderna jab after Christmas while in a rehab home (spent my birthday there_alone), 2nd jab Jan. 15 after I was released from hospital the 2nd time.
  24. I hear you Joe. IMO Michelin is living off the round man era benefits while the world passes them by.
  25. We have another option to obtain a COVID19 vaccination: https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USMHSTMA/bulletins/2cccef5
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